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Name: Maria, Question:

I have been going thru my spiritual journey, growing and releasing. I am aware that I am not quite where I want to be yet and need to have patience but do the Angels have an idea of if I am close? I would like to know what gifts I am to use to help serve humanity? I know I am a healer, I see myself doing readings and teaching but I don't know what. Am I to channel, am I to teach or do lectures? If so, what is it I am suppose to be teaching to others? With all my thanks and love,Maria 🙂

Dearest Maria i am shown you are an uplifter this means you are here to bring joy nurture and beauty to the life of people around you. Your angels are asking you not to get bogged down with ‘what’ but to keep exploring the ‘why’ see the world and all the miracles and beauty in it, money follows joy joy does not follow money. there is nothing you are ‘supposed’ to teach but only what you desire to learn first.

Many healers think they can heal before they have healed and many clairvoyants think they can advise before they can see, so now it is a joyous time for learning, expansion, absorption and then yes sharing.

Find a teacher who sets your heart alight, find a way for you to LIVE in joy as you learn, and then simply ask the angels to bring you the people to guide and advise. we offer spiritual development here at ask angels and you can just do one or two sessions at a time. We see Muriel advising you to look on this as play, she says you are an empath and have the ability to see as you bring your feelings up into your third eye.

Work on seeing the beauty around you and ask your angels to guide you to the resources the teachers and the inspiration that will help you to blossom, like the beautiful flower you are……Sheelagh and Muriel

Name: Angel, Question:  I really need help and some answers. I used to have a relationship made in heaven, everything was perfect except we needed money, my boyfriend got a very good job abroad abroad nd he promised it was for both to have a better life and that as soon as he settled himself there he will make everything for me to go with him. After he left he changed and 2 months after he broke up with me, but he said he still loved me. I have tried to move on but I can't, there is a strong bond between us but I feel it's only me who miss him and want him back. I just want to know how to deal with this if I can have faith on us or not, I had prayed to the angels but I feel even them had left me alone I a lo Nelson lost my purpose in life I feel lost.

Dearest Angel we are so sorry for your pain right now Muriel says that your boyfriend did not mean to be unkind he does love you but is out of his depth in this new environment and the thought of being responsible for you and your welfare overwhelmed him.

I am told that he will be in touch and you will have a visit from his this spring, however I am also shown you need to be independent and show him that you do not depend on him, he has fear energy around him and is not able to be the caretaker you perhaps wish he was.

I am shown a possible new start for you with a long distance relationship cultivating the trust again. i am shown this will take time, i am also shown it is doubtful he will stay abroad and that his job may bring him home this year, I am shown that you both need to work on trusting yourselves, and believing that you are able to not need one another but want one another. Although this is hard it highlights the fact that although it sounded heavenly in truth it needed grounding, this relationship is not the only one on offer for you and I am also shown another man who can offer you more, sooner and for longer.

It is your choice and Muriel lovingly says you have all the time in the world.
~Sheelagh and Muriel

Name: Debbie, Question: 

I have been in love the this man for 12 years. I feel he is in love with me, but when show is feel like telling me he has faith in me and trust me he pull away fast. I just cant pull away from him and cant date other men. I ask for help every night for answer.  ~Debbie

Dearest Debbie, Muriel comes forward with much love, she understands and sees with empathy and compassion how much your heart hurts she also says that in truth you are needing to move forwards as this pain is becoming encompassing.

She says that your man is aware of your depth of feeling and is overwhelmed by it, he is not able to give you what you desire, and the fact at many levels that he is not able to do this is why he has become so much of a focus for you. In truth, is it not the idea of his presence that is comforting to you rather than the actual presence. You are focused upon him in such way that tells you he MUST feel this way for how could you feel this way if he didn't?

I am shown with love that all your need and lack has been placed at his door and yet I am shown that in honesty if he was ready he would be there now for you. I am shown he gets ‘just enough’ from you and you hang on in there for a sniff of ‘more’ that doesn't come. This mans energy is depleted as is yours by this experience and we can only say in love that there are those out there that in time will be able to give you what you say you crave, yet until you are ready to step away from the dream you cannot embrace what could be real and true.

