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The Christmas Fairies

FairiesChristmas and Fairies

Its December and the air is cooling, the grass and ground has a crackle and crunch to it, and even the leaves themselves are glistening with winter magic. The very World is beginning to turn even more magical and mystical and as it does the veil between our realms thins and invites us to connect in an even more beautiful heartfelt way.

Angels are 7th – 9th dimensional beings, but did you know that Fairies are also angels, miniature by design as their role is to care for our rocks, rivers trees flowers and waterways. They go by many names, and they are too numerous to list here.

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I connect with the Fairies daily, and they whisper to me of their message to you. ‘We surround you’ they say ‘Every time you go into nature, when you go for a walk, walk to car or even stand in your garden we see you and fly around you like sparkles of light’

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‘We want you to ask us to help you to open to help you to remember the magic you felt as a child at this time of year, we want to get you closer to your true self, your true divine magical self that knows no limits, not even those your reality hints at’

The Fairies have many legends and myths that follow them, the truth of the matter is that they are light, often un-gendered creatures that take great joy in the unfurling of a flower, or the flight of a bird. They see you as a ball of light, and when your light is bright they infiltrate your aura and can be seen as flecks of pink and blue and white. They love to play, and they love to help us to remember how beneficial it is to all of our life and the situations in it to take time to play.

The time I had something I had to sort out, and the more i thought about it the less progress I made, my own personal Fairy ‘Elsie’ urged me to go on a walk, it was midday and I had lots to do so much to do – but i did, and i saw a rainbow, feathers, crystals in the hedges and felt so magical and so light – when i came home the answer was literally there in front of me and this is something they wanted me to share with you

The Christmas Fairies

The Christmas Fairies are not found in your tree, but you can invite them into your home. They are a group of woodland Fairies that are connected to source and love to help families and couples discover how magical love and open hearts can be, to invite them in bring wood, moss, holly and fresh flowers into your home over Christmas, or take a walk in the woods or nature near you and ask for a group of light and loving fairies to help you discover and be magical

The Angels love Fairies too, they see that play is the best way to heighten our vibration, and when we do this it makes it easier for them and our guides to connect with us. The Fairies will help you to look at situations in a more playful manner, and even leave them be and have some ‘me’ time, when you do this the angels are able to flow fresh energy into your aura giving you the awareness, connection and wherewithal to ask for more help, seek more resources or simply be receptive to what comes next.

The Christmas Fairies can help you with money so if you are having some problems ask them to bring you the help that you need, they will often leave pennies around where there were none as a sign that they are working on it. You may find small feathers too!

Fairy Queens.

Fairy Queens Do exist, they are usually dressed in bright colours, and have ‘authority’ over the other sprites. They help us to release our fears connected to money and love and to live in the moment they work hand in hand with Archangel Haniel and also ascended Master Merlin and they will help you to see things in a lighter way which again allows situations to resolve much faster. Asking a Fairy Queen to come in and be with you means she will stay within your aura and lovingly help you come to conclusions and arrive at decisions in a much easier flowing manner, they also download information to us whilst we sleep.

Pixies and Sprites

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Are playful and love to move things, so although they are not ‘bad’ it is a great idea to ask for ‘Fairies of the light’ this means that the delightful tinkerbells you encounter as you do connect in nature will be of the best behaved variety, a sign that you have sprites rather than Fairies is car keys going missing, shiny objects disappearing and dark shadows hurtling out the corner of your eye, if this happens simply ask archangel Michael to come in and cleanse your home and ensure that only the most beautiful light energies are with you helping you to bring more magic and sparkle to your beautiful now.

Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill, but if you are not feeling it and are hung up on one particular outcome – ask the Angel Of Peace himself to come in and help you let go, find resources when it is time and cope beautifully in the mean time, he is a strong angel and will instantly be there along with the Christmas Fairies to help you experience joy and pleasure ease and grace and above all healing when it comes to allowing the angels to do their work.

I'm sending you all beautiful fairy blessings. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a magical now,

Sheelagh and the angels and the Fairies too!

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