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A “Spiritual” Birthday Idea …

What Does A “Spiritual Birthday” Look Like Anyway?

Looking for ideas for how to cultivate a deeper sense of spirituality into your personal Birthday Celebration? Check out my thoughts and reflections on my birthday this year that led to a major aha in what a Spiritual Birthday really looks like. #birthday #life #inspiration #spiritualbirthday Hey there!

So, today's my birthday and I woke up pondering something.

Here it is:

What if our culture is celebrating birthdays backwards?

Because I think we are…

It's my birthday today!

So what if instead of hoping for birthday gifts… Or expecting happy birthday texts, phone calls and facebook messages… Or instead of hopping on the newfangled trend of asking you to donate to some cause or review one of my books because its my birthday…

What if instead I gave something to you?

And what if we all started seeing our individual birthdays not as a day to get… But a day to really focus on being of service in the world…

What if culturally birthday's were seen as opportunities for us as individuals to give, to commit random acts of kindness, and to shine love and kindness in the world…

So instead of hoping to receive something on our birthday's… Or planning out some sort of special day, or treat for ourselves…

We planned out some way to serve, give back and shine love and kindness in the world.

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What if the point of birthday's was to really step into proactive gratitude, spreading kindness, and being of service towards those around us.

If this trend really caught on, I honestly think it would help make the world a better place…

Because it shifts the start of our personal new year (birthday) away from the “me, me, me” service to self energy and towards “how may I serve”, “who am I grateful for” and “what value to I have to contrubute to those around me”…

This energy of being of service and shining light in the world is what then leads to true happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

Far more so than receiving a fancy birthday dinner or even receiving the most lavish birthday gift.

And while there's nothing wrong with receiving… Treating ourselves… And celebrating the start of a new year of life.

Check out my Spiritual Birthday Idea for how to celebrate a new year of your life, your solar return, and your spiritual birthday in a way that creates ripples of light and positive energy out beyond you to uplift and benefit all. #happybirthday #spirituality #spiritualpath #birthday #inspiration

I just think a really cool way to celebrate a birthday is to give.

And so I decided this morning on my Birthday…

To give a Happy Birthday gift to you!

Because I am truly grateful to be alive, to be embarking on my 33rd year of life…

And honestly… I am so grateful for you and for all the light and joy and positivity you're shining in the world.

So Happy Birthday 🙂

I'm sharing a free “Aligning With Your Highest Purpose Meditation” today…

I sincerely hope this meditation brings you clarity about why you're really here…

And brings you into alignment with the passion, purpose, joy, love and fulfillment that are really possible for you… And that are a part of aligning with your highest purpose and living your most vibrant radiant life.

Because that would be the absolute best birthday gift I could get…. Getting to see you shine a little brighter as the radiant, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, vibrant you!

With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Thank you very much Melanie. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. This article helped me immensely and was incredibly healing. The way society teaches people to make birthdays all about themselves made it difficult both as a child and adult when I continued to not receive what I wanted the most on birthdays (love, peace, and respect). Today is the first birthday ever where I feel empowered to create a great day by giving more to others while letting all of that heaviness from the past fall away. Thanks again! Sending you lots of love, peace, joy, and sparkly light. 💜✨

  2. Hi Melanie! I was looking online for suggestions on celebrating my birthday in an intentional way, reconnecting with myself, etc. and of course it was your article that would save the day. 🙂 I’ve been listening to your YouTube videos almost religiously and even wondered, “How would Melanie Beckler celebrate her birthday?” This meditation reconnected me to myself in such a powerful way, and today of all days, my 33rd birthday. Thank you for everything you do. So much gratitude and love sent your way.

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