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I have two questions first for my son I need him to have the will to work please I need him to have the will to work second my daughter she needs to lose weight she is obese doesn't want to do anything When it comes to dieting please her self-esteem is very bad very low.
~ Nadia, New York

Dearest Nadia. Angels Raguel and Ariel are with you they say that they want to help you to change things for yourself first and then for your family. They are asking you to reconnect with your heart centre. What is happening is you are identifying with your external circumstances and how hopeless they feel, which makes you feel more hopeless and attracts more.

Now is the time that connecting with your heart centre, which is the doorway that the angels speak to us through, you need to do this for you first so that you can feel the reassurance the angels are bringing you. Unfortunately a prediction is not going to make anyone outside of you do anything, they both don’t feel good about themselves they feel hopeless and overwhelmed and the only way you can help them is by starting with you. Its going to take time you need to show them you believe that you can attract better despite outwards appearances. Have the courage they say to work with the angels on clearing your beliefs about what is possible, remember you are choosing in reality from a much wider realm of possibilities and outcomes but you need to be feeling calmer and more accepting and loving towards your self to bring those in.

In order for them to want to change, they need to see it is possible. Do it for you and then they can choose to do it for them. It starts with the courage to go within. Nurture you and the Angels can too. Sheelagh Raguel and Ariel

Will I find love again in my life?
~ Meg, Delaware

Dearest Meg. Archangel Sandalphon is the angel around you he says there are many gifts coming to you in the days months and years ahead and yes we shout together yes this is one of them. That’s the good news. Now the work starts with you. Ask the angels to clear away limiting beliefs to do with relationships, how they work out for you, how you can go about meeting people and also to clear blocks to your ability to receive, love happiness and joyful and relaxed interactions with people on many levels. You are meant to be loved, by others in many ways yet if you have walls up, or expectations about how difficult it is to find one person then it limits the way the Universe can help you.

Open up, do more things in your community, smile at people during the day when you meet, and start to treat yourself with absolute respect and nurture you are already halfway there. The trick is not to wait until a knight in shining Armour slides in, but to create the energy so that the Universe thinks you are already contented, fulfilled and absolutely happy being you, when you do this consistently because it feels good, so so good, and you desire meeting new people without hanging labels of them on being ‘the one’ then your soul mate will start to come towards you. If you wait for him to be delivered and don’t change the energy, the answer is different.

Blessings Sandalphon and Sheelagh.

How can we protect our home and family from unwanted, negative energies?
~Carla, Island Lake, Alberta Canada

Dearest Carla. Negative energies come in many shapes and forms. They can be brought in by the people who live in the home itself, or from people that have visited and have left an imprint. The energies may be in the ground or walls from previous occupants or different times, very rarely you may have unwanted guests that do not want to go to the light. In your case I'm shown some clusters of old energy that are a mixture of out of balance earth energy and also energy dropped from the occupants of the home (a male I'm seeing) and also an older woman.

Removal is easy. First of all get the elements balanced. Often ‘hauntings’ are simply earth energy out of balance. Open the windows, have a good spring clean, light candles, and fresh flowers, beautiful music too. Lavender oil in each room corner a few drops and you can also smudge with sage, ringing a bell is also effective. Lastly call on Archangel Michael and ask him every day to escort any grounded energies over to the light, and to protect your home from vortex’s, toxins and entities, ask him to hoover them up with his Universal Dyson also. Before you know it, home really will be sweet!

Blessings Sheelagh and Michael.

When will my son and I find a place for us to live thank you blessings.
~Filomena, Massachusetts Boston

Dearest Filomena. Your son is a sensitive soul and is struggling right now, he feels the need to provide but also feels a desire to escape, I am shown his spirit has become slightly separated from his physical body and that he is feeling the urge to run.

Jeremiel says change is on its way, try not to assume responsibility for fixing your son yet remind him you believe in his ability to do what he can also ask the angels to put a home in front of you as soon as possible – when you do this smile and let go and don't leave it just to your son, you will get ideas come to you about places to connect with, agencies that can help. The angels can’t do it for you but they can impress upon you how to do it and the options that will lead you forward. I'm shown strongly that your son feels overwhelmed by the responsibility placed in him and you do need to share this a little. I'm shown other issues around your son which are affecting his ability to concentrate.

Try and see that although he ‘should’ help he doesn't feel he can right now, and so as his mum you are in a great place to inspire him through your own empowerment, rather than as us mums do telling him or asking him again, set the tone and indicate to him that you are going to take this as your role too, and ask him for his support if you need it. If you get the ball rolling I'm seeing a new home by the end of the year, I also feel it will encourage him to take over if you start researching this.

