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Obtaining Your Affiliate Links affiliate-loginAfter getting set up as an affiliate at both clickbank and at it is time to grab your affiliate links and start publishing!

After logging in you reach the affiliate home page, where you will see any recent sales you have generated.  To quickly obtain the affiliate link to a particular product, click on the ‘Affiliate URL' link on the top navigation bar.

You've made it to the link generator tool.  Remember that the new products will be listed at the bottom of the drop-down list.  All you need to do here is select the product you wish to promote from the dropdown menu and click the ‘Get Link' button.

This will generate three affiliate links that are specific to you and this product.

NOTE: You must be signed up with Clickbank and your affiliate account must contain your Clicbank ID for this to work properly! If you haven't done this step, yet… You need to follow the instructions at first.

First, you will find a direct link to the product page for the item you are promoting.  You can publish this link in a blog post, on your social media accounts or in an email.

The second link is a shortened link in case you don't want to display the full link, or you are publishing links on Twitter or other websites that only let you publish small amounts of information at a time.

Both links #1 and #2 direct people to a page on the site where they will need to click on the order now button in order to purchase the product.

The third link is a direct payment link that will direct the visitor directly to the order page where they are left with the option to check out.  Only use this link if the customer knows what they are going to be purchasing, first!

If you would like a list of every product you can promote, simply click on the ‘Products' link on the top navigation to view a complete list.  If you click on any of the products listed, you will be taken to the Ask-Angels page that actually sells the item.

This will help you in case you need to clarify which product you are promoting, before generating the appropriate link.  The product names on this page will match the product names on the drop-down list from the Affiliate URL page.

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