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The Best Meditation Cushion – Updated for 2023

The Best Meditation Cushion to Empower Your Practice

Finding the right meditation cushion can significantly upgrade your meditation practice.

There are numerous benefits to meditating in an upright, triangular meditation posture on the floor. If you haven't tried this yet, you may discover it can be challenging to get comfortable enough to quiet the body so you can really dive deep within during your practice.

Right now in my meditation practice, I'm practicing deepening into silence and spending long periods in deep stillness and silence.

This quest has led me to try out several meditation positions, postures, chairs, pillows and cushions to find what really works for me.

At this point my top pick for meditation cushions is a Crescent Meditation Cushion with a Zabuton.

I bought the Halfmoon Limited Edition Crescent Sit Set.

Shop Halfmoon Meditation Cushions here. 

Here is a less expensive Crescent Meditation Cushion Set as well.

When it comes to meditation cushions there are many options.

Right now, meditating with a Crescent Meditation Cushion with a Zabuton in a Burmese Meditation sitting position is what is working best for me. 

But, what works best for me to meditate may not be what works best for you. If sitting in a chair right now is what is most comfortable, there's nothing wrong with that. If you want to learn more about positions to sit in for meditation, try a few out and find out what works best for you and your body here.

note: If sitting cross-legged on the floor in any style is uncomfortable for you, know that working on stretching your legs and hips may help you to develop this ability. I'd recommend starting to practice sitting upright in some way when you meditate, even for 5 minutes to start.

Some other meditation cushions you may want to consider include:

The Alexia Meditation Seat, the Hugger Mugger Zafu and the Hugger Mugger Zabuton.

Okay, if some of this “Meditation Cushion Lingo” like Zafu and Zubton is new to you:

A Zafu is the name of a traditional round meditation cushion that when you sit on the edge of it, it supports you in raising up your hips, allowing your legs to relax, and supporting you in sitting in an upright position with your spine straight.

A Zabuton is a cushion designed to be placed under a Zafu to offer to cushion your knees and ankles. For me, it's MUCH more comfortable than meditating with a Zafu on the floor, or even on a soft blanket.

Meditation Cushion Review Results

The Hugger Mugger Zafu/ Zabuton Meditation cushion combo I ordered arrived at my house first, and so I started meditating on them right away.

First impression: The Zabuton used in conjunction with the Zafu really made for a comfortable meditation cushion experience.

Together, these two cushions offer a nice and stable, supportive, and cushioned base for meditation.

The cushions help you to find an aligned and upright posture so your energy can flow and your mind enter into a clear and present meditative state.

Updated review: For me, the round Zafu turned out to not be as comfortable as a Crescent shaped meditation cushion. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with the Hugger Mugger Cushions and with the Zafu/ Zabuton style of Meditation Cushions in general.

Another option I have tried is the premium-priced Alexia Meditation seat.

Honestly, at first I was so excited about this seat, and felt like it was the closest thing to meditating on a cloud LOL. It is very comfortable and supportive for finding a vertical and aligned meditation position.

The Alexia seat is softer and more cushiony that the Zafu/ Zabuton alternative. Plus the way the seat is designed, it has ample space for your feet and legs to fold underneath you without putting the pressure of your body weight on them. This may mean less pressure on your knees, hips, or ankles which equates to more comfort in your meditation sessions.

Updated review: For me, it turns out a crescent meditation cushion on a  Zabuton is the most comfortable option for my morning meditation practice … But now the Alexia Meditation seat is perched by the window, so having it is still a win there.

Which style of meditation cushion works best for you? Do you want to learn more from me about meditation position and posture?

Comment and let me know!

Hope this is helpful for you!

Happy Meditating, 

Melanie Beckler



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