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Waves of Change and Awakening…

In the midst of so much chaotic energy and uncertainty spiraling around the world right now

Amidst HUGE Waves of Change

I want to remind you that there is a simultaneous current of PEACE, PRESENCE, and LOVE you can choose to tune into

Don't be too hard on yourself if you are feeling a bit anxious or uncertain now (this is normal).

Just remember that emotions of fear, anxiety, and worry are like storms…

You can sit back, go inside, and allow them to pass.

This is a good time to remember the tools and techniques you've learned leading up to this point…

And to cultivate new ones.

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To shift!

To clear your mind. Return to presence. Center in love.

And hold the field of love and embody the light and Divine presence … The Truth of who you really are.

Additionally whenever big challenges arise, one thing is certain…

There are simultaneous BLESSINGS and miracles arising alongside the challenge.

These are yet to be seen.

And yet, I truly believe that what is happening now does have some underlying Divine design and bigger picture and purpose.

We are collectively now at a crucial point of awakening, change and transformation. This is a part of why things are so intense now

The winds of change are blowing strongly…

And we, as lightworkers can be the calm amidst the storm.

Trusting that on the other side of this storm there is a surge of renaissance, awakening and incredible positive change awaits.

Perhaps this is even why we chose to be here now… To be a part of the change, to create it, and call it forth.

But while the blessings of this wave of chaotic energy are yet to be seen

They key is to stay present!

Stay aware and stay open. Face and listen to the fears and anxieties as they arise from within you

And then let them go

Return to presence… To your breath… To laughter…

To finding gratitude for the little blessings, and silver linings already present in your life.

And listen to your inner guidance now.

Letting your gifts and light rise to the surface for your benefit , and in the highest interest of all

For more LOVE, and wisdom from Spirit…

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Divinely inspired guidance for you right here and now.With so much love,
Melanie Beckler


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