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Step Into A Higher Level of Your Purpose

Higher Purpose

Step Into A Higher Level of Your PurpseIn this new frequency transmission with The Council of Angels…

Beings from the highest levels of The Angelic Hierarchy step forward to profoundly guide and assist you right here and now.

Breathe… Relax… Listen… And lift… 

As you're guided through an effortless process of clearing your mind and opening your inner vision…

To clearly perceive the higher realms of spirit…

Raise your vibration…

And realign with joyful bliss and highest light of your Divine Truth.

So you can lovingly and gently open your angelic consciousness…

Re-align with the highest possibilities for your life experience…

And step into the highest timeline in alignment with your soul purpose and destiny.

As you simply press play and listen you will: 

✨Cleanse and Balance your energetic being.
✨Open your clairvoyance
✨Realign your core light with the light of the infinite.
✨ Increase your frequency
✨Open the doors to your soul destiny.
✨Vibrationally attune with the highest possibilities for your life.

36:01 Minutes of Pure Crystalline Energy and Meditative Bliss Channeled with the Council of Angels! 

This is a powerful session to repeat… Each time you listen expanding into more of your truth as you realign with who you really are and all that is possible for you here and now.

Step Into A Higher Level of Your Purpose with the Council of Angels

I had such a powerful experience while both channeling and listening to this session with the Council of Angels…

I know you're going to love it!

And as always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

With love, light and bright blessings,

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