Love yourself enough to accept the answer that is given which is that you need to love you enough to walk into the future. We are here we love you and we believe in you, we know it is not easy, but all is possible if only you will allow it to be so. We do not see the ending you desire, just more of the same, of course, this is your choice dear. Sheelagh and Muriel

Name: Christie Abraham, Question: I have been asking for a healing miracle. I Have called upon archangel Raphael, God, Jesus, any & all angels. Will I ever get a sign that my healing is in the works?

Dearest Christie Muriel says you have been searching for miracles for a while and she says you must take a deep breath and prepare yourself for this – my dear YOU are the miracle. i am shown that you are able to heal yourself, and that by searching for something external to you in many ways you have given your power away.

Even when another ‘heals’ us all they do is open the energy enough for our higher self to allow the knowingness of what is possible all the time to be realised. It is never the medicine but always the patient who is the true miracle.

Your body is in dis ease as is your spirit, it is time to be gentle with yourself, loving towards your body and to love the wellnes and ease that exists – it is entirely possible for you to come across a therapist who can help you and yet the greatest therapy that you can receive is allowing god to enter in and allowing divine frequency to flow through every part of your reality. Muriel says you are surrounded by love love is all there truly ever is.

Now will you allow Muriel and raphael to heal you? Will you stop looking elsewhere and allow us to heal you as you sleep? Ask us to gently lift away the beliefs that some other posses some knowledge that you do not, and allow us to show you there is no hurry and through release and relaxation all levels of healing when focus is placed upon ease of being are accessed and utilized. Allow, relax and release, and your healing shall start. Muriel and Sheelagh

Name: Amazing Joy, Question:
I have been wanting to start my life over for a very long time. I recently met a guy who makes me want to go back to being the ambitious successful person I was meant to be, he makes me believe it is possible. I really want to move to a new town where he lives will I finally get the career in radio and media that I have been praying for? What can I do to connect with this job I have been praying for it for so long what am I missing here?

Dearest Amazing Joy you can have ALL OF THIS and more. WE ARE so pleased that this man has ignited your passion for life and we are so proud of you that you have decided this is going to happen ,yet we say to you he is the catalyst, not the reason, he is the symptom not the cause and you are the real creator of this meeting, and of your whole life and if you have truly decided that this is all going to happen, this man need not be responsible for it, you can do this under your own steam.

Be aware of putting this upon him, for although he does care and is interested he isn’t necessarily as well connected as you think, he is not you, and so cannot create for you the opportunities in your life that you desire and deserve YOU however have the choice to do this from the bottom up, but no short cuts are truly going to help.

This is a time for you to stand in your own truth and accept and allow your own gifts and abilities to be realized, you may need some retraining and we hope that you will not wait till this is handed to you on a plate but research and plan your next move. I am shown new employment around you making this possible and i am also shown a new project showing up in the next 6 months. This man is a good man, but you are the architect of your own life, not he.

If you can carry this momentum forward and network and get into connection with the people that will see your skills as an addition, then this will happen quicker, we are shown a delay however and we would ask you to see to your own needs first, maybe a job in the town where you wish to be prior to the true pathway opening.

WE WISH YOU LUCK but remind you that each of us creates and allows our own.

Muriel and Sheelagh

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Gypsy says January 21, 2015

I’ve been in a relationship for almost three years now. It started with me as a seeker and he as a guide. I’m getting to the point where I’m drained and want to move on. Even though we’ve both grown a lot, my fire wanes. My aunt told me I need to settle down with someone I love and she’s right. How do I leave after having left him so many other times in the past? (The last two times I left, HE came back) thank you.

MarissaMcDermid says January 19, 2015

As a little girl I’ve always felt something was missing or I have lost something. I always knew that I was ment to help people. At 8yrs old I would sit alone looking at my hands wondering what I was put on this earth to do. In my dreams & nightmares i am looking for something or people are approaching me to tell things, I feel that what they need to say is extremely important -but as I approach them they being to whisper then disappear and I wake feeling helpless and sad. Are these dreams related to my spiritual path, and what can I do to come into my awakening?? Thank you, Marissa

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