Angelic Answers- Ask the Angels Column

Angelic Answers- Ask the Angels Column

angelic guidanceAsk the Angels, Angelic Answers Column with Sheelagh~!

Question From: Justine

Hi Angels I am really suffering with bad dermatitis. What do I have to do to release this from my body? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dearest Justine, It is Archangel Raphael coming forward to assist you. He shares that you have withheld some emotions and I’m shown a loss or relationship that affected you more than you realise, I also am shown a past life
which needs to be cleared and you had some kind of skin disorder there which separated you from society. He tells me it’s about focusing always on what works well within your body rather than the obvious focus on what is not a contribution to you. He tells me it’s about being gentle with yourself and also giving your body and mind what they need, which he tells me is tlc and play. He tells me also that there is a dietary imbalance and also suggests getting a water filter something to do with the fluoride. Im sending you extra healing and he asks you to be patient and loving with yourself and work with the colour yellow which lifts and heightens everything.

With love and blessings Sheelagh and the angels


Question From: Lisa
Looking forward to the day my love comes home, any insight as to when?

Dearest Lisa it is Archangel Michael who comes forward to assist you now – he says that you have felt taken for granted in the past and you have felt as though you have had to be extra strong. He assures you that you will be loved and need to focus on love as energy. Love exists at the very foundation of creation so when we feel it is missing it is simply that we need to vibrate this knowingness of love through our energy in a more obvious way. He says a prediction does not make a situation happen if the energy has not been created then we cannot ‘see’ it turn up no matter how convincing the relayer of the message, he says you need to ‘be’ and own the energy of either abundance if you want abundance, love if you want love and so on. Noticing examples of love around you and feeling grateful for these even though you could feel it’s unfair someone else has this, is the way to begin to turn your vibration around. So noticing happy couples and smiling, noting happy families and feeling comforted that it does exist, loving yourself, loving your life feeling love for as many people and circumstances as you can, over time this will create a shift that begins to open up the way the angels can assist you, and he says with a smile assist you we will but we need a wider way to flow in. He wants you to relax about this subject otherwise it’s like pulling on a door that needs to be pushed the resistance makes opening it impossible. Go out have fun and don’t label people as possibly ‘the one’ or ‘not the one and not for me’ He wants you to soften your expectations and focus on being happy to meet lots of people for lots of reasons, then over time (next year) it can happen but it must come through you to come in for you.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael


Question From: Lynne,
Hello! My husband has been looking for another job. Will he be led to one soon and will we be relocating?

Dearest Lynne It is archangel Gabriel who comes forward for you now. She shows me what a lovely man your husband is and how hard he is trying in many ways too hard. She wants you to support him in relaxing and support him in feeling confident about where he is with his skills and career right now. Remind him of what's great about him and reassure him that you believe in him. I’m shown the results that you wish for are around next April to May and he really needs permission to relax and you can soothe and comfort him in this way and this will allow his hunt to be far more productive. I’m also shown a weekend break away for the two of you and Gabriel says inject some satisfaction into the life you have to allow more to flood your reality. Hope this helps.

With all our love Sheelagh and Archangel Gabriel


Question From: Arlyn
I am going thru some hard times with my son ..Will that change soon ?? Thank U !

Dearest Arlyn what a lovely person you are and it’s archangel Jophiel who comes to help you now, she tells me you have tried to help your son on so many levels and it’s as if he has shut you off. I’,m shown that he chose you to be his parent and secretly loves you very much I’m also shown a lot of fear around the big wide world and how he fits in. I’m shown you can soften the energy around this relationship by simply stepping back and allowing him to see that you are okay with who he is . I’m shown he wants a reaction out of you as much as anything and this doesn't actually help him to respond with responsibility for himself. I’m shown they want you to focus on YOU and focus on what you can do to show him that you believe in him but trust him to figure it out for himself. Initially he will wonder why you are not stepping forward with your energy so obviously however I’m shown him relaxing too and things becoming smoother in the new year. A new project or interest takes his focus and then you will be smiling. Ask Jophiel to be with him and to help him with his self belief but also with his understanding of how it is for you.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Jophiel


Question From: Lori
Can the angels see if it's meant to be between me and Josh. I want to trust him again and we started talking again but not sure if I should continue and stick with my gut that things are not over between us.

Dearest Lori,

The archangel coming to help you is Chamuel who is the angel of love and joy I am shown that
josh wants to try again and wants to be everything he thinks you expect a man to be. I am shown that you may well venture into this some way and that is good as long as you are having fun but hesitate to commit yourself fully if you are hoping he has completely changed. He is a lovely person but has some growing to do and I am shown really a mismatch in what you hope he is and where he actually is. I think enjoy the friendship and enjoy the attention I’m actually shown a new person coming into your life around January – March who is a lot more open minded, consistent and focused upon growth, it feels as though this is a righter fit for you on most levels. However it is your choice and you can choose to flow with this for now and then enjoy some time for you. Happiness starts within and you’ve got this Josh is still figuring this out.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Chamuel

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