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ask the angelsAsk Angels Weekly Q&A Column

In my heart there is a big desire to get married and have a child. I am worried that I will be 40 this september. Can the angels give me an assurance that I do not have to worry?
~Mira, Philppines

Dearest Mira,
Michael says worry is futile it can not bring you the results you require. He suggests instead enjoying where you are in a bigger way. He reminds you that it is the relationship which is right for you rather than the end result of marriage which is in your highest good he asks you to start by being more open about the type of person that you wish to experience he also says bluntly some footwork is needed.

What he means by this is you can't receive the winnings if you do not take part in the race its time to get your self out there and to ask the angels to guide you towards the best ways for you to meet your mate.  It could be he says gently that you are getting in your own way putting provisos on what you are prepared to do or what you will ‘not' do to meet this man.  Michael says we can not bring you the man you wish to meet if you do not take your self into the world he says that choosing to get practical does take the dream out of your head but this has to happen if you are to experience love and commitment.

live chatLet alone a child.  He says its up to you they don't at the moment offer a mail order service yet if you ask him to direct you towards the places where you can make new friends yes there is one friend you will stay happily along side but he says you need to open that door!
~All our love, Sheelagh and Michael

I just found out I'm pregnant. This soul feels very, very special. Can you tell me a little bit about why he/she is here? I feel like he or she has a very specific purpose but I haven't been able to connect to him/her. Thank you.
~Allison, Florida

Dearest Allison, Congratulations indeed and it is archangel Zadkiel aptly named the ‘bringer of joy ‘ who answers your call this fine day.  he says that in truth ALL souls are special because they chose to incarnate at a time when many parts of the world are under conflict.  He says conditions are such that souls are able to cleanse and release lifetimes of karma in one sitting so every soul with out a knowing that they chose to incarnate this time  (for we all have this it goes with the territory) are special and unique.

Your babies soul is indeed a crystal child and as such he or she chose you (not allowed to divulge which it is ) for the guidance and the circumstances you could lend to their growth in this earthly classroom. Your baby will be able to sense energy clearly and will also have a team of spiritual beings looking after it.

I am told that the purpose of this child has to be discovered by them interdependently as it would be a little like sitting an exam for them it simply isn't done he says with a large smile however i am shown a very varied life and an interest in many things.  It may help you to know that the angel surrounding your babies path is Zadkiel himself and so it is likely that your child will be a teacher of sorts and will assist in helping people learn an awful lot about themselves.

He says that compassion towards your sensitive child will help them deal with the energies that they pick up on and the rush of feelings that are also internally felt yet maybe not expressed. Your child is just as special and as unique as its mother and you will benefit so much from this special relationship.
~Enjoy. Zadkiel and Sheelagh

I have a deep desire of helping and healing people. And i am also visualizing and trying to manifest things which would help me to go on my life purpose.Can I RUSH the divine timing if yes, how?
~Karan, India New Delhi

psychic readingDearest Karan, The angel stepping forward to assist you today is Muriel. She has a beautiful energy and is pink and yellow the colours of the heart and sacral chakra ‘NO' is the answer she says with a big and understanding smile She says many healers and clairvoyants feel such an urge to heal and cleanse others to read for them that they have not grasped that we have to be able to sit with our own healing and cleansing and to make this a priority for ourselves in order than we can access enough light to assist others  She says it would not make sense for someone who can not accurately and lovingly assist themselves to help others in this particular way however she says sharing what you are learning as you learning it without a desire to be better than or use to elevate your self spiritually is absolutely fine.

She says that through enjoying your journey and where your gifts are at this moment you will naturally open to greater levels of light and she says ‘why' would you want to rush this divine state of being?  There are those that know they have an ability and the desire to use this to enhance their incomes is too much to resist but then the level of guidance that you are giving the level of income you can earn and the level of consciousness of your customer will be of a lower quality.  It is about what you truly desire. She says that committing to an every increasing connection of divine union and loving the knowledge that you are using your gift of healing to help your self and loving helping others because it feels So good is the most honest way of ‘rushing' the path.  We can not be better or more spiritual than any one else even if we are reading for them or healing through our hands, seeing that every soul is as equal and as important as us no matter what level of ‘ability' we perceive they do or do not have will also assist in your development.

From Sheelagh: we run courses here at ask angels teaching you to open up safely connect with angelic energy safely and beautifully and also develop your own abilities as an intuitive and healer, there really is no short cut and nor would we lovingly advocate this we urge enjoyment immersement and communion with these beautiful energies knowing this is how you can best serve yourself and then others.
~Blessings, Sheelagh and Muriel

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Barbara says July 12, 2014

Hi! My oldest daughter Elizabeth is in a bad relationship. He has beat her and put her in the hospital. She even got kicked out of the Navy because of this person. She keeps saying it won’t happen again. I know in my heart that it will. What I want is for her to move back to Pennsylvania where her whole family is. I am hoping that her angels are with her, and keeping her safe. Please let me know if she is coming home, and if I will ever see her again. Thank you so much, and I hope you answer.

hana says June 30, 2014

im having problems in my marriage ive been trying to keep us together im not sure he is on the same page is he buying time till he takes everything from me then leaving? or is he trying to work us out?

Deb says June 30, 2014

Is Nathan my tradie? And how much longer

Cindy says June 29, 2014

My 38 yr old daughter passed away without me being contacted. I didn’t get to love her goodbye.. Nor was she with people who loved her. Help me! I find it difficult to forgive. Does my girl know I would have been there? I didn’t abandon her?

Erin says June 29, 2014

I can hear my guardian Angel but it is sometimes difficult to deciphere the difference in my mind. Meaning my thinking and the flow of the Divine. Can you Melanie channel a message for me?

jolyon says June 29, 2014

I have to know weather the person I met last week is going to come back to me soon.

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