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Ask the Angels Column

ask the angelsAngelic Guidance Weekly Column

Question From Sheila:

I would like to see,my friend Harry,happy?He holds grudges,with family?? It hurts me?? Why is he like this??

Dearest Sheila it is archangel Raphael angel of healing coming forward to assist you. He tells you your Harry is a young soul, he is tender and loving in his heart but also fears rejection and separation. He has been hurt and so is guarding himself against this, he is wary of those who pose a ‘threat’ to his energy and he finds it easier to recall what has ‘been done to’ him even though much of it was not meant this way.

You must be aware this is a lesson his spirit needs to learn, for bitterness only breeds bitterness, and the ‘danger’ here is that your gentle empathic energy may become bogged down with his sadness and fear. Be in allowance of who he is right now, care for him as you do for this is a great gift, and one he does value, however do not try and show him how the world really is – full of beauty and love and peace and possibility rather BE the example of happiness and contentment that he wishes to experience, and when he asks ‘how can you?’ then, only then explain with compassion how easy it is to love……

This is not your lesson, however your compassion is rewarded by his questioning of the effectiveness of his perspective, please however look after your energy and allow him to
want to do the same. Lead the way.

Archangel Raphael and Sheelagh

Question from Bianca

I want to find LOVE. I DON'T want to grow old Alone.

Dearest Bianca it is Archangel Jophiel that comes forward to assist this morning she tells you that of course you don’t and it is understandable this is what you fear. However she says consider you had a journey to make of many miles, would you gain distance covered by worrying about it, condemning the road and the traffic would you ever depart from your current location and make your way towards the desired destination?

In this way with much love she shares that condemning your reality and being overly aware of what you do NOT and must Not experience can not at any level help you make your way towards it. The answer is really simple in order to receive, money, health, prosperity, love, especially love, we must become this we must notice the love around us in the faces of those that are ‘in love’ and love each other, we must FEEL the presence of LOVE (of food of comfort of a good book a walk in the winter sun) in our own life we must learn to LOVE our life, LOVE ourselves LOVE where we are and who we are. LOVE will follow love, and so even though right now you don’t see it so don’t allow yourself to believe it this is still where you must start. You may feel it is unfair that you should have to do all of this before it presents itself, however it Cannot present itself if you do not become it first.

Actions will also speak louder to the heavens than words so ask for help in learning to love yourself and feeling loveable and compassionate about others, ask for help in releasing ideas about how relationships work and how people treat you, start to look for friendship first, acceptance and validation even for who you are, for all that you are in smaller ways. often people want to find ‘the one’ before they have found themselves, often they want ‘the one’ to climb over great walls to find them, to prove themself to them, it is time to socialise gently, be aware of the kinds of people that you feel good around who you feel relaxed around and allow over time your confidence in others to build, and to be more receptive generally.

Mixing without the prediction of Love is needed so that through exposure to greater amounts of people, some perfect for a week some for an hour some for a minute, you will also find eventually those that love you as you love yourself and your company. Begin small, and stand tall the rest will come from there.

Archangel Jophiel and Sheelagh

Question from Nicole

I lost my mom several years ago and it was very hard for me to understand why she was gone, and also to understand why I could feel her presence more. I do feel that her passing created huge spiritual growth for me, even though I would prefer she was still here. I like how this post addresses that and also the guidance I feel I have received once I became open to it. When I am stuck or having problems, I have simply been asking my spirit guides to send me guidance and almost always something so out of the blue it cannot be a coincidence appears and is usually a great solution or caution for me to pay attention to. Love this site for the insight it provides:)

Dearest Nicole it is a genuine pleasure to connect with you! Please know that your mum resides safely in spirit and can feel your love right from where she is. When we have been in spirit for some time we are focused upon our own growth and also our heavenly tasks, we also know that our loved ones have lives to carry on with and our presence felt strongly except in times of great need may serve to halt the wonderful progress you are making.

She is so proud of you and says that you have surpassed all expectations. You are a healer Nicole and your mum wants you to understand that the bond between you only grows stronger for you are connected by a cord of divine love, she says you will meet again and until then you are to carry on your path. She shows me that she is with a man and she also has an animal with her , i think it is a dog…..I'm shown a country house she is living in small and cosy (we create our own residences over there) I'm also shown glasses she doesn't need any more. regards your own growth please know the guides are always with you for they are charged with your growth also and they are on hand to be called upon at all times.

A solution will be ‘heaven sent’ when ever you ask for it and your team are saying that next year you are going to be guided to develop your gift. I am also shown an increase in money around you and generally feeling optimistic. Call and we will answer for we are at your side always say your team.

With all of our love Sheelagh and your Guide and of course your beautiful Mum.

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Shirley Liu says October 31, 2017

Question from Shirley:

I would like to find more spiritual meaning in life. There are days when I feel like I’m floating through life being carried by wings and I see flashes of light. I believe these are my spirit guides and angels. How do I connect with them more fully and find who I truly am? Lately, it seems like I’ve lost the physical aspect of me, like the body is just a shell that I am in and the spirit yearns to be free. I long to find meaning in myself and release the world’s expectations of me. I want to develop courage to speak my authentic voice and become a spiritual healer.

Nana says January 4, 2015

Please show a sign that you are with me, my guardian angels.

pl says January 3, 2015

I think I am to be a healer or teacher of healing but I am struggling to find guidance or money to obtain the training I need. Will I find a way?

Leilani says January 2, 2015

What does 22 meant in my dream. The skies are dark, it was a nighttime and there was buildings and i was looking up to them and i remember myself saying 22, im not sure if im saying that i go to the 22nd floor.

marie says December 23, 2014

Are my loved ones happy and will my sister be ok thank

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