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Find the Top Angel Paintings on Etsy | 17 Amazing, Angelic Works of Art

Angel Painting Roundup Top 17 Angel Paintings!

An angel painting is a great way to uplift the energy of a room with light and color!

And of course… A beautiful reminder of the love and guidance of your angels who are always near.

Plus, the more you think about angels, the more they will begin to make themselves known to you. So in that sense, an angel painting can actually help to strengthen your angelic connection too!

Here are my absolute favorite Angel Paintings and the amazing artists who created them:

Angel of my Heart by Karen Tarlton

Angel of My Heart by Karen Tarlton

This beautiful original angel painting almost jumps off the canvas with the unique use of color, texture, and light. It will be a wonderful uplifting addition to any space!

View more of Karens work on Etsy here.

Angel of Purity by Bettina Star-Rose

Angel of Purity by Bettina Star-Rose

This beautiful uplifting angel painting was originally captured in watercolor and is now available as a high-quality print. As Bettina explains, when she painted this, she opened herself up to the “Divine gift” not knowing what would come forth… Only to be inspired with an entire series of absolutely vibrant angelic and light beings.

View more Angel Paintings by Bettina Star-Rose on Etsy here!

Aura Angel by Laurie Bain Hamilton 

Aura Angel by Laurie Bain Hamilton The Reiki charged Angel Paintings and artwork by Laurie Bain Hamilton are just vibrant, both visibly and energetically. Laurie digitally paints and then charges her art with intention and healing energy so that positive energy and light radiate out from every piece.

View more of Laurie's Reiki charged artwork on Etsy here!

Archangel Michael Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Michael Angel Painting by Glenyss-Bourne

The Angel Paintings by Glenyss Bourne are some of the most vibrant and high vibrational I've ever seen. She paints digitally, saying the light technology of the computer most closely matches that of the angelic realm. Prints are then infused with angelic energy and are available on canvas or archival paper in many sizes.

View more of the Amazing Angel Art by Glenyss Bourne on Etsy here!

Angel Looking Up by Lovetta Reyes-Cairo

Angel Looking Up
This original oil painting beautifully depicts a young angel looking up! I love the elegance,  detail, and warm neutral colors of this and all of Lovetta Reyes-Cairo's work (her animal series is absolutely adorable as well).

Check out more of her original artwork on Etsy here!

Angel Essence 6 by Ferraro

Angel Essence by Ferraro

This beautiful original acrylic on canvas angel painting is sure to light up any room! I love how Ferraro brings the presence of angels, and nature spirits to life in a beautiful abstract form.

View more Angel Paintings and original artwork by Ferraro on Etsy here.

Cosmic Guardian Angel by Henriette Küentzle

Cosmic Guardian Angel

This limited digital print of an original angel painting is just brimming with light and lovely angel energy. I love how Henriette uses such vibrant colors and really captures the light and presence of the angels in her work.

Be sure to check out more of Henriette's Angel Paintings on Etsy here.

Butterfly Angel by Carol DeLorenzo

Butterfly Angel by Carol DeLorenzo

This beautiful print of an original watercolor angel painting looks just like the angel of the butterflies. The soft colors and delicate watercolor details make this beautiful angel both comforting and uplifting.

View more of Carol DeLorenzo's artwork on Etsy here. 

Angel Wings Painting by Magdalena Walulik

Angel Wings Painting

While Magdalena paints many angels, I just love the textured visible brush strokes of these gorgeous angel wings, beautifully representing a golden angel of the light.

Check out more of the angel paintings from Magdalena Walulik on Etsy here.

Lighting the Way by Christine Krainock

Lighting the Way by Christine Krainock

This lovely original textured angel painting is also available as a Giclee print. All of Christine's contemporary Angel Paintings have such a soothing and tranquil style, with a vintage organic feel that would work great in any home.

View more beautiful artwork by Christine Krainock on Etsy here!

Angel of Blessings by Krithiga Bala

Angel Of Blessings by Krithiga Bala

This original Angel Painting by Krithiga Bala is not only beautiful… But its also Reiki charged to fill your home with blessings! Krithiga invokes the Archangels and infuses healing energy into all her artwork.

View more of Krithiga Bala's Angel Paintings, cards, and more in her Etsy Shop.

Gilded Angel Painting by Ashley Bradley 

Gilded Angel Painting by Ashley-Bradley

I love the rich texture as well as the gold and neutral tones of this original acrylic angel painting. This would be a lovely addition to any home!

View more of Ashley Bradley's Angel Paintings on Etsy here! 

Gift of Angels by Carol Lee

Gift of Angels by Carol Lee

This beautiful Original Oil Painting by Carol Lee is from her Mystical Angels Series. I love how the deeper you look, the more light and angels you begin to see. Carol offers both originals and prints in her Etsy Store.

In addition to her stunning angel paintings, she also offers incredibly light-filled and colorful abstract originals.

Abstract Angel by Anatoli Voznarski 

Abstract Angel by Anatoli Voznarski

This original impasto modern acrylic angel painting has a super heavy texture that almost makes it look as if it's flying off the canvas when you see an up-close view.

This would be a lovely piece to brighten any room. View more of Anatoli's artwork here.

Guardian Angel Painting by Kristina Valic

Guardian Angel Painting - Kristina Valic

This darling original watercolor angel painting on paper is only 2.9″ x 4.3″ and yet it holds such a wonderful angelic energy.

View more of Kirstina Valic's Angel Paintings, art prints and more on Etsy here!

Dancing Through The Wind by T Jenkins 

Dancing through the Wind - T Jenkins

This original oil painting was created by T Jenkins with a pallet knife texturing technique. I love the colors and the modern elegant style.

Custom angel paintings, as well as animals and nature scenes, are also available. View more on Etsy.

Brighter than Moonlight Angel in Moonlight by Sarah Oyetunde

Brighter than Moonlight Angel Painting

This stunning archival print by Sarah features an angelic being of light shining in the moonlight. I just love the beautiful blend of colors, and intricate details of this angelic light being.

View more of artwork on Etsy here!

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I hope you've enjoyed this beautiful collection of angel paintings!

Which one can you see hanging in your home or office? Comment below and let me know!

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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