How You Can Hear Angels!

How You Can Hear Angels!

how to hear your angelsBy clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have told me to look for feathers. I never see feathers, without being near a bird that has met it's end. The angels tell me they convey their guidance physically in ways that you can realize and capitalize on.

Remember the old Alien stories? Are they with us and among us now? Well if Angels were Aliens, Yes and they always have been!

The stories of Angels helping people before their time are true – they will, can and shall – if the need arises. However, let us surmise that you are a lightworker experiencing challenges and feel doubt that this is indeed your calling, Because you are experiencing challenges.

We Are Here! Says Gabriel. Gabriel the energy of love, light communication (she also tells me she helps with major disruptions to the humanistic life) and they are always looking to help you move onto the next level…She tells me clearly that ‘us humans' have a ‘predisposition' to bigger and better, meaning we often feel that more is the answer and that if ‘more or bigger doesn't come' then you start to think you cannot be in contact with the realm of angels.

Difficulty and challenges are part of the experience we designed, and as such, it is the recognizing of these challenges, and allowing the flow, which will ultimately allow us and propel us to prevail.

You already hear us she tells you. She knows that we don't remember. She also realizes that people who are ‘not into angels consciously' need angelic help too – if not more at times. So they project their speech, their conveyance of how the Universe REALLY works as opposed to the human perception of how we would like it to work or how we Feel it should work fairly, through our thoughts, feelings, and gut instincts until these get too obvious to ignore and we are willing to comprehend a higher loving intelligence that can help us on our walk through life.

Hearing An Angel

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Some people do have external hearing. Others feel a thing they should do or they FEEL a thing they should act upon. Some see multi coloured lights flash outside of their peripheral vision, some just KNOW that things will work out.

What do you do if you Feel or Sense or Know trouble is coming?
Angels won't stop what ‘is' to be, and they won't scare you. They Know that you will ‘always be okay' and they know that this reality isn't the last or the first, so whilst they feel your desperation or sorrow, and will help and support, they don't panic or cringe from reality as we do. So how do we help ourselves through these times that feel unmanageable to us?

Nothing is forever urges Gabriel, there are feelings and situations that are flowing in, and like a wave they will flow out again, nothing that is meant for you will ever Ever be taken away, until it is time for you to integrate that feeling. As humans, we beg and plead for mercy, we fling ourselves and our hearts on the pyre of hoping it will be okay, things do and will happen that are not of our choosing, and that is part of the human dilemma, that somehow we must cope and because these things that come to try us, and don't feel fair, that don't feel like they can offer us anything and therefore our belief in ourselves or ‘what should be' can be diminished.

Part of this illusion of separateness is also a blockage to our angelic channels of communication, they are open yet what you ‘expect' to hear is not what you will ‘ever' or rarely hear. When I channel spirit, the information, the sight comes to me gently either as a cold presence or as a visual picture of the person and how they passed and I feel/hear the message for my sitter, when I hear Angels it is as if I were talking to myself, however I can hear a resonance in the words as if I could turn the ‘sound up' they would sound either booming or, sing song or whatever the resonance of their voice may be.

It is like looking out of the window to see if it is raining, and shivering even though you are in a warm room. A sign that it is your imagination, is the level of information that you hear. If it comes with a sense of inevitability of hope and confidence, or it feels reassuring and warm, if it feels as if it comes from a place of love with No judgment of your or anyone else, just states lovingly what ‘is' then it is likely this inner voice you hear even if it sounds like your own is an angel.

If the advice or guidance comes in a short sharp ‘NO dont do it' this is your ego part of your mind that fears a ‘little death' and so will contradict what your heart says or hopes for. The mind is the biggest fabricator of true spirit guidance although we hear angels in our mind it is in the space between words and thought and it is echoed or felt in the heart at the same time, the mind doesn't want you to believe in miracles or something more loving than the way you feel right now, so it creates doubt so that your mind steps in again and repeats the same fear filled mantra.

Angels want Everyone to learn to hear them. Raising your vibrational frequency through lightening your diet, cutting out alcohol or meat or meditating and being present are all ways of heightening your frequency so that the angels presence feels more real to you though remember you do not need to feel them to Know that if you call they are there, they have to be!

Being Present

Humans spend so long thinking about the past and trying to learn from it, or projecting into a time ‘when' everything will be better and they will be happy, yet to be in the present moment really in the here and Now, is all we ever have. The angels tell me in reality there Is no future or any past, there are memory traces of other Nows, and there are the perception of Now's to come, however this is the only moment you will ever know, this is the only moment you will ever have in your life and allowing yourself to detach from thought and starting to observe the Now moment without judgement – instantly brings you into Presence, into the value of Being and appreciating all that you have in the Now will allow you to be in the space where true guidance comes to you.

