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Grounding Your Highest Light

Grounding Your Highest Light

Stabilize and Ground the Higher Levels of Your Light

Grounding the full light of your higher divine being into the physical is key to truly living in authenticity.

It's key to remaining clear, present and in sync with the natural flow and rhythm of the Earth and life…

So you can one moment at a time more deeply discover and realize at a new level who you really are!

In this beautiful new channeled meditation, the Council of Light guides you through the journey of grounding the full light of your higher divine being into the physical.

Simply relax and listen to cleanse and call back your energy…

Through grounding your  light you are calling forth the experience of peace, presence and love in your life and for all.

Hold the space for the yourself and the entire earth to vibrantly thrive and create an opening to more fully embody, express and shine your highest divine light.

Now Available for $17

As always, we guarantee you'll love this meditation… Or we'll give you back 100% of your purchase guaranteed!

With love and blessings,

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