April Angel Messages

April Angel Messages with Archangel Jasmine 

archangel jasmineAngel Messages For April

Guest Post by Sheelagh Maria 

Archangel Jasmine is a ‘new’ or much lesser known archangel and she is accessible to each of us during this turbulent and passionate time and she has brought some messages to assist.

The first message is ‘where angels come from’ and she says ‘just like babies we are made – from pure source love energy and our only ‘will’ is to serve you and the Universe with joy’.

Archangel Jasmine is a dark haired archangel, she comes in a beautiful haze of pink and yellow sparkly energy and she is here to teach us aboout community, family, healing and radical acceptance. She is offering to be with each of you and help you to radically accept the life you have, she tells you that great change is possible however being able to accept ‘what is’ is crucial to being able to receive ‘more’ in wonderful ways.

Jasmine came to me and told me that she hopes each of you will call on her, she wants you to request her healing gift and to allow her strong messaging abilities to bring you comfort and guidance.

She literally if asked will stand behind you, and give you healing to be comfortable and ‘ok’ with the way your life is now. She understands this is hard for some of you as there are circumstances which do require evolution ‘this is the way forward’ she says with a dazzling smile.

By radically accepting every part of ‘what is’ your energy bodies will soften and she can ‘line up’ your requests and the help needed in the days and weeks ahead ‘I want you to know that none of your requests is forgotten when you ask we always answer but sometimes it takes us some time to be able to get the request through for you because your energy can prevent assistance from coming in.

The best thing to do is take some time to relax every day doing whatever makes you feel calm and centered (it doesn’t have to be meditation) and we will be able to work our miracles and guide you to better outcomes’.

April is a passionate month. Some of you are going to feel challenged and some of you are going to feel you passionately want or need ‘new’ situations in your life, Jasmine is showing me that the greatest acheivements are going to come if you take one step after another and go beyond your comfort zones and walk through your fear. She says remember your guardian angel is there with you and wants to assist you its important to clarify exactly what it is you want without limiting ‘how’ you can receive these gifts with your logical mind.

April is a month for ‘all change’ in relationships so don’t be side swiped if you realise that what you thought was going one way – suddenly takes a different turn. The important thing to understand is that this doesn’t mean ‘bad’ it means growth and communication and awareness of what is in your highest interests right now is important to understand that when change happens it’s been needed and arranged by your higher self.

April is a wonderful month for deciding upon new pathways, and getting ready to leap into these in May and Jasmine says don’t get caught in the trap of wanting the evidence first, it’s vital that you go into anything new with faith and commitment so that the universe yields and makes this the best commitment ever.

This is also a karmic family year, which means that all loose ends behaviour patterns limiting beliefs picked up from family members (alive or in spirit) need to be tested and cleared so that you can finally have the freedom and abundance that is yours – Jasmine comes close to whisper to you that it’s easy to get lost in what someone does or projects with realising it’s a gift from the Universe for you to see what they are mirroring for you? Get this into your perspective and great healing and awareness can occur.

Many business, are needing a fresh surge of energy and Jasmine says you can ask her to help you to work on creating new products and systems that will widen your brands appeal. In matters of career it may be what feels like a shaky situation will urge you onto being braver and ready to try new things in the future.

Jasmine also says that many of you will be feeling worried but not know ‘why’ she says it’s because we are all being urged to expand and grow, and the unknown does contain some projection, she advises putting lavender oil on your pillow and asking her to give you healing as you sleep, so you wake refreshed and able to see what is real and what is not.

All in all April is a powerful month, and you are going to need to implement great self care to ensure you are centered enough to see where you’re being guided, ‘have faith in us’ she says and shows me a golden future for each of you that is able to navigate this powerful time.

A rebirthing process indeed, and one of great importance, be aware of what scares you, and don’t gloss over it, these are exactly the areas that you need to relax into for these are your doorways to the divine and the life you right now are only dreaming about.

‘And you are never alone, I and my brethren stand guard to make sure that you receive all the help you need, and if you need help understanding why things are heading the way they are, ask the channel’; she says with a glowing smile.

Would You like to know what April onwards holds for you? A six month channeled reading with Jasmine and the other archangels will answer all your questions and highlight opportunities and miracles that are just out of sight and not conceived by your mind….we are here and would love to help you.

With love and magic,

Sheelagh And the Angels

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to Ask-Angels.com with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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michelle palmer says April 8, 2015

Dear arch angle Jasmine help me to move from my fear and above and beyond my goals. Lift my spirits and bless me with positive energy and spirits.

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