Ascension Angel Cards

Ascension Angel Cards
The Ascension Angel Cards App!

What Is Ascension?

Ascension is the path of love and is available for all who are willing to consciously evolve through aligning with higher consciousness, love, light and the Divine.

How Does The App Work?

Ascension Angel CardsShuffle, tap, and draw a card to receive accurate angelic guidance to help you on your ascension path now in this exciting new Angel Card Reading App!

Each card is paired with a high vibrational channeled angel message to support you now. As you read the angel messages based on direct channeling from Melanie Beckler, you will experience angelic healing, love and light which will assist you in progressing on your ascension path.

You can use these cards as a daily meditation, to receive accurate guidance, and even to perform readings for yourself, your friends or family.

Tune into the guidance, healing and support of the angels now to restore your authentic vibration and progress on your personal ascension path so you can accomplish your highest possible purpose!

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With love,

Melanie Beckler





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