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Reset Into Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness

Meditative Reset Into Alignment with Your Highest Love and Most Radiant Truth

The real power of meditation is realized when you return to the practice time and time again.

This new 12 minute”Reset Into Cosmic Consciousness” meditation offers you a beautiful meditative journey you'll LOVE returning to time and time again.

As you listen you will be walked through a powerful process of tapping into the infinite, cleansing your being and resetting into Divine Cosmic Consciousness.

This entire guided meditation journey is backed with an incredible frequency transmission, with light codes and love woven through each and every moment.

Each time you listen, you will be be able to experience this at a deeper level as you continue resetting into cosmic consciousness, and progress further in truly embodying your highest Divine Self.

This is a 12 minute guided meditation so its one that will be easy for you to listen to often. After the guided meditation concludes, there is an additional 12 minutes of meditative music at the end for you to continue basking in the bliss of your Divine Self and Cosmic Consciousness.

Reset Into Cosmic Consciousness

$17   Now Available for only $12.12

With love and brightest blessings,

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