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New Moon Solar Eclipse Angel Message

New Moon Solar Eclipse Angel Message

Another new moon is upon us, and this time, it is amplified by a solar eclipse.
Energetically, eclipses are said to trigger necessary changes in your life journey.  These changes can sometimes seem harsh, sudden, or confusing, but they do not have to be.

Eclipses happen when the moon is directly between the Sun and the Earth. This astrological alignment briefly interrupts the stream of elevated frequency we consistently receive on Earth from the sun. In this brief moment of eclipse when the Moon actually blocks the light of the sun, we on Earth have the opportunity to experience a natural reconfiguration of consciousness.

The energy on and around this new moon solar eclipse serves you in releasing old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and patterns that do not serve you. This release makes room for more light, new possibilities and self empowering beliefs.

Although this eclipse is only visible in parts of North America, the metaphysical energies are felt and experienced world wide, encouraging a quantum leap forward in consciousness.

Huge changes are stirring… how do you want them to manifest in your experience? Learn to answer this question with the help of Creative Source energy. Release fear and self doubt and step into your full light and personal power. Move in the direction of your authentic path and purpose.

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