7 Meanings of Turkey Symbolism – What is The Meaning of Turkeys Crossing Your Path?

A Look Into The Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of Turkey

Turkey Symbolism and Totem MeaningThis past summer I stayed on a large property that was surrounded by forest.  And much to my delight… A large family of Wild Turkeys regularly strolled through.

I don’t know if you’ve really looked to notice… But turkeys are incredibly beautiful birds.

Okay… maybe a bit weird looking from certain vantage points… But when you really look…

Their skin and feathers are slightly iridescent and in certain lighting, they seem to contain an entire rainbow of colors. Male birds are especially colorful, and fancy, when they puff up their chests and spread their feathers in a beautiful peacock-like display.

It's not just the males though… Female and baby turkeys are also quite iridescent and beautiful…

Turkeys are quite the regal birds really.

It was so fun to watch them zig-zagging through the yard, the mama turkey clearly teaching her younglings about how to eat and thrive in the world… And the males gathering together to cockily strut their stuff and (as I imagine) talk about how beautiful they are.


My time with the turkeys this summer really helped me to attune to their energy and understand the unique spiritual medicine and all they have to offer.

So just the other day when I was offered the option to “reserve my Turkey” at Natural Grocers… It really hit me how culturally disconnected we've become to the sacred wisdom of turkey. And instead of honoring and learning from these wise birds, we literally have a mass-slaughter and holiday designed around eating them.

This, and because I recently kept seeing so many turkeys, I thought I’d share with you here a bit of what I've learned about the magic, wisdom and guidance of the turkeys.

Turkey Symbolism and the Sacred Nature of Turkey

The Sacred Nature of Turkey

When you look deeply into Turkeys appearance… It's clear to see that they are really magical birds. So its no surprise to find that turkeys were considered sacred by ancient Mexican cultures like the Aztecs, Mayans, and Toltecs who honored turkeys for their striking beauty and cocky confidence and price.

Certain Native American tribes also honored Turkey as a spirit of abundance, sacrifice and fertility.

So what is the spiritual meaning of Turkey?

Turkey Totem Meaning

As a spirit animal and ally, turkey reminds us of the power of honoring nature and being in deep communion and connection with the Earth.

Turkey reminds us to honor ourselves, honor the Earth, and to care for and nourish both. When we do, so many blessings of abundance, community, authentic connection, harmony and fulfillment can align as a result.

Cultivating a harmonious relationship with the Earth is one of the key teachings of Turkeys wisdom…

And one we’re surely in need of in the world today!

Ironic that Turkey seeks to teach us how to have a harmonious relationship with the Earth and culturally we literally “eat the messenger”?

Harmonious Relationship with Mother Earth

When you do cultivate a relationship of harmony, gratitude, and love with the Earth…  This becomes a solid foundation for your own vibrant wellbeing on both the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

As a totem, turkey is a wise and intelligent guide who can help you to cultivate greater abundance and fulfillment by harmonizing your relationship with nature and all of life.

Turkey’s also are strong symbols of the importance of community, sharing, and authentic connection.

What Does It Mean When Turkey Crosses Your Path?

If a turkey has crossed your path through either seeing turkeys in the wild, appearing in a dream or meditation… Or you’ve come across pictures of turkeys somewhere, even online…  

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You might ask yourself how you’re honoring and nurturing yourself, and what you’re doing to connect with and care for the Earth.

Are you tuning into all you have to be grateful for and openly receiving and flowing forth blessings in life?

Turkey also reminds us to be grateful and aware of the many blessings in life. A call for gratitude… And a reminder for you to shine your unique light, and express your unique soul qualities and inner brilliance. Like the beautiful male turkeys strutting their stuff and showing off their beautiful feathers for all to see… It's time for you to reveal more of your brilliance and beauty in the world.

Turkey Feather Meaning

Turkey feathers are a beautiful symbol of abundance, a sign of the power of co-creating with Mother Earth, and a reminder that now is a fertile time for creation.

And like all feathers, a reminder of the presence of Spirit.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

2 thoughts on “7 Meanings of Turkey Symbolism – What is The Meaning of Turkeys Crossing Your Path?”

  1. Three turkeys appeared in my yard today and goggles in unison in perfect rhythm. They did this several times. It was like a choir of turkeys. I’ve had a very trying week and was feeling pretty low. I love your article and I’m taking it to heart. Thank you so much.

  2. Hello and thank you so much for this article. I was walking my dog today and saw a wild albino turkey!!! It was beautiful and rare as I have never seen one before. I thought it was a white crane, until I saw the other turkeys with it and it walked like a turkey too. I love all your meanings of turkey sightings here and was wondering what you think seeing a white one means. I can’t find anything on that. Thank You! 🙂

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