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Spiritual Presence and Integrating All That Is Available to You Now

Integrating Divine Light Through Spiritual Presence

Integrating Divine Light through Spiritual Presence

As you, present within space and time. continue to receive waves of ascension energy…

Cosmic Light…

And Divine Frequency…

Remember to allow yourself the space to integrate.

Integrating the higher Downloads of Divine Consciousness…

While purging and releasing your lower levels of emotion, limiting belief, and distortion that cannot occupy the same space as the higher expanded levels of frequency light and expanded awareness you are moving into.



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Presence is your opportunity to integrate all that you are expanding into.

Spiritual Presence is your opportunity to integrate all that you are expanding into. Experience.


Expanded Awareness…

And all that on strands of light continues to stream in.

Presence in your body… You are meant to be the HUman being you are.

Presence in the moment… You are the focused multidimensional expression of the infinite, and you become aware of this timeless expression in each moment of presence.

Presence within your heart center…

The awakened Divine Light you carry within. Through tuning into this, and basking in this you are able to feel into the deep love and wisdom within and all around.

Being present with what arises… Metting what emerges in your inner or outer space with awareness and with love.

Through presence you learn the lessons, claim the blessings, and restore yourself as the bridge of light, you are.

Bridging spirit and physical.

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Bridging the limited awareness of the mind and the infinite.

Relax and open to be the clear conduit of Source Presence You Are.

Knowing that through your full embodiment you heal yourself, and heal all.

Across the lines of time, across time and space.

Remember the infinite healing energy, light, and frequency of Source is available to you in every moment, of awareness, presence and with your conscious choice to tune in.

To drop from the realm of mind, downward in awareness into your heart center.

To tune into the light glowing within and all around which when opened acts as a doorway, a magnet, a sacred portal for you to receive the light of the infinite, which you can now become aware of through your open-hearted, centered space.

Experience the DIvine Light, life- force energy infinite source presence streaming down upon you, lighting up your space in this moment here and now.

And now envision, imagine, feel, sense and experience your every cell looking up, lifting up, to receive the light, to allow the light to flood your entire being, to fill every cell, to flow into any areas of tension, pain…

To flow into any areas where trauma still resides.

To flush your cellular being, your physical being, to flush your mind, body, spirit, emotions, aura with Source Light.

Tune into the light.

Breathe it in.

Fill your body as you ground the light of the infinite into this moment here and now.

To be and breathe, expand and become…

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The being of light…

The being of love…

You are.

You are this in every moment, you are this across the lines of time.

Through presence, you tune in.

Claiming the opportunity presented to you now, to fully become all that you are.

Melanie Beckler



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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Thank you Melanie for all u do. Even though I cant afford really to buy your sessions I still read your excerpts and messages I get in my email and it always bring me back to center, reminding me Source, the divine light of love can be channeled and loved and enlightened by and thru this love centered divine light I am therefore able to connect w source in which I truly want nothing more. Thank you for the 3ncoueagemnt cause life’s daily struggles and all that negative energy others like to bring into my space, i always turn to God, Jesus the source to get thru it. And let the divine love flow into me thru me and radiate thru me in all that I do. Thanks Melanie. U totally make sense n make it simple cause thats what we all need sometimes is simple.

  2. First off I think you are an a amazingly beautiful woman that is my goddess incarnate and thank you for all you do and your wisdom

  3. Hi Melanie,

    In the long run, I don’t think that playing music or specific frequencies makes much difference to water.

    However, water that has nice words spoken or played to it seems to taste better, which is something like the ‘Hado effect’ espoused by Masaru Emoto, for which there is some experimental evidence (e.g. the rice experiment). More research would be helpful. Playing the sound of naturally flowing water has a similar effect; so I suspect that spoken (or subliminal) meditation or affirmation over the sound of a river or stream (etc.) may be even more effective (no hint intended 😉 ).

    I certainly noticed a difference in the taste of distilled water, which normally tastes ‘flat’ and ‘lifeless’. Bubbles also formed on the inside of the glass water dispenser, which didn’t happen when the distilled water was ‘ignored’. (Incidentally, I have returned to using filtered water, as I found distilled water to be too acid-forming in the long run).

    I’ll keep trying the ‘Hado effect’. It certainly shall not cause any harm.

    Blessings and Gratitude,


  4. Hi Melanie,

    I don’t subscribe to YouTube, so I cannot comment there.

    I already do your 5 minute morning meditation, which is actually good for any time of day or night in spite of the title, and I recently discovered this one, which I have added. I don’t do any others.

    I am experimenting with ‘water programming’, and have tried different frequencies (isochronic, binaural, subliminal, etc.), but have not noticed any difference (and if I don’t notice any difference within a week, I drop it). I suspect that the lack of effect may be that the different frequencies cancel each other out.

    However, I have also been reading about spoken or sung ‘water programming’, which has reportedly been proven to alter the molecular structure, and when done beneficially has yielded measured therapeutic results when ‘programmed water’ has been administered to a sick person. Even more remarkable is that it has been found that writing on the water container or even just attaching a ‘post-it’ can be just as effective.

    This is not surprising, given that many cultures recite, chant or sing blessings, prayers or hymns to/over food and drink, and even write prayers (with e.g. saffron water) on slips of edible paper which are put into the water to be given to a sick person.

    While this may all be placebo, in spite of positive results from blind-testing, the evidence that it is also effective on non-human people (and even plants) suggests otherwise.

    At the other end of the spectrum, it has been found that negatively ‘programmed water’ (i.e. ‘cursed’) has a counter-therapeutic effect.

    (What is interesting about all this is the use of the human voice rather than electronic sound. Interestingly, I read somewhere that the instruments of classical Indian music were originally designed to sound like the human voice, which the traditions consider to be the purest musical instrument of all).

    So, as an experiment, I have extracted a .wav audio file (no loss in quality, unlike .mp3) from the YouTube video, transferred it to an old personal music player, and play it on repeat via an old set of headphones which are clipped around my water jug (I use filtered water, and will soon be changing to distilled water and glass water dispenser).

    Within an hour, the water tasted different. 24 hours later, I feel different (more ‘charged’), and my body is demanding more.

    Furthermore, boiling the water for tea or coffee or cooking seems to make no difference, which is not the case with ‘frequency programmed water’.

    Again, if this is placebo, then I’m a happy idiot! 😉

    I shall apply the ‘Seven Day Rule’ (and it shall be 24/7) and give an update.



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