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How to Attract Luck – Ask the Angels with Archangel Metatron

What's the Secret to Luck?

How to Attract Luck Wondering how to attract luck? So many people misunderstand luck and people who are naturally lucky.

They tend to put their good fortune into the hands of a fickle fate.  They feel blessed and special when things go well and cursed and forgotten when things go wrong.

Archangel Metatron shares that the secret of luck is about your own vibrational resonance.

When you are aligned with vibrations that support your highest self, then you manifest your highest and best – which can look a little like luck, but is really so much more than this.

Archangel Metatron lays out the ways that you can raise your resonance and live on the level of positivity, blessings and gratitude.

 “Will I come into some luck soon?” – Maurice

Maurice, I am Metatron, present with you here and now. And I say to you – Yes, you will come into luck soon. But perhaps, not in the way you think, not in a way that is outside of your action or outside of your co-creative ability.

You will come in to luck. And you will do so, for you are in the process of bringing yourself into vibrational resonance with what you truly desire, with what you perceive as being lucky.

But the truth of luck is being in vibrational resonance with blessings, with opportunities, with abundance.

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And being in vibrational resonance with these things is embodying your highest self in spirit, through stepping back into that place of observer, through quieting your mind, and letting the light of your spirit shine through, acting on your inspirations, taking action, being true to your heart about the type of work you really want to preserve, and taking massive action to bring this into alignment with your being.

This is not forcing the universe to act according to your will. It is bringing yourself in vibrational resonance with the underlying truth you desire in your experience, getting out of inaction, and doubt, and stagnant energy, into flow, into co-creation, into manifestation. Shake things up. Get out and move. Change your day to day routine up. Jump around for a minute in the morning to fun music. Take a lunch break, and read an inspiring book. Go for a walk in the evening, somewhere you’ve never been.

Now, these are not cemented in stone, things that everyone should do. These are examples of doing something different, to bring fresh energy into your experience. And then when you do something different, you get new ideas, you perceive reality from a new way, you allow yourself to be in the right place at the right time, you raise your vibration, you align with the luck that is in store.

In addition, call in your team of guides and angels to help you.

“Angels, guides, help me to align with blessings. Help bring greater love and prosperity into my life. Help me to hear, and see, and witness your guidance, and take action in alignment with this guidance to bring blessings into being.”

This is luck.

How to Attract Luck And so too, witness all you have to be grateful for now.

Witness the blessings, and miracles, and beauty in your life right now. Look for the sunshine, look for the silver lining to infuse your consciousness with these things, to see how lucky you already are, which will align even more…

When you see how lucky you already are you will align with even more!

For your angels, the universe, God – We want to bring you even more, to bring you complete fulfillment, abundance and prosperity, radiant love and joy. You are an active participant in co-creating this, through your vibrational state, through your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions, in every moment. Lift your energy to align the luck you seek.

I am Metatron. I am with you and supporting you. And so, it is…

Channeled by Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Hello Melanie. A few years ago I purchased your tapes on Metatron and good luck and got a lot of good out of it.
    I was wondering about the section that relates to emotions must move to have good luck and I would like to ask you to tell me how to move my emotions whether it be meditation music or whatever.
    I hope you are doing well as we talked on the phone right after you got out of the hospital.
    Thank you James Morgan Dallas Texas

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