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wishes come trueWonderful Angel Wishes To Make And Create

Did you know, every time you make a wish, it is heard by the Universe?

Did you know that the Angels & Archangels are the Faries of the Universe and they exist to help all of your wishes come true?

Do you sometimes feel that life is magical and abundant but at other times struggle to keep that positive vibe going?

The Angels want you to understand ‘how' to make wishes and ‘how' to allow these to flow into your experience.

When we make a wish it is heard and always ‘granted' by source/god/all that is. It is then down to the Archangel Sandalphon to gather up our hopes and dreams and take them to the centre of our energetic imprint or our ‘vortex', as reputable sources have shared with me.

The extent to whether or not you are ready to ‘allow' your wish to come true is a simple matching process, if you are in vibrational alignment with that which you wish to experience – it will flow into your experience smoothly and easily in little to no time.

If however you are wanting or wishing or hoping for something that is a big jump from where you are, if you are feeling the ‘lack' of something very obviously in your life, then the space between where you are and what you want needs a little work on first in order that it may be delivered to you.

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Your job is to create positive momentum to close the gap between what you want and what you currently have and you can do this in a very easy way.

Let us take an example of someone who wishes to experience love and affection, and yet every date she has turns sour or within a few months. This wonderful match has a flavour, of all other matches -she is out of alignment with what she so wishes to have.

Rather than making more and more wishes and getting more and more disillusioned and upset and therefore increasing the gap between what she wants and what she is in alignment with – it is to gently offer no more resistance and to start to bridge the gap between her wish and her reality.

Using words like ‘beginning' and ‘becoming' when she talks to her self will start to gently close that gap.

So whilst in the past she may have been focused on ‘all men treat me badly' (which would attract more
men that treated her badly) or ‘i have to protect myself from being hurt' we would suggest she starts with ‘Im Beginning to appreciate all the qualities I note in these interesting people' or ‘Im becoming more aware of my ability to choose something different'  and ‘Im beginning to see that it can be very different and im becoming aware of my preferences in terms of a mate and Im beginning to find real clarity over my new prefercens' what the Universe hears is a positive perspective on how she now  expects it to be, it won't work instantly however with focus things will start to change first of all the way she feels and secondly the energy that flows in in response to her new empowered persepctive before long her new positive way of changing her reality is what she beleives and the level of who she is attracting changes in response to this.

So now your job is to phrase your wishes as gentle requests as ponderings and musings with no sense of desperation or urgency attached to them but more experiences you would like more of or outcomes that would enhance your already abundant life.

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Wishing for a life time love is wonderful – to complement your already wonderful relationship with your self. Wishing for more financial choice – is a complement to your already present level of abundance and all your needs that are met really well.

Wishing for a healthier body – is a beautiful way of appreciating the mobility and freedoms you can enjoy.

The angels Want to bring you all of your dreams – and they want you to ask for what you really want from a place of acceptance of where you are rather than a fearful place, this means that they are able to get busy and create the frequencies and the pathways that allow these things to flow into your experience in ever magical ways.

Miracles can become a part of your everyday experience if you already note the miracles that are present in your life it is true there may be parts of your experience that are lackful however their will be parts of your life that overflow with progress and choice focusing on that which is plentiful even if that is personal freedom or choice will lead to many more wonderful wishes coming true.

Sheelagh Maria

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Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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