Archangel Jeremiel and Sheelagh

I am moving forward in so many areas of my life for which I am very grateful and know that I am very much supported and am grateful for this support. However I feel in 1 area of my life I am struggling And really would like guidance on how to move forward without the fear and anxiety. .also I just want to take this opportunity to say a million times THANK YOU to all my angels and guides and to say THANK YOU Melanie and Sheelagh..I am very grateful.
~Caroline, Ireland

Dearest Carol, thank YOU without you this site would not be as special, and it means a lot of us that you all love it so much! I LOVE working with Melanie and the angels and it gives me the biggest pleasure helping you lovely people. So for you Carol the angel coming forward to assist you is Archangel Raguel the angel of our feelings, he says that your hugely empathic and have lots of other peoples energy floating around your aura. So you need to protect yourself daily, and also cleanse your chakras, would highly recommend the grounding meditation also. Im also shown that its not yet time to take physical action, its a time to centre, get calm and focus on visualizing the way you desire it to be rather than allowing the fear to overtake you as this brings forward the very outcome you do not want. Im shown working with grounding is really going to help you to see that in truth things are not as bad as they seem,

I’m also told that you do feel deep down that things will sort themselves out, and it’s actually past life energy and other peoples energy that has got you in a spin. IM shown you are more than capable of ‘deciding its going to be okay’ and right here right now thats what you need to do. Nothing can come in that is terrible if you decide its going to get sorted, slowly and surely your feelings will start to become more consistent and you will be able to see the difference between fact and pure worry. Im also shown you need to talk to someone about your fear to hear yourself and realise that in truth its nowhere near as bad as you think and can all be turned around if you focus on This moment and then This one rather than projecting. Ask Raguel to bring you solutions, the one spiritual law is that we must ask.

He says if you ask him to bring you ideas about how to make progress and then relax – as you move forward in the days afterwards you have ideas and eureka moments that are the angels helping guide you towards new outcomes. Its all okay and its all going to figure itself out. Relax ask us to help and we will.

Raguel and Sheelagh

Do you see my husband and I moving back to our home state? We have been here 10 years and both of our children currently live back home. Although we are here for a job, we need to travel back to accommodate family and it makes us yearn to be there. Thank you!
~Carol, Chicago IL

Dearest Lori. Archangel Haniel the angel of the moon and sensitivity has come forward to assist you, she is a beautiful blonde haired angel and loves you dearly. She says you have got yourself in a spin and she wants you to become more grounded, this means that you are worrying, tired, drained and that everything feels unsolvable to you. Get a stone thats been in the earth and hold it when you feel shaky and overwhelmed, its hard to feel the guidance if we are floating around up there somewhere.

Regards your situation I'm shown that you are feeling insecure as if they might forget you, i'm shown in truth you are not hurtling back to them quickly but this is more of a long term goal, I’m actually shown a lot of fear with you and your husband who feels responsible at a high level and is also worried. I’m shown that part of this is to do with wanting to feel your own connections, but I’m shown your children accept the situation and love to see you when you do visit. I want you to relax, and i want you to make the decision not to live in fear any more as this actively takes what you want further from you, I also want you to make plans to go see your children for a good amount of time, fun time that all of you savour, so you can see that your life Is fun and you do have a good standard of living wherever that is.

The more you focus on what you don’t yet have the further away it gets so plan some fun visitation with them towards the end of the year I’m seeing a 2 week vacation not sure if its actually Christmas or before, but I’m being told you will make this a more regular thing. I'm shown next year around this time, you are far calmer, far more relaxed and I’m shown either a job opportunity around your husband nearer home (maybe not quite in the same town) and I’m shown you both feeling yes this is a good proposal, I’m shown that if you make up your mind this is something you want to work your way towards, whilst counting your blessings and reminding your husband this was your choice and there Are benefits (if you don’t do this it has the effect you Do not want) and that you can live a good life together and then have fun with your kids, I am shown he feels more relaxed less responsible for keeping you emotionally together and feels less overwhelmed himself, this I feel is going to then be the catalyst for you BOTH relaxing and then you can see the other options that will open up for you around late summer next year, no hurry. Your kids are quite happy I am shown and you need to be happy right now too, then the move will happen as you are in alignment with it. blessings

Sheelagh and Haniel

My husband and I have been struggling together for the summer. He has decided to move out and get himself together. What is the likelihood of him coming back and us working things out. I am still committed to the relationship and don't want to give up too hastily. I need direction in the worse way!
~ Lori, Salt Lake City

Dearest Lori,
Isn't it typical when you need guidance badly and desperately that it doesn’t seem to be there come through or feel clear? This is no surprise because when you are in your head worrying and fearful even a powerful archangel can’t get through it’s like shouting through fog. They picked you for this because they want you to pay close attention, all of this was coming for some time, although it is painful it was needed as neither of you were happy or growing as you came here to do.

