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Archangel Haniel~ Balance Self Love & Service

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel connects in this new 17 minute guided meditation to assist you in bringing the blessings of the Divine into your life first, and then helping you to overflow Divine healing, light, and upliftment into the lives of others.

You will be lovingly and gently guided to cleanse and uplift your energy, and to feel, know, and experience your connection and oneness with the Divine.

Archangel Haniel energetically, and through this angel message encourages you to shine your light and authentic truth into the now moment. With a strong foundation of self love and compassion you can positively make an impact, with love and service for all.

Balance Self Love and Service with Archangel Haniel

This meditation is now available as a part of the Love Meditations which you can access by clicking here! 

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