Angels and Affirmations

Angels and Affirmations

angels and affirmationsby Sheelagh Maria

The angels want you to know there are specific ways you can work with them to improve all areas of your life. They are here to help and they are always wanting to share tips that work in real life.

There are the archangels as we all know, and there are also groups of angels who have designated roles to help people with money, health, love life and family situations. For just about every subject there is a way of employing these angelic groups to help things flow in a better and more magical way.


Are you in a situation where you are not able to be with the person or object of your desire? Perhaps things are not going well and you are not sure what to do? When you ‘affirm’ something you allow the angels to act Now because you are saying ‘it is this way I see this and recognise this’ but you are also allowing yourself to receive healing and blessings.

When you experience issues or problems in your love life, it is often because you are hooked on a certain outcome, you may be fearful and not able to open your eyes to how the situation may be resolved in another way.

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Often, the angels tell me, if I had been more open and seen the larger picture, there was a way for things to resolve themselves or for help to come in in a more speedy manner, but fear can make it hard for the angels to permeate our energy systems and therefore receive the healing.

Affirming daily ‘I love me, I love all of my life” and “I see and receive all the love I deserve now and forever I heal my life with love” will allow the angels not only to smooth troubled waters, but also to raise your vibration in such a way that is ultimately attractive to the best outcomes the best soul mates and the best opportunities. It’s all about resonating at the level that we wish to experience in all areas.


The finance angels are keen to help you understand money is just another form of energy, it responds to your feelings as much as any other kind of frequency, and so affirming that you are in receipt of money and abundance allows the angels on this green ray to energise your aura quickly and resources can suddenly appear.

‘I now see and receive the most abundance ever into my life’ SMILE ‘ I love that money flows to me so easily and I love that there is a never ending supply, I love that it works out magically for me and I don’t have to figure this out!’
Smiling as you affirm something not only raises your vibration quickly and easily it literally smooths out any old energies or frequencies that are blocking you at a deeper level.


Understanding that we are all exactly where we are meant to be is a wonderful way of bringing new opportunities in, we are in exactly the right spot to learn what we need to learn, improve our skills or benefit from the examples around us in our career right now, so if we can affirm in the present tense we not only open up the way the angels can help us, we become a match for opportunities that we don’t even know about.

‘Employment angels, thank you for bringing me the guidance, the skills and the door ways to my best possible career choice. I love that I’m learning every day how to use my skills, I’m so grateful for knowing I create my career with every moment I LOVE where I am, I love using my skills to benefit both my clients and employer and also myself’

Very often people are unaware that by being truly grateful for ‘now’ we are saying ‘yes please’ to more of the same, but in larger and much more expansive ways. The path to where you want to be can be found in a lazy way, we don’t need to figure out the how or the why we simply need to figure out the how we can be grateful Now – the perspective right now is the only piece of clarity that we need so affirming ‘Angels ‘thank you’ for showing me just how lucky I am, thank you for showing me just how to create every experience I want, I;m looking at things differently now and it feels GOOD’

Know that these groups of angels will not only help you affirm how okay and even great things are, they will also bring you the teachers, the awareness the resources to help you shift up into your new beginning the only thing they ask is to be invited. You are not alone ,and don’t have to do it alone any more, they want to help you and if you're reading this, they’re telling you to ‘ask’ and receive.

Sheelagh and the angels

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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Shannon says January 3, 2015

Thank you! I am loving this site and these timely and powerful messages and insights. Many thanks and keep up the wonderful work!

MissT says December 1, 2014

I hope whatever I’m capturing on my photos are angles. If they are not than what are they and WHY are they following me? The album on my phone is a paranormal investigators dream! These things started to appear when my health started going down the drain on August 9 with a horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen. The only thing u can think of is not being here very long. The bad feeling with the strange things in my photos as well as the health issues can only mean to me that these things are trying to send me a message. Either way, not good.

tina says November 26, 2014

I have went through life behind fears. I don’t understand what gifts I have not how to connect with my inner self. I am blind to signs and don’t notice my intuition spiritual side

anni kruse hansen says November 26, 2014

my life is so exciting now

Celina says November 26, 2014

Thank You so much for this. I understand completely

Love & Light

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