Ask The Angels! Angel Readings Column

Ask The Angels! Angel Readings Column

Ask the AngelsAsk Angels Weekly Column with Sheelagh

What do the angels need me to know about my love relationship ,do I stay or move away?
From: Faye, London

Dearest Faye it is I Archangel Michael greeting you in this moment. I would like to ask you if you are fulfilled in your own energy at this present moment? It feels as though there is much old energy around you from situations that have been buried and your partner too is wondering which direction he should move in. Put together this pie is not at all the way it should taste the very texture of the pie is tough and without much flavour. I would ask you to step back from wondering a final solution to fix a problem that is in many layers. In other words you cannot fix something external that is simply uniquely shaped.

Your own energy could do with a spring clean. A revaluation of what motivates you and makes you feel happy.Tapping into this portal of happiness as if drawing water from a well and drawing up and into your own energy field on a regular basis as if to qench a thirst from the soul will actually liven and brighten your view of this possibilities that exist. Your partner would do well to do the same.

Expecting the relationship to give you something that you cannot find at this moment in your self will not bring this forth. Instead one must summon the elixr from their own heart space and feel happy and fulfilled in a multitude of different ways finding things that push your happiness buttons repeatedly and then this virus of love and joy and peace and clarity will filter through drip by drip into the entity externally created that is ‘the relationship. All things have a season and just as a machine has parts that need to be oiled tenderly and other parts replaced on an ongoing basis of maintenance the machine is only a sum of cojoined parts working in unison together.

psychic readingMake and take the steps to do any activity which adds value to your day to your week to your month and excude gratitude for this feeling of fufilment, when your partner sees that your energy is bubbling with anticipation for lies ahead he too will attend to his own spring cleaning. Then it will be a case of where do we flow to next together rather than where do we leave each other seaprately.

~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria

What is my purpose on life?
How do I connect with you closer?
From: Leanne, England

Dearest Leanne Your are such a beautiful multi faceted soul you have such a desire to connect with us and its never been more important for you to do so. I am here and have always stood guard I have seen you mature into a soul whose purpose in life is to please her self and this is for the utmost good of all concerned if only other souls would see this too.

There are times when you feel life has let you down and there are times that you wonder if we truly are here, I say to you place your hand on your heart and ask me to make myself known to you for you my daughter I would gladly do this.

Know that your feeling is your sense we are with you know that when you ask for us we must by law and we gladly come to your side. Know that to feel us is to feel calm and loved and loving Know that to feel us is to feel a cool presence as if a gentle wind blew upon your skin or a tickle upon your golden crown. Know that when you ask us to make things happen we say to you ‘but this is your show' we say to you be gentle now and understand wish to advance you but frustration can make it difficult for you to hear our calm and permenantly loving voices inside your heart and head. Your purpose in life is to open and trust in the flow your purpose in life is to open your heart fully in trust and love and to see the blessings which surround you and hold them to your heart and sigh in graittude

You are a intuitive lady and you have so many gifts to share. You too could be a channel and give messages of comfort and peace but it is important to remember we do this because we wish to uplift not to scare or to predict that which may never come to pass. Understand there are many ways to get closer but the most important is to make the decision you wish this to be so to ask us to show ourselves to you as you move through your day and week and to notice the signs which will get stronger every time you accept them.

I say to you now is the time to embrace your gifts as they stand and to make the decision that they will grow in joy and wonder and you too shall help others to find their own place in this beautiful world. Archangel Michael

Note: we do have a beautiful course Leanne which teaches you to hear and see and know the angels guidance to a high standard please let us know if you would like to do this it includes learning to read energy remotely in a safe and fun manner no knowledge just an open heart needed!

~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria

I have ALWAYS believed in Angels but now I really want to study and communicate with them. I have prayed that my vibrations and/or frequencies be altered so that the curtain between our world and theirs becomes more transparent. Will I receive help from the Angels and especially my Guardian Angel? This is so important to me! Thank you for your insight!
~ Lynn, Camillus, New York

live chat
Hello Lynn. Jophel Archangel of patience and inner beauty is here with you I call her the sunshine angel. Shetells you they have been round since before the creation of man kind and that people have conversed with their type in many many different times and ways some were called ‘gods' and some were called ‘Ancestors' both of which and neither of which are true. She says if it were that hard that you needed qualifications and had to be some kind of special unique person nobody would have been able to do it but everyone could if they recognised what they could already do. All of that aside you are looking far too hard.

Jophiel wants you to know that they don't see us as human bodies but rather a mix or beautiful energy waves and patterns and frequencies and that when we raise our vibration higher through effort and enjoyment that is enjoyable effort we make our selves visible to them and they can become more visible to us! You are already on the path. There are many ways of increasing your ability to connect with them further.

