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The Esoteric Meaning of Good Friday

Good Friday …

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

I know this can be a polarizing topic to share about, because there are such strong beliefs about what the deeper meaning behind this great mystery really is …

But this morning I’ve been reflecting, meditating, and feeling into the energies …

And I want to share a little bit with you about the esoteric (hidden from the masses) meaning of Good Friday as I’ve come to understand it.

I personally grew up in a religious household, and I remember attending Good Friday church services…

I remember the grief and sadness in the air, the somber mood of the service, and the anticipation and hope around the miracle to come…

The common religious interpretation of the great mystery around this time is that Good Friday represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, death, and sacrifice for the redemption of humanity.

According to Christian theology, Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross to atone for the sins of humanity.

In Christianity, this act of selflessness and love is seen as the ultimate example of compassion and devotion, and a literal saving of humans from the wages of sin = death.

From an esoteric perspective, the mystery on the Hill at Golgotha and the crucifixion of Christ is not only seen as a historical event …

It’s also viewed as a cosmic event representing a powerful shift in the balance between the spiritual and material realms.

Through this esoteric lens, we view Christ as a Divine Being who came to Earth through the life of Jesus (the Christ), to bring a new impulse of spiritual development to humanity.

In this, Jesus' physical body can be seen as a vessel for the spiritual forces of Christ to enter the physical realm and transform it.

The symbolism of the crucifixion is also important, particularly the cross as a symbol of the union between the earthly and divine realms.

The crucifixion, and sacrifice made by Jesus empowered a direct connection and union between humanity and the Divine.

A powerfully significant moment in the ongoing evolution of the cosmos… That we are each a part of.

Good Friday is also associated with the element of fire, which represents purification and transformation and illuminates the potential we each have now …

To release, let go of, purify, and transform what is no longer serving to create the space and openness for a direct union and communion with the Divine to be empowered in our lives as we step into the new.

It is a powerful day of Forgiveness

An opportunity for deep spiritual reflection and contemplation where we can gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual forces at work in the world …

And an open invitation from Spirit to claim the great blessing, ability, and opportunity to connect with the Divine directly within, through deep contemplation, meditation, and spiritual practice.

I love working with the Violet Flame as a vehicle for transformation, forgiveness, letting go, and transmutation.

Click Here for a short Violet Flame Meditation >>

With love and blessings,

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. Thank you Melanie for the in depth meanings of Easter.
    I do hope you and family had a joyous Easter
    Love Lorraine 🌟😇🙏♥️

  2. Thank you Melanie for this one all your writings and videos.I love you brought up the theme of forgiveness as I just got reminded about it as a great act of Magdalene as well…as I am reading seer Estelle Isaacson sharing deep experincies of Good Friday on her book,Through the eyes of Mary Magdalene vol.2 of how
    Magdalene experinced the
    Easter week and there Isaacson tells how Christ asks Magdalene telepathically to forgive those who were persecuting her and Christ himself. This is an ultimate inspiration for forgiveness I think!Rather little known book full of treasures.Have a blessed Easter time all.

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