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The Opportunity Invoker

Opportunity InvokerEnlist The Help of Angels to Align With New Opportunities

What if you could connect with your team of guides and angels to raise your vibration and seize opportunities in your life you wouldn’t see otherwise?

Now with help from Archangel Michael you can!

Angels come from the higher realms and can help you to quickly align with a higher divine perspective.

Today is an incredible time to do this, and as a result you can: 

How? You may be wondering… 

Quite simply, by listening to the newest Angel Session and Frequency Transmission from Archangel Michael.

Introducing: “The Opportunity Invoker” 

By listening to this this session you will experience a profound cleanse and reset.

You'll directly experience a connection with Archangel Michael and with your entire team of guides and angels.

Get ready to receive bigger signs from your angels as their guidance becomes clearer…

So you can finally start living in alignment with the true power and potential of your highest purpose.

Because there is infinite possibility available for your life… And with a simple energetic shift you can bring yourself into alignment with the opportunities that will most serve, uplift, and support you in your life, right now.

Get The Opportunity Invoker With Archangel Michael Now For Only $17

What Others Are Saying About The Opportunity Invoker Session

“I listened to it yesterday and felt the power of meditation. It was wonderful being invoked to lift higher. Sweet. Thanks Melanie for channeling the message.” ~Janet

“Thank you thank you thank you Melanie! A powerful meditation, listened to it twice in a row! Will certainly listen again tomorrow.” ~Rosemary

“It was a very uplifting mediation
I listened to it last night
It was awesome I felt so calm and settled after the session
Thank you Melanie. Amen.” ~Cynthia

“Amazing! Thank you Melanie and thank you Archangel Michael for so much love.” ~Daniela


With love, light, and gratitude,



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