Sitting in peace and breathing white light and asking your Archangels to come in is the first and best way because the Archangels are professional messengers. Start with Michael, she says as his energy is so unique and ask him to allow you to feel him physically.

Accept the smallest most gentle sign that he is with you – he will be because it is spiritual law that they have to come when called. Also understand that clairvoyance and audience which translate as clear seeing and clear hearing also extends to seeing signs in the outside world not just the inner and also hearing songs and conversations that make sense to you on a deeper level.

Last but not least why not consider the beautiful Clairvoyance Coaching course that I run with people all round the world? You will learn what your personal gift is where you can develop this too and also you will actually learn to get messages from 5 different angels. You will have an introduction to Mediumship safely, open your third eye and be given email and homework to support you. What ever you decide please know that a willingness to learn and an open heart are truly the only requirements. I learnt to connect see and hear angels only 8 years ago and i was no more special than any one else, you can do this too. Enjoy!

~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria

Will I be with my twin flame in this lifetime? Lots of signs tell me I will be but I still have no idea.
~From: Debbi, Manchester

Dear Debbie, Archangel Chamuel the angel of love steps forward to assist you today. His beautiful soft energy is a wonderful compliment to your eager emphatic energy.

He says of course and all of your knowing and sensing is telling you this please Enjoy this journey. Enjoy this knowing, knowing the more you enjoy the moment and the gentle ushering in rather than get anxious or upset he hasn't manifested yet will actually delay his arrival. The chase is as important as the catch he says with an expansive grin.

He says you Know you have a special someone coming in and You feel his presence on just the other side of the fence and round the corner. So now your job is to prepare yourself for his arrival just as you would a hot date. So rather than buff those legs and tweak those brows please love your self and nurture those worries.

Please do anything and everything that makes you laugh makes you sing makes you giggle gives you enjoyment and prepares you inside and out for the joy that is to come. Important to remember we live or fall by our own thoughts and feelings. He is meant for you – yes he is coming – certainly but will it be now or then if or when that is up to you. I see that you know its not far and i will give you 8 months as a fair warning – but use this time in as many joyful ways as you can get out there and meet lots of people and thank source for every one of them don't get hung up on if its the one as long as you enjoy this one and then that one (we understand you only want to bother with the one but it does not work like that) the conveyor belt of people will slow up and bring you better and better quality produce and the flavour and texture will improve until you can scratch and sniff the winning item.

I will say to you that by this time next year you are worrying about when a ring will appear and I say to you don't worry get happy and the rest will follow in a flip a flop a trounce and a bounce. Enjoy every day and in no time Mr. Forever will be on his way!

~All our love Chamuel and Sheelagh

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maria says May 18, 2014

my husband die a year ago i fell very sad and lonly withaut him he was the best husband i know that hes around me he is my angel my first husband want to came back in my life i wnat guidance that the angel help me to have a good partner to grow old toguether i praying that he decide to came to my life againg my dauther was in abuse relationship now she meet another person tell me how to pray if thes person is the rigth partner for her i need alot of prayers and guidance from the angel i belived very much tak you

Carole says April 6, 2014

I have been told by guides for many years to be patient, receptive, open to a relationship for there is a soulmate coming into my life. If he has indeed arrived, I did not recognize him. Can you help me to remove any obstacles I may still be carrying and offer guidance to manifest this very loving, playful, emotionally receptive man into my life now. Many thanks.

Monika says April 6, 2014

Hi, i want to learn how to overcome my fear, anger, panic. I want to ask how can i connect to my soulmate. Thanks

kulwant says April 1, 2014

I am feeling so alone. I have children but I don’t see them much. They are always busy. I want to find myself a partner who can take care of me and I don’t know where to start looking. I am a very loving unconditional woman and where ever I go I only give love back.

ginni says March 30, 2014

I would love to learn how to connect with the angels. do you do courses in india? if not can you guide me to a certified course in india wherein i can learn to heal people and help them.

Mira says March 30, 2014

I am divorced woman, survivor of abusive marriage. Recently I met a man who, by all appearances. is a good and sweet person. I am afraid to trust, given my experience, but he insists that he will never hurt me, never leave, and cherish me. He is a widower with 17 years old son. I like him a lot, but am afraid, too. Please, help.

Thank you kindly.

Gabriella Gregory says March 30, 2014

How do I invoke the Angel Ariel for abundance? I need to restore my financial energy. I am on the verge of a windfall of some sort. I feel like I’m going to miss it.
Gabriella Gregory

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