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Do you have questions for the angels?

Each week we will select 1-2 questions to ask the angels. The channeled angelic guidance received in response will be posted here.

Submit your questions by using the following form, and be sure to check back to see if your questions for the angels have been answered!

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  1. will i meet my soul mate “husbamd”soon.. have had much suffering and working on bettering my self in all ways .. would love encouragement..

  2. how can i submit a question in hopes of an anwser I have had much pain in my life am looking for encourgmeant and would love a question answered

  3. I will like to know if the angels could really help me with my one biggest problem I’ve had all my life. I have never loved myself at all, as far as I can remember. I really want to truly love myself in everyway possible. I have prayed so much for the angels help, I even have crystals that might help. Am I doing something wrong? I want enlightenment in myself, my life. Angels what is your response, your answer to my questions. thanks for letting me share this. Bless you all. Amen

  4. will my marriage end if so when? what are his plans will i lose everything we worked for

  5. Ahhhhhhhaaaaa….finally i get something in my life what i really need this time..sometimes i found my solution frm others questions..and mr.abhinav parmar dnt worry my english is not so fluent so its ok..angels wl guide us no matter what language v i right ?

  6. How nice to have a place to go to and ask a question! Thank you it is so much appreciated!

  7. Thank you for your help :-)

  8. namaste mam…namaste is a word of hindi or sanskrit…my home language…i am a student. when i sit to study there occurs some pressure and distracting feelings on top of my head…sometimes down to my neck… sometimes my mind becomes numb.. my English is not good sorry for that.
    when this happens my understand power goes away and my studies stop..i cannot understand what is written on my book…i am suffering from a long time and lost many marks in my intermediate class 12th exams….help me please…i want to ask my angels a way to come out of this problem

  9. Hello Angels,

    I have very important questions for me:) Can you tell me how to find and meet my soulmate? Can you tell me also the name of my guardian angels? I want to contact with them:) Also I want to know exactly my life purpose, can you tell me my life purpose? Thank you so much.. I hope you hear my voice:)

  10. How do I know if I would be able to receive the mp3 messages on angels if I buy the 17.00 course, I only have a kindle fire tablet don’t know if I can receive it I would like to?

  11. Thanks so much Dawn! <3 glad to hear… namaste and many blessings.

  12. I LOVe your card readings on facebook every day. Keep up the good work. Xx

  13. Thank you for sharing your gift to help others! It is much appreciated!!! {{{HUGS}}}

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