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A Book of Angel Messages

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Angel Messages: Breathe and Lift in Angelic Love, Light, and Compassion

In this book of channeled angel messages by Melanie Beckler you will be guided to tune into the love, healing and wisdom of the angels which will assist you in bringing more joy and abundance in to your life.

Manifesting blessings in your life and the lives of others is an important aspect of your true purpose here on Earth. As you build up your spiritual light, you are able to more easily share positive blessings and you become more protected from the negativity of every-day life. By reading these angel messages and tuning into the angelic frequencies they contain, you are able to connect with healing and bring more joy, love and abundance in to your life.

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The Angel Messages book is a compilation of several of the messages I've channeled, recorded and published in audio format throughout this site.  If you would like to connect with more of the audio angel messages I've published, click here.

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