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Ask the Angels

ask the angels Weekly Q & A With Sheelagh and the Angels

From : Lynn
I've been stuck with trying to get a divorce for a couple of years. My ex keeps stalling it with some kind of excuse. I have spent way too much money on lawyers already. I have asked the angels what I need to do next and guide me but I can't hear anything. I watch for signs. I just don't know what to do. I just want to move on with my life. My ex is blocking that.

Dear Lynn It is Archangel Metatron king of the mighty archangels coming forward to help you today, he suggests understanding that placing all your focus on what is not happening is energetically what is causing this compaction of energy and so your ex responds to that energy in the way you describe. We cannot receive the resources or results we desire whilst we are condemning what is, the Universe hears what ‘is’through our feelings and simply replicates what we really expect.

Focus your energy on every other part of your life, and although you say you are stuck we are only as as stuck as we want to be. Allow the divorce to be something which goes on in the background and take some time out now to relax and soothe your fractured spirit. In the new year why not get involved in a local group or charity where your focus is on contributing with your energy?

Your focus needs not to be on what isn’t happening but on what is happening, with ease and flow, and it doesn’t matter what subject this is focused on, the result will be that he senses his delaying tactics are not having the desired result and will cease being of interest with him. I feel by April this can be sorted however your focus in reality is the only issue which is preventing this from happening. Cleanse and clear daily and ask Metatron to guide you. Knowing that you need to feel relief IS guidance they communicate through our heart chakra and yours is ready.

With love Sheelagh and the archangel Metatron

From: James
Please please help me to sort out my financial problems I have had for 7 years now, I know that I have brought this on myself, but I have asked for forgiveness and have forgiven myself, please try and find answers for me as I have asked God and the Angels for help for the last 7 years and still find myself in a rut, could you please help me I am desperate now.

Dear James It is Archangel Michael angel of strength and development around you now, there is no judgement of you or your situation and there is no need for forgiveness only compassion. It is about understanding that whatever brought you to this place is a part of a cycle and is still operating.

When we have beliefs about a subject they often run very deep inherited from family or friends or even stemming from past lives. I am shown that the energy around money is disbelief, a desire to believe in change but not seeing ‘how’ meaning you can’t go there in your mind. Start with small examples, the food you have, the roof over your head the bills you can pay, start to acknowledge that you can do this and are able to look aftger your base needs. Start to also take advantage of any free resources such as debt counselling this IS guidance. Michael wants to remind you we all create our reality and he wants to educate you to expect more ease in a gentle way.

Start by talking of beginnings and potencial where no growth exists at this moment, and like building a wall brick by brick you will begin to feel a growing sense of releif – if he adds you allow yourself too. Would Recomend reading ‘ask and it is given’ by esther hicks gives you methods to manifest money and anything else you would like – it works and I can attest to that. Michael closes by reminding you are a powerful being and you can create anything you desire, desire rather than fear is what we want to change emanating from you, you can do this it will take time. Being able to create change in our money flows is as miraculous as winged beings from heaven – and you believe in that don’t you Michael says with a smile……

Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

From Roopa
Hello, I badly need to clarify things, somehow for a moment I get tensed, I can't think of anything else. Feel as though something bad is gonna happen. I mean just not able to explain what's happening at this moment also. Please my dear angels show me the way.

Dearest Roopa you are simply picking up on low energy from the area where you live. Gaia is a monadic soul and has a living breathing conciousness just like you and I, and the fear of her inhabitants is like rouge on a cheek. You are also sensing energetic ‘what ifs’ from your sub concious, so there is a question here that Gabriel wants you to ask ‘what is this fear showing me’ is there some pressure on your life, some area where you feel you are waiting for something which is not apparent? Im shown tension around family and also relationships and We are urging you to step back breathe and allow divine energy to flood your being. There is no prediction here of anything untoward just a need to relax and see that all is well. Gabriel asks you to improve the communication between you and the angels and ask her daily to come and help you open and trust that everything is flowing for you that you have no need to be scared and the more you relax ‘into this’ the easier the flow will become. With love Sheelagh and Archangel Gabriel

From Eileen

Would like help you manifest money to start a business my grandson inspired me don't know what to do please help?

Dearest Eileen It is archangel Jophiel the angel of self belief who comes forward to assist you today She says that you are a great spiritual being and you need nobody to do it for you, this is your first message.

She says when we give our power away even to an angel we signal to the heavens that we are lacking in esteem and as much as we want to help you, if you do not take the initiative and start the ball rolling yourself there is little we can do. She says that a business is an extension of your energy and to understand it will grow or not depending on your own sense of wellbeing. She asks you how you feel about your day to day life, and if it feels that business is unattainable without money then it is so. She says the reverse is true also.

A business is only a business if it is started, other wise it is an idea. So you need to find a way to get things moving right from where you stand. She is showing me some work on your self confidence and recommends the colour yellow, breathing it in big bunches of flowers, yellow food candles etc and cleansing the yellow chakra. Personally I have built a business from scratch and although you may think you need money to start it actually getting out there and showing the Universe this is how its going to be without waiting for proof is what is needed, the Universe will then yield to you. Business cards, website and accruing the knowledge needed are all big and important first steps.

