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Ask the Angels Column

Ask the AngelsAsk The Angels! Weekly Column With Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria!

Question~ “I lost my most precious son in February 3, 2013 at the tender age of 38. After he crossed over there were many difficult things to clear up for me, things I was not aware of and it cost much money but I did. After I did I forgave him saying I have always loved you unconditionally and everything is forgiven. My son manifested in physical form after my forgiveness and it gave me reassurance that he lives on. I communicate with Archangel Michael and Raphael and I have felt some answers, I am not familiar with my Guardian Angel nor guides. I believe myself to be an Empath (feeling and sensing) other people's feelings and ills so I carry a heavy burden most of the time, I want to be all things to all people and most of all want to be a “good person” I have had so many tribulations, hurts, grief, problems since childhood and it is a surprise I am still here. I question my purpose and existence. I know one of my life lessons is “patience” I have had much lack of love throughout my life even in childhood and with men–in other words not much physical love, acceptance mostly judgment and criticism. Can you speak to me about this? I am thankful !!

~ Ilse, Dearborn Heights, MI

Dearest Ilse,

The angel coming forward to assist you is Raphael he says you judge your self far too harshly.  Your son is happy in the spirit world and is with an older man.  He feels like an uncle or family member that passed ‘before his time' in some way.  I am shown that your son understands your need to question your self about events and simply says ‘Im fine mum' he smiles and said that when we come to earth we have many ideas about how it will pan out the reality is that our life purpose can often appear a painful journey to others yet in fact these ‘missions' are ones we all have to learn.  He came here to benefit from your nurturing love and attention but also to experiment with his free will he was a good lad despite what others may think and i am shown that he is around you at night time and he says he tickles your face.

He says that life felt confusing for him there was a part of him that wanted to achieve a lot but that he couldn't bear the waiting which is why he tried to take a short cut in his own terms  Having said that he has fulfilled his souls contract and is happy with this.  He says that you are a ‘born worrier' and that if you did not have any thing to worry about you would create it.  Raphael moves in very gently to say to you ‘you are creating reasons to worry almost to punish your self = this does not help your son in moving on and healing and it does not help you move back to your path and understand you are a care giver how ever this care needs to be given to you and we wish to tell you there is no greater cause than accepting and nurturing ones own needs'.

Being an empath you will understand you are picking up on other peoples feelings, however i must tell you that the ‘burdens' that you feel are NOT part of your soul purpose and do not help you to grow into your gift.  At this time you really need to cleanse the feelings and energy from other people from your aura and chakras so that more blockages are not brought in.  To do this simply ask Archangel Raphael to heal you as you sleep and breathe beautiful green light through your crown and down your chakra column.  a GOOD em path realises that they are not effective by carrying other peoples burdens you are in effect not assisting them in learning the soul lessons they came here to learn.  You ARE a good person you are SUCH a good person that you believe you are being punished this is the way of the Old testament it is not the way of the now.

live chatYou are what is termed an Earth Angel and this means you chose to cleanse some of (not all of) the karmic pain or build up gathered by your soul tribe but Raphael says you have more than done your bit you are not ‘meant' to keep going through hardships. Earth Angels are often born into families where they are ostracized or not understood.  Their formative years are often a roundabout of rejection and trying to be what other people wish them to be and then feel awful that they can't live up to this.  They have challenge after challenge until they get to a place they realise those people around them are not learning or growing and they have to make a choice to either connect to their power as a creator and live a joyful life and Then act as an example to those same people that would not learn, or to carry on taking on burdens that are not theirs and therefore not fulfilling the soul plan they agreed to which is actually to over come the need to be ‘all things' to all people, as NO person alive can do this.  You did not ‘agree' to be a martyr it does not serve any one least of all the people that you say you are trying to help.

What would serve them is for you to heal your self learn to use and hone your intuitive ability and then be able to remove your own blockages and help people identify and remove their own in this way as a healer rather than doing peoples healing For them (which can't be done we can only kick start the progress) you can joyfully help people to do their own work and you take the credit of ‘switching on the light'  You are So loved and So special in their eyes and they don't want you to waste this precious incarnation berating your self for what was always part of the divine plan.I am actually shown despite the past lives where you were persecuted and didn't feel safe to stand in your power you came here to be a leader a leader who accepts their own truth and decides ‘despite' the past that you have borne to live in the blessed moment and to accept all the gifts that the Universe has for you and to use your empathic ability to heal and be healed.  Raphael is with you and says you will find the teacher or path that is right for you if you ask him to guide you.

