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While this message is definitely most powerful when listened to, so you can be effortlessly guided to experience the full light contained within, the angels want this message to get out and have inspired me to share the text transcription free below for those who are unable to afford the .MP3 recorded session.

Shining Your Divine Light with Archangel Zadkiel 

Greetings from Archangel Zadkiel. I am pleased to connect with you in this present point in time – to assist you in linking with your full Divine presence and light which is always available and accessible through your focusing within.

And so at this time, let yourself relax, breathe and focus inside. Focus your conscious awareness upon your heart – envisioning your heart center opening its doors, a flower opening its petals, a portal which is opening now.

And go in. Enter in to your inner world, your inner state of being. Notice that within you, you connect with an incredible light – the light of Divine, the light of divine consciousness which has always been within you, and which your very essence is made of.

You are Divine presence who has created itself into you in physical form. And your team of guides and angels bearing energetic gifts of love, frequency and light assist you now in realizing, recognizing and perceiving from this place of direct connection and oneness with God.

the Divine Allow yourself to let go of any thought or doubt or appearance in your mind which says you are not this, which says you are less than, or which says you are unworthy. Allow yourself to perceive the energy broadcast now through the vantage point of your heart – receiving, uplifting, experiencing divine presence and unconditional love not as something outside of you, above you or beyond you.

Experience the divine presence and connection within you.

At this time, allow yourself to step back in perspective, to step back and observe yourself, physical being – reconnecting with the divine light within you.

Observe this occurrence, this blessing as you realign with your inner light. Are you able to receive a vision, a feeling, a thought, a mental image of what this experience of returning to full Divine light looks like, feels like, sounds like, and is perceived like?

Observe. Whether you receive anything or not, it’s fine – step back and simply observe.

Know that when you are in this place of observer, you are in the mode of consciousness that is your direct union with Divine. For Divine is always observing the events unfolding in your life, observing the dramas and situations and miracles and blessings of the physical realm.

Observing implies non-judgement – observing, loving, accepting, allowing to simply be while experiencing the underlying truth free from the duality of good/bad, light/dark, dense/thin, heavy/blissful or stressful/peaceful.

Underneath the initial impression, underneath the perspective judged by the mind is a level of underlying truth that contained within all at the core level indeed, is divine presence, divine consciousness, divine light which you are one with now.

And from this vantage point of your direct connection with the divine, allow yourself to observe your life, to observe your being here in this present moment now – with non-judgment, with acceptance, with love – seeing through the illusions of challenge, struggle and even choice, seeing through all illusion to witness the underlying truth of divine source manifest into physical form through you.

And your realignment with this truth now replenishes your energy at a soul and spiritual level – bringing divine love to the surface in your life through being aware of the divine presence in all, the silver lining in all, the level of divine love and energy and light present within all. Seeing the blessing within challenge and its opportunity for growth, within struggle and the opportunity for the pendulum to swing the other way, within sadness, the contrast potential to experience the joy at a more profound and real level than you could ever know – had you not experienced those lower vibrational emotions through the illusion of being in physical form.

For again, the underlying truth is that you are Divine Creative Source. Divine Creative Source has created itself into you, into your life, into all of humanity, into all that is – to experience the unfolding, the progression, the story, the game of life playing out through every moment – witnessing from every perspective with infinite love, acceptance and non-judgment, seeing the underlying miracle in all.

Open your heart to connect with your inner divine light, to connect with your divine core and essence – this highest vibration anchored into physical form through you and accessible within the portal of your open heart.

Divine creative essence manifest into angels, manifest into the higher vibrational realms, manifest into every vibration and energy – meaning when you are in alignment with divine, with this truth and with your divine presence, truly anything is possible.

The same amount of divine energy and focus and creative power is needed to create a challenge as is to create an outrageous blessing. The same amount of energy and creative life force is needed to create a small gift or an outrageous miracle.

