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Waking Up During The Witching Hour | What is The Witching Hour?

Understanding The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour ... Between 2AM and 4 AM. What does it mean? Have you heard of The Witching Hour? This phrase is actually used in a few different ways… It may refer to the time of night a baby gets fussy, or in the investing world, it references the last hour of trading (when things get highly volatile) before the market closes…

But in my opinion, the main use of the term, and the meaning of “The Witching Hour” I want to focus on here is this:

The Witching Hour is the time of day when the veil is the thinnest, allowing humanity a greater ability to sense the spiritual realm.

Where does this come from?

The Witching Hour comes from 1800’s folklore… Where it was used to reference the time of night most associated with supernatural events… According to Wikipedia: “Its when witches, demons and ghost are the most powerful and the most active.”

Wikipedia cites the first instance of the term the Witching Hour as being recorded in writing in 1835… But its usage probably arose much earlier…

Some references point to the year 1535 when the Catholic Church laid down rules prohibiting activity during the window between 3-4 AM due to fears about witchcraft.

Anyway is there any truth to this Concept?

Is The Witching Hour a real thing?

In my perspective, yes! But not necessarily in the way Wikipedia portrays it.

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Because the truth is that there isn’t a particular time of day (or night) when the spiritual realm is more active than any other. Spiritual beings are always active!

In every moment, whether you’re aware of it or not… There is so much activity happening just beyond the veil of normal physical perception, in the realm of Spirit.

 So What Is The Witching Hour Really?

The Witching Hour is the time of day when humanity has the potential to become more aware of the activity happening beyond the veil, in the spiritual realm.

While the name implies it’s a specific hour… It’s actually the period of time between the end of the night, and the beginning of a new day.

It’s the liminal space between night and day when the veil is especially thin, sometime between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM local time.

In addition to the idea that the veil is thin during this time… There are a few additional reasons why the spiritual realm seems to be more accessible during “The Witching Hour” such as:

This is a time when the majority of people are sleeping. There is literally less interference from the conscious mental activity of other people, and quite simply… Its quieter out!

Because so many people are sleeping, it’s also a time when electronic activity is decreased. So when you’re less bombarded by electronic frequencies, and your surroundings are naturally quieter and more peaceful, it becomes easier to sense the subtle energies of the spirit realm!

Waking Up During the Witching Hour?

Waking Up During the Witching Hour? Read This! An interesting phenomenon is that many people regularly wake up at 3 AM (or sometime around there)… Right in the middle of the witching hour!

If this is you, don't worry! This is not a bad thing, and honestly may happen for a whole variety of reasons… Including your guides and guardian angels reaching out with blessings and to connect with you!

My advice is this… If you do find yourself awake during The Witching Hour… See it as a blessing!

Catch yourself and let go of any begrudging thoughts you may have about not wanting to be awake and remember…

You now know that the veil is thin during the wee morning hours, and the spiritual realms are incredibly accessible!

So instead of viewing waking up as a nuisance or as a scary thing…

Take back your power!

Become aware of your thoughts and emotions… And stabilize them! Return to a state of present moment awareness… Being conscious of yourself in the here and now.

Then, take a few deep breaths and consciously calling forth love and light all around you.

Let golden light fill your heart center, and then consciously call in your higher guidance:

“I now call upon my personal team of guides and angels of the highest Christic Light and Love. Please step forward and connect with me directly now. Help me to tune into your loving presence, and bring me the guidance, healing, and wisdom that will most serve, according to Divine Will… In the highest interest of all. And so it is.” 

Then allow yourself to continue to consciously breathe and relax, remaining open and willing to experience the love presence of higher guidance, and whatever healing, guidance or wisdom is available to you…

That in this moment now, you can become aware of and consciously perceive.

Relax, breathe, and enjoy the magic!

Melanie Beckler



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