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Light Body Activations CD

Light Body Activation“Your Light Body is an energetic pathway to your Soul, to your Higher Self, and to connect directly with Source. It is a higher vibrational aspect of your Aura that can assist you in manifesting more joy, love, and abundance into your experience.

The channeled angel messages on this CD will assist you in lifting your vibration, cleansing and repairing your aura, and activating your light body!

By Activating and maintaining your Light Body, you are able to stay in alignment with Source. If you desire to experience expanded states of consciousness, to know and accomplish your higher purpose and to experience spiritual growth…
These meditations with the angels will help you to Activate your Light Body now!”

1. Light Infusion~ Archangel Uriel (25:49)
2. Aura Cleanse~ Archangel Uriel (28:58)
3. Light Body Activation~ Archangel Gabriel (24:54)

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What Others Are Saying:

“I must say that this meditation was something extra. You could really feel the energy flow in the body. It was also so good advice to think about the food you eat. So good to get the merkaba also and in this time. The angels think about everything.:-) Thank you Melanie for sharing this. With many blessings.” Jane

“Thank You Melanie this is just what i needed..Thank You.” Chris

“Thank you so very much. The messages are so powerful and the sense of love has moved me to tears. Thank you for all you do. What an incredible service you do for humanity.” Deb

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