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An Emerging New Era

An Emerging New Era

Full Moon MeditationThe final full moon of 2012. A culmination of our past intentions, and an opportunity to continue forward, more aware and more connected to love. With 2012 almost entirely behind us now we are at a crossroads of sorts. The truth is that we are all one, connected in unity through love and compassion. And yet we still experience and witness the duality of love and fear, hope and despair, right and wrong or good and bad in our world.

The angels remind us that amidst all that is happening in the physical world around us, or in the lives and minds of others we each have the ability to look within, to be still, peaceful and calm through simply breathing and connecting to All That Is.

A new Era is emerging for Earth. You now have the conscious choice to be a part of this new era and to create it.

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