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Spiritual Fire – What Is It Really & How Can You Use It?

Spiritual Fire

Understanding Spiritual Fire and How to Use it to Cleanse and Uplift Your Being

When you look at an actual fire, the properties that are present are of cleansing, purification, passion, creativity, and illumination.

These qualities translate when we shift our focus away from the physical and into the spiritual.

Spiritual fire is not physical, rather it’s a higher vibrational reflection of physical fire. It’s something that is available to each of us to cleanse and purify our emotions, mental state, and even our physical being.

Spiritual fire is available to fill our hearts and unite our fully awakened radiant light and spirit.This is an incredibly high and beautiful vibration. Think about pure sunlight and you're getting close to the vibration of spiritual fire. It’s life giving, transmits codes of awakening, awareness, divine will, and love. Surround yourself with the violet flame to purify your entire being, or the golden flame of Christ consciousness to awaken your inner Christ light.

The light within your heart is spiritual fire. Have you ever met someone who seems in sync, really in the flow of life? We describe that person as being “on fire”! The reason for this is that spiritual fire comes about when you're in sync with your authentic truth, which is high vibrational.

It’s the understanding that you are one with God, with Source, with the universe, with all that is. When you become aware of this oneness and sync with your full light illuminated, you are spiritually on fire. You are unstoppable; anything is possible.


Tune Into Spiritual Fire

This simple practice will ignite the spiritual fire within your heart and allow it to spread around you. It is a powerful and beautiful practice.

To begin, close your eyes and imagine that there's light all around you.

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“Angels, Guides, please surround me. Uplift my vibration and help me to quiet my mind, and open my heart to tune into the light, divine presence, and love available right here and now.”

Focus on your heart and look inward. Look for the light in your heart, for that spark of divine light. Breathe into your heart, and as you do, imagine that your in-breath is flaming that spark so that it becomes a flame. As you exhale, let your out breath further fan the flame of your heart, so it grows brighter.

Breathe in and see your heart light glowing with Divine presence, awakened light, creativity, and truth. As you exhale, let this light expand around you. Let your heart light build and grow. Allow direct divine presence, that God light, Christ light, source light, Divine awakened consciousness expand around you.

The Violet Flame

Now invoke and call forth the violet flame to surround your mind, body and spirit. The violet flame is the spiritual fire of transmutation which cleanses and purifies your being on every level. It ushers out fear and negativity and dissolves lower vibrations so that your God light, your radiant vibrant authentic truth can fully shine forth.

The Golden Flame of Christ Light

Now see the golden flame of Christ light awakening you to an even higher level. Open your heart, tune into the golden ascension light, which is the presence of your higher self. Allow this spiritual fire to energize your being, empower your authentic mission, and empower you to make a difference in the world in a way that’s joyful, uplifting, and rewarding and fulfilling.

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Continue to focus on your breath and heart, letting the spiritual fire flow through your entire experience, lighting the path before you. Let go of any weight you may be carrying. Tune into the lightness, inspiration, and love that is available to you now. It is Divine and supports you in moving further on your path one step and one moment at a time.

Don’t worry or wonder about what other people might think or about how you need to fit into society. Just open your heart, tune into your light, let it shine, and know that this makes such a powerful difference in your life and the way you feel. It changes your energy level and creates radiant vibrant health. When you shine with spiritual fire, it truly flows out beyond you, making a huge difference in the world and for humanity.

Ready for more?

Experience the Spiritual Fire of the Violet Flame here!

With love and blessings,


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