Blessings Sheelagh and Raphael.

“Recently I am undergoing divorce after 2 months of my marriage due to physical violence. I am really not sure of the way forward for me now in terms of finding someone, career etc. Please Please help!”
~Mehak, India

Dearest Mehak

The angel stepping forward to assist you today is Gabriel she is the archangel of clarity and confidence and stepping into your personal power. Gabriel says you have had a really rough time with things how ever you are still standing strong. This was part of your path and now it is time for a new cycle.

She says she understands that you are lonely and want companionship however you have endured an awful lot not just physically but also emotionally it is time to give your self some breathing space and see that you need to exude joyful independence for the right partner to come in.  You will not be left on the shelf she promises but says that revisiting the destination of disappointment and disillusion is not is what is meant for you she says that the human heart often feels that they ‘need' another to accompany them and yet if the vibration is still bruised and battered however hopeful you may feel in moments of calm in truth the ‘level' is still teetering on need rather than ‘want' .

psychic readingShe says that this extends an invitation that can be fulfilled as soon as September how ever the paring would not be a true love match or even a friendship that would stand the test of time.  It is time to take the long view that rather than the relationship that is next she wants you to go for the relationship that is best and this takes into account what you really yearn for as well as what you expect to get even at this war torn time.  She says there is a match ahead for you that will give you the confidence to be the strong woman you are and you will be in need of someone whose gentleness also clarity so that you remain interested and participate in the relationship long term.

Right now you need to focus on the here and now you need to focus on feeling positive about all the new starts that the Universe has planned for you and also finding out fresh ways to interact with many different people not just prospective partners.  She says that you need to also understand when we are in alignment with something we ‘have to receive it but when we are out of alignment we Can not receive it no matter how hard we try because our expectations are preventing us from trusting that the angels have our back.

She says that you need to realise the first ‘batch' of people may not contain Mr Right for ever but rather another Mr Right for now and that perhaps this is the way forward, to rediscover your ability to air what feels right to you without fear of repercussion and also to see that men like flowers come in all shapes an sizes an whilst the next may not be Mr Forever he will have without doubt gifts to share.

Friendship is the order shed like you to place being in a place where the only expectation is to receive respect she wants you not to switch from being alone or being with the man you are with forever she does not want you to set expectations that someone instinctively knows they can't fulfill she also wants you to see that there is no crashing rush for you to be accompanied again she says all good things grow in their own time.  I am shown your radiance will grow and will attract a man from over seas she says remember the family he comes from is relevant to you feeling validated and supported which is why she does not want you to rush into the first pair of seemingly welcome arms I am feeling that next year is relevant to the right match for you Take your time Please she says the more you learn to love and understand your self after the path you have been on the more you will attract someone that will truly love and appreciate you.  Blessings and Joy to a woman of beauty.

Blessings, Sheelagh and Gabriel

I am desperate for a house move, I have done everything possible but the housing keeps telling me their not working from the list that i am on. I feel if I moved everything else would fall into place for me. I pray to God and my angels every night and I have true faith just sometimes it's hard to keep positive, I live by,:what,s for you won't go by you: can you help me please? Kind regards Kate thank you x
~Kate, Dumbarton

Hi Kate,
Lovely to connect with You. Archangel Jeremiel the angel of change and making the most out of it is here to support you.  He says you are thoroughly fed up and he laughs its not for much longer
Now we dont want to sound like a lecture but he says all this ‘Desperation business' is the problem.  You can't get what you want whether its a proposal a baby or a job if you are desperate it's like a magnet that propels your dream in the opposite direction.

