The Truth About Alcohol And Spirituality
Alcohol and Spirituality

The Truth About Alcohol And Spirituality

Does Alcohol Have a Place on Your Spiritual Path?

Alcohol and SpiritualityAlcohol has no benefit for you on your spiritual path. There is no positive or high vibrational shift that comes from drinking alcohol, despite society's marketing messages that highlight otherwise.

In fact, alcohol does the opposite of supporting your spiritual growth. Alcohol lowers your vibration, numbs your psychic senses, and creates energetic holes in your aura.

And yet, until a few months ago, I too was drinking alcohol in moderation on my spiritual path as an ascending human and spiritual teacher.

I knew that alcohol was detrimental to health, to my energy body, and to my ultimate spiritual growth and ascension…

And while I went for years without drinking and then would take months off from drinking, alcohol had this sneaky way of reintroducing itself into my life. Whether it was a couple of glasses of wine with friends or margaritas while vacationing in Mexico, alcohol had a way of finding its way back into my life.

Now… that's completely shifted.

Learn more about my experiences with alcohol, and the truth about alcohol and spirituality here:


Why Do We Drink Alcohol?

If you're like I was, you know that alcohol is harmful to the physical vessel. You know that alcohol has no benefit on our spiritual path. So why do you drink?

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The answer lies in the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Even if you consciously want to release alcohol from your life, your subconscious might still believe that you receive benefit from it.

Why would your subconscious think this? Look at movies, at popular culture, at the media. Everywhere you look, there are messages about people having more fun with alcohol.

“Oh, just have a glass of wine to relax.” Is a very prevalent thought and belief.

Pay attention to the next movie you watch and notice these messages programming around alcohol. They lead your subconscious mind to believe it's beneficial.

How to Reach the Highest Vibrational Level

If you want to step into your highest vibrational light and experience your authentic truth, there is no place for alcohol in your life. This is not to say that you can't drink alcohol and have spiritual experiences or experience and connect with your Angels. Of course, you can.

I'm talking about the path of mastery; the path of embodying your highest vibration and highest light. If this is the path you're on, the path of ascension, then alcohol just doesn't have a place.

My Experience With Alcohol and Spirituality

Up until two and a half months ago, I was drinking alcohol in moderation. I had not yet gotten my subconscious mind in alignment with my conscious mind.

The Naked MindA resource that helped me to shift to excitedly and fully release alcohol was a book called “The Naked Mind,” by Annie Grace.

You can get this book free here… Or buy it on Amazon.

I want you to know that I have no affiliation. I find this book to be incredibly spot on about how alcohol operates in society. Grace writes about the challenges about how you can shift your subconscious mind to effortlessly let go of alcohol.

As a huge added benefit, your spiritual growth accelerates and your light shine more fully. Because here's what we all know: each time you drink alcohol, your vibration drops. It can take up to ten days to restore the point of vibration you’re at before you drink.

This means that one glass of wine a week causes your vibration to continually drop over time. I think we're all here on this channel to step into higher levels of light and that's why I wanted to come forward. Society makes alcohol look glamorous. Chances are, that like me, you have friends who drink alcohol. There are also spiritual teachers who drink. Until recently, I was one of them.

But I know now, without a doubt, that alcohol has no space and no room in my life. It has no room on the path of stepping into the highest possible vibration.

Ask the Archangels for Support

In addition to “The Naked Mind,” I would recommend you call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for cutting any cords of addiction. They can help you release any alcohol spirits that may be in your proximity. From a spiritual perspective, this is what’s happening. Your aura is being weakened, you are attracting a lower vibrational quality of energy, and you become susceptible to lower vibrational entities and energies as a result.

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You can protect yourself against these and I recommend you do. Simply ask, “Archangel Michael, please protect my energy body. Surround me with light, help me to maintain a strong auric field, and help me to stay in a state of love and joy.” This is essential.

If you do drink alcohol, it's important to replenish your energy body the next day. Fill yourself up with light, work on your aura. Shine light to restore your vibrational balance.

How I Feel Now Without Alcohol In My Life

After fully releasing it from my life, I feel more vibrant, happier, and so charged up. My gifts are coming through clearer than ever before and I am so excited to see where I am going. I would love for you to join me.

Ask the Angels to release any and all alcohol spirits into the light of the divine, and so it is. Keep yourself surrounded with love, light, and joy. Know that love and light are more powerful than darkness or negativity, so keep tuning into the light.

I hope this is helpful for you.

With love, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Ashlee says October 18, 2017

Thank you for this wonderful site! I have a question I was wondering if you could help me with. I was wondering if all substances lower our vibration? For example I do not drink alcohol or caffeine but I used a vaporizer to quit smoking and still use small amounts of nicotine through it. I am also finishing a methadone treatment as I feel this medication is the very worst In many ways and one cannot become a higher being chained like that. With all that said I am concerned about how I will come across and judgement but I cannot get these answers without asking and sharing a little. Unfortunately it was very hard on my stomach to the point where even water would make me throw up and it finally took yet another drug to combat that- marijuana (again painting quite the picture of me 😔) and it does work but again I am not sure if this lowers my vibration. Some say it does not, others do. My hope is that since I almost done I can be finished with both around the same time since I imagine that I will no longer be ill when not ingesting poison. I was just hoping I haven’t damaged myself and will be unable to do certain things as a result. Do you have any experience with dealing with anyone like this? Thanks for listening I know there was a lot here and I never really asked a real question. Thank you again. 💚

Anita says September 18, 2017

Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening information about alcohol! This is just what I needed to commit to an alcohol free life!! You are amazing!! Btw, I too have read “The Naked Truth”. I’ve been reading about addiction through the lens of neuroscience. Very interesting!


    Melanie Beckler says September 18, 2017

    So glad to hear this was helpful for you Anita! Congratulations on your commitment to living with a Naked Mind… It feels so amazing! Clarity now is honestly so much better than any buzz ever was!

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