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Let Your Inner Light Shine with Archangel Michael

inner light

Your highest light and most radiant Divine Expression awaits…

Are you ready to claim it?

To reveal your highest authenticity…

To release that which no longer serves…

To tap into powerful healing…

To activate your inner ascension light…

And circulate coherent energy through your entire being?

The doors are open for you now to bring your inner light and Divine inspiration to the surface.

To bring the joy, peace and blessings of the infinite within reach.

And to assist you in this…

Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Sandalphon, and Metatron step forward in this powerful frequency-light transmission…

As you simply relax and listen you will:

 Lift in incredible angelic energy and Solar Christ Light.
 Open to the true brilliance of your inner Divine Being.
 Receive the blessings of Solar Christ Light within and all around you.
 Activate Your Inner Ascension Light
 Receive Incredible Blessings, Love and Healing Energy.
 Reconnect with Your Highest Divine Self
 Shine Your Inner Solar Christ Light
 Align With Your Highest Timeline
 Harmonize with Crystalline Coherence and Your Divine Truth.

As you listen to this session you will open to the full light of the blessings that are already within and all around you…

Blessings that can be fully realized now when you simply cultivate, and unleash the true brilliance of your inner light.

You will truly lift on the blessings of the angels as you listen to this new session…

Lifting into alignment with your truth…

And brightly shining your inner light.

Let Your Inner Light Shine with Archangel Michael

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With love and bright blessings,

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