The value of being present Spiritually

The angels tell me that they answer every call for guidance. It is not their job to make you open to receive guidance, it is your job and your perception of whether you have received their guidance that makes incorporating it into your life easier or harder than it needs to be. They tell me that under no account would they scare or frighten anyone, and so tales of full manifestations are quite rare, save for dramatic instances. Their guidance will also be present either audibly or perceptually to people that don't believe in angels, and to people who doubt their ability and also to people who just don't know what to believe.

Being present allows the angels guidance to reach you the Moment that you need it. It can be that the journey to finding that guidance that moment when you will allow yourself to accept or comprehend the guidance you are being given is part of your development, however the moment it is needed not afterwards is when you will receive that guidance. They also say that allowing yourself to accept it is the important part, and to make it easier for yourself it is to view the act of doing so as a pleasure not a chore, and to do this at all times not just when your back is against the wall.

Being present allows the angels to ‘reach' you easier, being present takes you UP many frequency levels attracting all kinds of good things into your life that also resonate at this frequency, forget magic spells this is the permanent one. Being present opens and unlocks all of your spiritual gifts if done properly including the ability to hear angels and guides and to start to see them too!

Being present cuts you out of the create pain cycle, when we live in our mind we are always creating pain, and we also awaken our pain body that remembers past pain and trauma and instinctively wants to does act out or attract more. By being present and just observing the emotion as it comes in, you actually ‘suck out' the energy that is behind the emotion the driving force and you are able to ground back into being present.

Put simply, if you wish to develop spiritually, Being present is a must because it is in the present that you wish to connect with the Angelic Realm and it is in the present that you need or would like to hear them, see them, know that they are there.

An Exercise to help you become present

The angels have told me they know we lead busy lives and so setting aside lots of time or even a regular block of time to connect can be something which doesn't last for long, so they have given me this to help you develop as you go about your normal routine. When you are sitting in a traffic jam, or waiting for the kids to come out of school, in fact at any time at all, just take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe, allow yourself to focus on the sounds, the senses any outside noise just let it flow in and out, just ‘be' and dont worry if any thoughts come unbidden just be aware of your thoughts and observe yourself thinking

As you go about your daily tasks immerse yourself without thought in those tasks and observe without judgement you doing this. Doing this more and more and becoming aware of the silence between words, between speech, the silence before and after noise and where it fades back too is Presence, it is in increasing your awareness of Presence that you will begin to hear guidance if you ask for it, and even to see flashes of bright energy outside your normal field of vision, this is angelic energy and nothing to be concerned with,

Asking Your Guardian Angel To be Your Gatekeeper

Even if you have never worked with your Guardian Angel before – asking them to become your gatekeeper and to convey the other angels messages to you
they will, they will first of all start to work with you to become aware of their energy, asking them to give you a particular sign or sensation that is their ‘calling card' is the easiest way.

My Guardian Angel Osa, has agreed to tickle my crown when she is near, as a result I now channel spirit as well. So ask your Guardian Angel to either tickle your face gently or give you a cold spot when they are near and just acknowledge this quietly. Building the knowledge when they are with you and then asking them to get you any guidance you need from Michael or Gabriel or just from where it is needed and to convey this to you through your feelings is a wonderful way to start,

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When building audience it is ideal to ask your Guardian Angel to give you a clearer channel to work with, so imagining gold light going through your ears is a lovely way to start opening your awareness up of this wonderful and gentle method, understand that audience comes from hearing songs and hearing a solution or saying coming from people you know or bump into as well, accepting this will start to open the doors of your heart and expectancy and also acceptance will be the two bricks that allow your gift of hearing to open beautifully.

Sometimes people ask me how to know for Sure that it is an angel they are hearing not themselves, I say get into a really relaxed state, or simply do something ‘mindless' such as peeling potatoes and then ask ‘what should I do' and just carry on with your mind numbing (stilling) task, you will hear yourself say ‘focus' or ‘relax' or ‘all is well' and you must trust this, do this by checking the response.

Checking The Response

Knowing how to ‘check what you get' is vital to build your faith in what is going on guidance wise. Using the hand that you write with placing over your solar plexus or tummy button chakra and feeling and asking whether what your heart and mind are saying is ‘right' it will come as a knowing and as a feeling trusting the ‘gut' is your answer as the heart can be too hopeful and the mind too fearful the gut doesn't lie.

If you do all of these things asking the angels to tell you who is with you and going with the first name you get or the first sound you get or the first feeling you get is always right, they already know what you are going to be doing and asking so the answer is instantaneous.

My September special is there to help you develop Your gift, so if you would like to know how to develop your channels of angelic communication further do please get in touch, perhaps you would like to know that you do have a gift and what the next step could be? You will also enjoy a complimentary 6 month forecast as part of my gift to you.

And please do remember the angels are only a call away for everyone wherever you are at any time. Call them now from your heart, and feel the answer.

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