The archangel coming to help you today is Jophiel she understands exactly how frightened you are that you have lost him, now the truth is the road back from here is one you both have to choose, and your focus on him and ‘what will happen’ is preventing the reconciliation you so badly and urgently want. It is possible is it a safe bet? if I were a fortune teller which I am not I’d say that he feels he has escaped and at some level he is relieved not to be in the middle of things right now I’d also tell you yes he’l be back because he hasn’t really got what it takes to be on his own, and that if truly what you desire is things with no improvement just so you have ‘him back’ then yes you can have this, for a time.
Have you ever heard of Horton Hears a who?

It is a cartoon film that shows a being who lives in a realm that is situated on a leaf, its his whole world, and when his world is threatened he connects with Horton in the hope that Horton can save them, in the end it is the being (a who) who actually saves the realm by refocusing on where he is. Everything outside of is is brought to us, and solved or evolves from how we feel about ourselves – so we are like the Who. It is time for you to pay less attention to what your husband is doing as he is in the middle of many life lessons and they have to be learnt, and to get on with your own healing. The focus you put into healing YOU he will sense and will want to be with you and around you right now he feels your urgency and wants to keep on running. It’s time to go within, it’s time to embrace who you are even though all you want is him, if you embrace you, love you, and do what is right for you, he may decide that you are the best thing since sliced bread.

Right now i'm shown he is thinking only of number one, and the angels want you to do the same. Your reconciliation lies in your own hands, you need to know that you are worthy of being treated with love and respect and you have to set your standards higher, others will then either vibrate away from you or decide that they want to be part of that warmth. That choice is his, he’ll be back but whether he stays is down to you loving you.

Archangel Jophiel and Sheelagh


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Ascension energies are flushing out visions of my future. I’m seeing a lot of poverty and isolation. I have the feeling that I’m being punished for thoughts that swept through my mind years ago. I’ve tried to make amends but nothing seems to shift.

Is this future set in stone or do I have time to change things? How can I select a more enjoyable future? Is there time yet to shift this karma?

Thank you for accepting our questions.

Franny says September 12, 2014

Will i be reunited with my soul mate Eddie B. ? Will he returned to me!! I call upon my angels to help me with this, it is so important to me! I have never loved a man the way I love him!

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sonal says September 10, 2014

Iv been married and separated for most of my married life. I single handedly look after my daughter ever since she was born. My husband refuses to support us in any way and refuses to sign divorce papers. I live with my abusive family. I desperately want to move out and take my child away from.all the negativity. Please guide job doesn’t pay me enough to support me. I get no appreciation for anything I do be it at work or home. Please show me a way. Love n light to everyone.

Trish Mcloughlin says September 10, 2014

Hi Melanie,

I just want to say how much I enjoy your meditations and the info you put on facebook. For me it’s not the names of angels or that they are angels so much, it’s more about the higher vibrational energy you omit and I feel since following your site.
So once again thank you, and may it continue and come back to you tenfold.

Kind regards

Sharon says September 10, 2014

Blessings. How can I help my girls heal from scoliosis? For myself gifts, finances, love, career? Message from archangels or ascended masters who are with me? Thank you.

Chana says September 10, 2014

My boyfriend of 3yrs passed away on March 1st just barely 6months ago. Two nights ago my 7yr old daughter told me out the blue with no discuss of him or anything that she could see him. She never said before this that she could see him or anyone until two nights ago. However I do believe in spirits & always have but have never been able to see them myself. I know young children have a six sense but I need clarity on knowing if she is really seeing him or other deceased relatives. Or if its just her making things up with her imagination.

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hi ..thanx. for what ur doing…kindly help me know about my lovelife…will it work anytime soon??

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I asked a question a few months back. Will I find my soul mate here in the physical world? My apologies if already answered.

Doris says September 10, 2014

I thank god and his angels everyday for all of the gifts I still have in my life. Two years ago I really couldn’t see the good in life, my youngest son had a motorcycle accident and almost died by the side of a dark road. Had it not been for two human angels he sent to save my son

ana says September 10, 2014

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Peggy says September 10, 2014

My daughters cat is very sick will she be Ok

Elodie says September 10, 2014

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