Angelic Answers- Weekly Column!

Angelic Answers- Weekly Column!

angelic answersWeekly Ask the Angels Column!

Question From: Jennifer
I sewed my seeds and have been expecting a financial miracle/reaping for some time now -can you please tell me when will it arrive? Also, will I ever meet my soul mate…if so does he have a name? I ask because I am afraid to get involved with the wrong person and get hurt and would rather wait for my soul mate.

Dearest Jennifer,  It is archangel Metatron and Raguel that have popped in for you today. Metatron understands that you have been doing everything ‘correctly’ so that you receive your due financially however he asks you to understand that its your ‘tone’ that is ‘preventing’ your reality and finances and emotional life from blossoming.

He says the Universe responds to you every moment every second of your waking day and it ‘knows’ what you ‘really mean’ it ‘knows’ that you are ‘waiting for proof’ and it also knows and can sense at a deep vibrational sub atomic level that you are ‘waiting’ so ‘waiting’ is what you get more of.

He says in your essence you are pure love, and many in fact everyone nearly when they cross to spirit experience instantaneously this deep euphoria that is the very essence of the Universe, now it is a little tricky with our old friend duality to experience this consistently in physical form this is why we chose to come here to learn about circumstances that ask us to choose between euphoria or anything else, we are in a state of replication, everything we feel is replicated on a larger god like scale.

So the fact dearest beautiful lady that you are looking for ‘the reaping’ means you have halted the planting of those precious seeds, the most vital piece if information we can give you regarding both subjects is to feel good is to despite circumstances that haven’t prevailed yet to make feeling good your priority and if you do this consistently and keep choosing perspectives that feel better and better you won’t be looking for the harvest you will be the harvest money, love and flow of all kinds has to come for you and the fear you are feeling regarding your true soul mate is another example of this.

Raguel says that when we choose to wait its fine its our choice but we are again telling the Universe I’m scared I will only move forward and expand if I know it is safe – the ‘true soul mate’ exists in a group of people that you have yet to meet but this group of people coming in different forms cannot come in for you if you do not open the gates of your heart and prepare to meet them all for the differing gifts they bring. Open and receive open and believe it’s all out there for you, but safe? Yes you are always, but happy? Choose it and it will come.

~Sheelagh with Archangels Metatron and Raguel

Question From: Lisa
I am sensing someone with me all the time, and also hearing different things, sometimes bells ringing, sometimes I can hear a faint voice. I also have been touched to many times to count. I have been experiencing so many things I sometimes have to question whether I am losing my mind. It all started about a year ago when I experienced the worse pain I thought was possible. Please help me to understand what is happening. Should I be concerned?

Dearest Lisa It is Archangel Zadkiel the angel of clairaudiance who is coming through for you now he tells you here that you are a talented and gifted lady and you are simply experiencing heightened perception, he tells you please not to be overly concerned about the touching it is merely your guides trying to get your attention but you have also attracted the attention of some wandering souls because your fear has allowed them to ‘see you’.

So now, please ask brother Michael to come in and hoover away all fear energy all lower energy that is not yours and to protect you with beautiful divine light and do this daily.

Ask your guides Only to connect with you when your energy is at a heightened state and you are able to enjoy this contact. Better still
ask them to communicate with you more gently in a way that delights and pleases. If you are wanting some help with this our standalone development sessions are a great idea to help you if you want to know that you are connected to divine love and want to be able to turn it up or shut if off at your own will, see the menu of readings for details. Protect ground and then connect that is the rule of thumb. Just ask for protection and it will be immediate.

With love and blessings Archangel Zadkiel and Sheelagh

Question From Megan 
Hi, I have had a difficult time with relationships, having married a violent and abusive partner ten years ago. I separated quite soon after marrying him, but I have a son with him. I thought it was right to keep my son in his life, but I am isolated and very far away from home – I am from Australia. And I feel stuck. I'm finding it hard to support myself and my son as a single mother. And I'm also trying to find my soul purpose. I know that I have important work to do here but I feel blocked and alone. Will I find my way out of this stuckness that I feel, and find joy and fulfilment, and love? Thank you so much for your guidance. Megan

Dearest Megan It is Archangel Raphael that comes in to assist you this morning he tells you here that it is time for you to step into your power to create and choose but first be aware of the story you are telling. Your story is a complex one of survival growth and also challenge but your focus has been on being persecuted being treated badly and on being not where you wish to be, start again and view yourself as a beautiful warrior doing what is right for her child and giving love to those who were not ready to receive such a gift, yet you gave anyway which is your purpose always to give and also to receive love from your self. It is time to see the effect this story is having this ripple, and the evidence that comes in for you is fearful and welds you to the spot in a larger way.

It is time to be all that you are now and rather than waiting or hoping someone will come along and do it for you start to take the choices today to do your own healing which in turn will allow all circumstances to open up and change.

Your souls purpose Is to heal it is not to save any other than yourself. You do have great healing abilities but most would prefer to use these on others than on themselves and that is contrary to what is needed. Right now it is about letting go of these old patterns of thinking taking some deep breaths and starting to equip yourself with the knowledge and even skills that will allow new opportunities to open for you. I'm shown a course or a commitment within your local community that gets you out into the world and liaising with people as the intelligent woman you are, I am also shown you feeling proud of yourself for trying something new. It has to come from you right now but do this one step at a time looking at the overall picture does not help if you only feel more stuck.

You are not stuck you are simply where you are, and with Raphaels help you can start to let go of the fear and live in a state of belief that shows you as a survivor and someone who can create opportunities right from where she stands. Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Raphael

Question From Norma
I have a relationship with my boyfriend Wes.. I want to know if we Are going to end up together living together if he love me?

Dearest Norma I am in the company of archangel Michael and he says that Wes loves you in his own way his experience of love is different to what some would recognise it as he is certainly aware of your feelings for him and enjoys this attention. I am shown right now a need for security and affirmation with you the angels say this is beautiful but they would like you to show Wes how lucky he is to have this from you, and they would like you to focus on being all that you are and growing in confidence.

Will this last forever? I am not shown this which does not mean ‘no’ it means that its up to you to create the circumstances where Wes will think ‘I am such a lucky man and I want to be here for longer than I thought isn’t she beautiful’ you are we see it and now its time for you to do the same. All things from there can grow.

Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

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