And so as you are now in a place of direct connection with Source, God, Divine, we speak now to your heart, to you at the soul level, to your inner light and spirit that remembers it’s unique reason for being here in the physical now. The part of you that remembers the storyline unfolding before you, that remembers the great blessing you are here to live, the gifts you are here to share, the light you are here to shine, the joy you are here to experience, the experience you are here to witness.

And with your heart open, your mind in a state of observer directly linked to the divine – allow in your inner world, your inner state of being, the knowing to appear of what your soul light, of what Divine Creative Source wishes to experience through your life now.

What is your true soul's’ calling? Your true heart's’ desire? Peeling back limitation, and the beliefs, perspectives and opinions of others to reveal your underlying truth, your underlying Divine Essence – Divine Essence manifest into your specific form, life, personality and perspective to experience.

God, Divine Creative Source, is here on earth manifest through you – viewing through your eyes and through your perspective, here to experience your joy, your spiritual progression, your unfolding, your creativity, your light. And so become aware of how you may have been limiting, discounting or ignoring your true heart’s desire of what brings you true joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Your story and your life is beautifully unique. And so do not follow in the steps of another, but rather be willing to let your unique divine light shine. For you are meant to live your truth – empowered by the knowing that you are Divine Source manifest into physical form, that all beings on earth are Divine Source manifest.

And in this, you cannot go wrong, you cannot mess up. A mistake leads to learning, growth and experience which is from the perspective of the divine – all greeted with love, with acceptance and through the lenses of love and beauty. All of existence, your entire life experience is viewed by the Divine through this lens of Love.

From the Divine’s perspective, there is beauty and light in every moment. And so step back to perceive in this way. Open your heart to link directly with Divine Source. Quiet your mind, listen and be aware for what appears, for what your calling is, and for what is your ultimate truth and joy and love.

With this knowing, take a step to live vibrantly, to thrive, to create positive and constructive change, to take action, heal old wounds, and move beyond past challenges.

essential oils Your challenges have served. They have made your story interesting. But you have the opportunity now to rise above, to see the blessing in challenge, to see the flipside of struggle, to see the potential in every moment made possible when you fully shine as the Divine being in physical form that you authentically are – pure spirit, pure oneness with God manifest into the physical – to create, to live, to express, to experience and to explore.

You are unlimited. And so, take a step, a small one if you must, a giant leap if you are ready, catch a glimpse – if that is all that appears. But allow yourself to dream, to become inspired, to believe in your potential and to progress forward through your life in your story – uncovering the blessings which lie ahead, progressing past challenges with your enlightened perspective of being able to observe from the perspective of the Divine – not getting pulled into judgment, drama and ego – observing that all is intricately interconnected in the vast story unfolding in all of life.

And in this moment now, as you are connected to the Divine, as your energy is replenished, and your light cleansed so that you are fully illuminated. Let your Truth rise to the surface.

Let your inner desire, your heart’s calling, your hero’s journey appear.

And take a step – knowing that you are supported… And even more than that, knowing that your life is divinely designed and inspired.

All you need to do now is continue. Take a step forward as you continue to, step back in perspective and observe. Return to love and witness, experience and enjoy the blessings of the Divine manifest throughout your life – as your life story, your hero’s journey, your progression, ascension, growth, learning and contribution continues to unfold one moment at a time.

You always have the option to open your heart, step back, observe and simply be.

When you observe, you are able to reclaim your infinite connection with the Divine. And from this perspective, see that anything is possible, any challenge can be overcome, your heart’s calling can be, as you progress further on your journey – directly united with Divine through your open heart, through your illuminated spirit, through your fully awakened light, through a quiet mind – observing, perceiving, experiencing the beauty, magic and sensation of your life.

One step at a time the story is unfolding. Continue stepping back to observe, to link with the divine, to re-energize yourself, to re-infuse your aura with divine light and frequency as you have done now – to illuminate your next step and to progress further.

Now is your time. You are Divine Spirit in physical form. Step back to experience this underlying truth and step forward on the path which continues to unfold before you. You are so loved, blessed and uplifted.

Goodbye for now…

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With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie |Ask Angels

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