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6 Things The Angels Want You to Know

what angels want you to knowWhat Do The Angels Want You To Know Now?

Guest Post by Sheelagh Maria

Hi I'm Sheelagh Maria, and I teach people to hear and see angels all over the world. We are in some pretty spectacular times right now and the angels have a few messages for you.

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1. You are at the perfect place on your path!

What if the challenges you were facing were not by accident but by design? What if it was your Souls way of asking you to expand and grow? To become more of yourself?

The angels have shared with me that those very circumstances that trouble us, that we pretend that we are okay with but truthfully scared of, are exactly the opportunity you have been praying for.

Now this can seem strange, that the lack of money, or troubled relationship or issues with health area ‘gift’ (really?)

‘Yes really’ Michael tells you with a smile.

The fear energy is a accumulation of all the actions you wanted to take, but didn’t see how you could, and the desires you truly have versus the options on offer right now, and the chances that would make you bigger and more visible, versus the concern that what you have may ‘go’ in someway.

It’s not ‘real’ in the sense that just like going to the dentist to find out that you don’t need fillings and the injections is over before it’s begun, in the sense that the anticipation is our minds way of preventing us from taking those changes, choices and opportunities that would lead us to bigger and better things.

2. There is no such thing as failure.

Having spoken to souls in heaven, even the most troubled of exits were pre planned. They were given as ‘gifts’ at soul level to help loved ones and those involved to grow and learn and raise awareness as difficult as that may seem to us here on the earth plane.

In terms of your real, 3d life, and the relationships, money issues, and other challenges you have, what you are supposed to receive in terms of experience and outcome – you always will, what your Mind is convinced Should be the outcome is another thing entirely.

Very often, the soul contract you have with the other party is that the break up, or the argument or the behaviour or outcome was designed so that you would learn to honour yourself, set better boundaries, be more loving etc.

You cannot fail at life, you can only learn quicker and move Up to the next level, you are loved beyond measure and you always have more help than you know.

3. There really is a team around you just wanting to assist.

What prevents them assisting is if your Soul prior to birth said ‘Let me sort this one for myself I know I’ve got this’ and then if YOU in this life do not ask, they can’t.

Now, if you ask, but have absolute attachment to the how, why and when, then again it’s like asking someone to design an outfit that you design in your mind first, it limits their creativity hugely, it’s important to have an awareness of how you want to feel, ask them to sort it, and then get busy cleaning, decorating, walking dancing whatever it is that allows you to let go and surrender.

Let them do what they are destined to do – which is help you.

4. So Who are they – this team?

You have two Guardian Angels that were assigned to you from ‘birth’ for EVERY life you have they can help with parking spaces, communication with other people help you develop your gifts and lots more.

You have a guide (at least one) who brings you opportunities, and experiences jobs and even soul mates and you may have a magical being such as a Unicorn Fairy or Flower being with you, you will also have an Archangel in whose ‘mystery school’ your soul trained in prior to incarnating.

5. How Do you get more…….?

Money – be in gratitude and total receiving for the money you have don’t judge it as not enough, or paltry, or go into ‘life never works out’ types of thoughts, if you operate from a base of scarcity your channels of receiving won't open.

Love – see and interact with all the love in the world around you, immerse yourself in recognition of the force that builds worlds, BE loving to yourself and others, and see love begin to flow in many unexpected ways.

Time – Be aware of the time you Do have and the things you Choose to do with your time, connect with a minute a moment or an hour that is for you just because you can.

More ability – say ‘thank you’ for all the signs and openings that come to you as a way of the angels letting you know they are there, be aware and open to seeing and hearing more proof of the angels existence in your life

6. Can they help you?

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YES and they will and help you. It’s no coincidence that you are reading this right now, everything has been orchestrated to perfectly align your energy with mine so that you know your angels are ready and willing to assist.

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What are you waiting for, what else do the angels want YOU to know?….

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