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Solstice Light Activations

Solstice Light Activations

Solstice Light ActivationsHey, Melanie here … I am so excited to share the brand new June 2018 Solstice Light Activations specifically designed to help you make the most of the incredible Solstice Gateway of Light happening now!

The Solstice Gateway is a magical band of time offering the profound gift of expanded access to higher levels of cosmic consciousness and crystalline ascension light.

With this increased energy around, your powers of manifestation and potential for spiritual growth are increased significantly… But it's up to you to consciously tune into the opening, and claim the expanded levels of awareness.

To support you in tuning in and making the most of these higher levels of cosmic consciousness…

So you can effortlessly access the fullness of the incredible light, the new ascension keys and crystalline codes of consciousness available…

You now have the opportunity to experience an incredible new Solstice Light Activation Series!

Introducing The Solstice Light Activations!

The only angelic activation series specifically designed to help you make the most of this Solstice Gateway of light so you can consciously expand your awareness and tap into the new codes of awakening and crystalline ascension light available now.

Tune into the light of the Divine, into Solar Cosmic Consciousness and into your true multidimensional nature to harmonize, balance and replenish the light of your mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

Included Are The Following:

Crystalline Light Healing

Relax and receive a beautifully powerful Crystalline Light Healing.

You will be guided to release old energy and integrate incredible crystalline light and love into every cell.

Reconnect with the sacred geometric template of your perfect, harmonious, vibrant physical form as your every cell is lifted up and is illuminated with light….

Zero Point Activation

Receive and experience a 12th Dimensional Zero-point activation as you relax, lift and journey into direct Source light in this incredible activation journey.

PLUS You Will Get Access to the 3 Solstice Light Activations recorded for the December 2017 Solstice… And yet still so highly pertinent, and so incredibly powerful and supportive for you right now! This includes:

Awakening Solar Light 

In this special angelic activation channeled with the Council of Light, you will not only awaken the Divine Solar Light within you, but actually expand and flow it forth to co-create incredible blessings and manifestations of light.

Relax… Breathe… And lift on the wings of angels into an expanded state of direct Divine connection.

Blessings of the Great Central Sun

Experience a powerfully resonant and coherent state where you will then receive a download and initiation of light from the Great Central Sun, the source of all light in the inner realms.

This incredible light flows throughout your entire light, and All That Is expanding your inner solar light so you can then vibrantly shine forth the blessings of the light for all.

Waves of Crystalline Light

As you listen to this session you will receive turn up the frequency of your Solar Light and Crystalline consciousness and experience your Divine crystalline nature in an entirely new light!

You will embody the highest crystalline qualities of Divine expression, as you simply relax and listen to this message, and high vibrational frequency activation.

The Entire 5 Part Solstice Light Activations Series is now Available for $57

solstice light

When you order the Solstice Light Activations from the link above, you will gain instant access to five incredibly high frequency angelic activations you're going to love!

As always your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Melanie Beckler




P.S. Curious about what others are saying about this series so far?

“Powerful activation!! I feel as if I’ve been thrown a rope from above to pull me upwards towards the direction of my dreams. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you💝😇💝” ~Delssi

“Wow. What a powerful and uplifting session. I felt the warmth of the Divine Light in me and all around me.Thank you so very much Council of Light, my Angels and guides and you my dear Melanie for channeling this wonderful session.Thank thank you thank you. Love light and gratitude!!!!” ~Paraskevi

“Wow very powerful for remembering who you are. Thank you. Peace-Love-Light” ~Karen

“Wow absolutely amazing energy Thank you Melanie Thank you Council of Light God Bless you My new favorite!” ~Susan

Feelings of peace and total contentment flood my surroundings after this meditation. Looking so forward to true co-creation.” ~Jodi”

” I feel the Love, light and guidance all around me! I am recharged. Thank you so much!” ~Cindy

“Wonderfully relaxing meditation.” ~Maria

” So Present & Aware through the process! Beautiful simply Being!
Sending you Blessings Melanie! ” ~Anu



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