I also want to say to you the illusion that is also playing here is that a house move would change that much.  I am shown that you truly believe that it would and in the short term yes it would be okay but in the long term your tone that you are sending out there is pulling all the wrong kinds of out comes towards you.  Jeremiel says you will emerge from this circle that has been created if you can realise that the law of attraction permeates everything and says ‘Like unto itself is drawn' so whilst you are feeling that you want to escape and are praying harder and harder – the slimmer the hole in the fence becomes and the harder and harder life seems to get and the more elusive the dream that you just know is meant for you

He says you are actually not doing as badly as you think if only you would relax you would see you have been pulling the noose tighter.  I am shown that there is a solution for your issue and obviously you DO have to let go of the desperation an turn into a whimsical woman who asks ‘what can be done about this i wonder' in stead the Tone of how you are asking needs to change.  When we ask in a wondering whimsical way the layers of confusion fear and frustration thin for a time and their guidance can come through this veil and show you what to do and when.  he says have you thought about going for the private market he insists there are houses out there that are within your price range but says it is time to take some time and feel positive and excited and expectant about this move and also to see all of the good things about where you are.

You may want a straight prediction he says but the prediction would be one where their work load is not changing to suit your needs at this time and so being open to another way of receiving is crucial if you really want to experience this new start.  It is indicated for around October time if you can get your inner clock in sync with what you want he says you will feel unhappy with this because you want it now and may dismiss this guidance how ever he says you may revisit it later on.  Understand we create everything within our reality and the angels WANT us to have everything that we desire which is why they furnish us with this information.

The other areas that need work are your relationship with money and your belief that life is a struggle and things have to be earn t the hard way and even believing in the likelihood of receiving any thing good needs to be improved and upgraded so that all of these good things can start to drop in.  The word he gives you is surrender – go with the flow and let these dreams grow from excitement and acceptance and thats when the real magic begins.

All our love Jeremiel and Sheelagh

I am trying to really gain my physic ability ,will I do this, and is there away to help my daughter? What can I do. Thank you.
~Phyllis, N.C.

Hi Phyllis. Michael is the angel stepping forward to assist you he says that you can't acquire what you don't have so your first step to ‘gaining' psychic ability is to increase your understanding of what you have. If you are not ‘born' a medium you can't ‘be' one however we can be different levels of messenger or intuitive and easily people can develop mediumistic ability. Intuitives range from Clairvoyants to Ribbon readers, Channels (as I), to people who sense medical blockages. You may be someone who is best off working to help others at a healing level and encouraging them to develop their ability to heal themselves.

Michael tells me we are ALL born with intuition and what we get is low key by the time we get to adult hood as society and peer pressure and fear often closes us down and makes us scared to admit we are different.

It's time to also gain a greater understanding of how developing psychic ability works. Psychic ability is different to ‘Spiritual' ability. Psychic ability is about predicting energy flows with traditional means such as tarot cards or crystal balls it predicts pregnancies, marriages and ‘what is likely in someone's timeline based on energy around them now' Spiritual ability is about uncovering peoples gifts, helping to remove limiting beliefs that keep us in one place or circumstance and channeling and receiving guidance from Light Beings such as Spirit Guides, Angels, and other light beings. Although we all have this ability in some people it is ‘meant' for different uses, ie to get ones own guidance is one thing we can All and are ALL encouraged to do this – doing it for a living or to assist others is not right for everyone as our needs differ.

For you I am shown that you have a view or belief as to what it would mean to ‘have' psychic ability – you are a strong Clair sentinent which means the ability to ‘feel' guidance you have the capability to be able to perceive the messages of light beings through your heart chakra and also see images which will be played in your mind accompanying these feelings.

The important thing is to determine whether you are prepared to put in the dedication and open up to the joy of how subtle it is at first – knowing that with commitment over time your joy of this ‘hobby' so that in time it grows and the guidance becomes more obvious.

Michael warns of allowing your frustration to get in the way of genuine progress and he says that you do have what it takes but you would benefit from finding someone to assist you. We do offer comprehensive Clairvoyance courses here at Ask-Angels teaching you how to read oracle cards deeply, how ot open your third eye safely and how to start to develop Psychic Seeing and hearing. Your Daughter I am told is on an ascension path where she is expected to move away from certain influences and to start to believe in her self she will in time discover her power and make her way towards the future she desires.

Blessings on your path Sheelagh and Michael

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