If you really want this it will happen and then we can assist she says, we believe in you and now its your turn to offer this to yourself.

With love Sheelagh and Jophiel

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Isaac Sudhakar says December 20, 2014

Hello Angel,

For past 2 years my wife said she stopped loving and has no feelings for me, but we do have a good relationship we never fight or argue, and spend time with the family son Jonathan12 and Isabel 10.
I love my wife Agneta Kundoori very much and now she wants to divorce me.
Please can Angel help me to talk to Agneta to change her feelings and not to divorce.
I Thank you very much for your reply
Please Help
Isaac Sudhakar Kundoori

HanneKristin says December 19, 2014

Hello! Im connecting all the way from Norway! Please answer me. I wounder if im on the right thrack… I have finished 2 years to be an angeladviser. Should I start working with this, or is my desteny something else. Thank you so much if tou can take the time to get me an answer. I love your site, and are now a member. Thank you for all your great work, and I wish you ma Marry Chritsmas! Love og Blessings from Kristin

Diane says December 18, 2014

Dear Angels I keep seeking guidance from you and am keeping my heart open for messages but I am unclear about the future of Mslcolm and my relationship. I see alot of messages about being patient?

Charmene P. says December 18, 2014

I find feather’s everyday where I live and work 🙂 What are the Angels trying to tell me ?

Malex R. says December 16, 2014

Dear angels, I would like advice, dummy-kind advice on how to improve my marriage and our relationship and health issues: We almost got divorced earlier this year and life forced us back (I got evicted from our apartment so we had to put our things at my inlaw’s and live with my granny), so we decided to follow the signs and give it another shot. Yet, it continues to be a roller coaster. I believe we still love each other, but the intensity and way to express that love has changed dramatically. To make things a little more complicated, all of us have hjad respitratory problems for the last 2 months. My husband has gotten over them, but the rest of us (my granny, our children – ages 4 and 19 – and myself) have bronchitis and sore throats. It’s funny, but now that I recap, ther’s alway one of us (or even both of us) sick in December… I really want things to work out, as I’m sure life nmever sends you a wrong message. Please, tell me how to ‘sing-along’ properly. In case you need more info, I was born on 9-9-1970 and my hubby on 1-8-1972. Our boy and girl were born on 12-5-1995 and 11-24-2010 respectively. Thanks a zillion and blessings to all of you!!

Linda says December 16, 2014

Please advise me on staying in my job. I love the children. I just feel like it’s not where I belong.

Margaret says December 15, 2014

Hi.. what steps can I take to bring more love and finances into my life

Robert says December 15, 2014

What’s does the future hold for myself I have had a rough time of it but things are getting better. And do your angels lie to you, I have the ability to contact my angels its a gift, but have been lied to over a friends health why?

Alicia says December 15, 2014

Me gustaría saber porque no se manifiesta en mi vida una pareja, llevo mucho s años pidiéndolo y nunca aparece. Me siento sola desde hace tiempo .
Que puedo hacer para encontrar a mi hombre y cuando va al ser. .

Bunny says December 15, 2014

I lost my unborn baby last July and still mourn her. I pray for her to come back, but now my husband does not want to try anymore

garima says December 15, 2014

Dear angels and archangels..i want to thank u so much for being with me everytime..i really love u n m so much greatful of your love and help.. i feel as though m stuck in the duality..i feel myself unable to stay in love and find myself surrounded with fears and doubts like a psycic attack.. i cant distinguish between the divine guidance offered to me and the voice of my mind, my fears and doubts.. please assist me in listening clearly to my angelic guidance and dont give in to fears.. thank you 🙂

maria g says December 15, 2014

Hi i need help with advice how to get back with my ex that was my soulmate Robert The Bodyguard

Sue says December 14, 2014

I broke up wit my last boyfriend in September and before that I was single for 3 years. I’m just wondering if I’m gonna meet someone soon? Thank you.

Neetha yadu Devadiga says December 14, 2014

Please help me for concentration. My mom is not normal please help her

Alice says December 14, 2014

Please Angels you know I’m in the process of a loan modification and the bank wants to foreclosure. The lawyer says be calm and ha e faith. I do have faith but I need a sign. Please please. I have a family of 6 in the house (counting grandparents). Angels help us keep our home. Blessings

angela reed says December 14, 2014

I’m divorced and starting over on every level. I stayed home with my kids for 20 years. I met a widower and he wants to get married next May. I love him, but am afraid of another relationship and abandonment. I practice reiki and feel very connected to the angels. How do i know if I’m on the right path and being blinded by fear? Thank you!

Mary says December 14, 2014

Could I ask if I’m going to move house in the new year
Mary Sheppard

Maureen Flynn says December 14, 2014

Will I start to feel better?

Roopa says December 14, 2014

Hello. Thanks a lot for your kind words. Yes I am waiting to meet my guy. There are few problems in the family. I was in a relationship earlier, which did not work out. I have a met a new guy, whom I have just started talking. I am scared about what is gonna happen. I want to know if he is my guy. Thank you.

Robbin maze says December 14, 2014

Do I have a guardian angel?

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