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Earth and Sky Meditation

Earth and Sky Meditation

Earth and Sky MeditationAngel Meditation with Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel, the archangel who oversees the beauty present within all, connects with a beautiful Earth and Sky meditation.

This .MP3 Angel Message will assist you in clearing and balancing your energy, so that you can naturally manifest and experience more joy, love, and beauty in your life.

With a balanced and present perspective, you're then able to raise your vibration through love and gratitude, to live authentically aligned with your highest potential.

Simply breathe, relax and listen to tune into the rejuvenating, healing, and balancing properties of nature  which will help to strengthen your foundation. Then experience lifting in conscious awareness to tune into the magnificence of the higher spiritual realms.

From the Earth to the Sky and everything that is in between, the natural world holds the potential to balance and purify your being…

This message is now available as a part of our Earth, Sky and Moon meditation pack found here

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