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Angel Numbers 123 And 1234. What Are They? Learn Their Meanings

Understand the Meaning of Seeing 123 and 1234

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Seeing angel numbers like 11:11, 333, 222, and 444 are well known to contain guidance from the angels. Seeing these numbers definitely has a deeper spiritual significance.

But what about seeing 1234?

Do the number sequences 123, and 1234 carry messages and deeper spiritual meaning from the angels too?

The short answer is quite simply… Yes!

Anytime you repeatedly see a number sequence, it’s highly likely to have a deeper spiritual meaning and message of angelic guidance hidden within.

So what do 123 and 1234 signify?

Honestly, I see both of these angel number sequences all the time!

At first, I felt these numbers to be a reminder from the angels to “keep it simple”… You know, like the idiom “As easy as 1,2,3”.

Angel Number 1234 Anyway, after seeing these numbers for quite a while, and meditating on their meaning more… I now understand them to have a little deeper meaning.

Yes, the guidance is still to keep it simple, stay present, and keep taking steps.

But seeing 123, and 1234 is also a message of encouragement from your angels that you’re on the right track.

Consider looking at these number sequences this way for a moment:

Both 123, and 1234 are number sequences that are moving upwards in their order. If you were counting to ten you would start with 1…2…3…4… and then you’d continue onward.

So, in this way, the meaning when the angels draw your attention to these number sequences is that you are moving upwards!

You’re on the right track and taking the right steps to elevate your vibration, further open your heart, integrate more of your higher spiritual truth and nature and make a positive change in your life and in the world.

And… Since you’re on the right track, keep it simple and keep going! Let go of things you know aren’t serving or supporting you and continue in the direction you know to be right for you because your angels are saying “Yes! You’re on the right track”.

Keep moving upwards! While you’ve already made so much progress, and your angels are honoring and celebrating how far you’ve already come… There is always a further. There’s always a next step, a next level, and a new height for you to reach.
So… When you see 123, or 1234, take a moment to breathe, center your energy and know that you are supported and encouraged by your angels to keep going, keep shining, and keep taking steps forward on your path.

You are being guided, and you are taking the right steps on your path, or maybe even to more fully realign with your highest path.

One thing is certain… 123, and 1234 are messages of encouragement from your angels to keep going!

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. I’m seeing a combination of 123, 132, 231, 213, 312, 321 allllll the time! Multiple times every day for the past month or so! Do they mean the same thing?

  2. For the past few weeks I go to bed fall fast asleep as normal but every night i instantly wake up like its morning i look at the clock and it reads 12:34am. This happens every night without fail so last night I got up at 12:34 once again and just outta frustration i decided to see what google thought about this and all this info pops up. Hoping someone can shed some light on this thanks

  3. First started seeing 123 a few weeks back, but since I have fully empowered a Quartz stone which I meditate with I then started seeing 12:34 on digital clocks – with the odd 234 on meters etc. I am ascending upwards with my spirituality so it seems. Now since Friday I have now started to see 23:45 on my clock at night after meditation, and yesterday being my 35th birthday I might of/could of channelled my guardian angel through my meditation session, as I seemed to go into a trance state and started talking to myself but they was not my own words/thoughts saying “I Love You Lots Christopher” etc. – amazing. Then I saw the 23:45 again with that ring of approval in my right ear! I might of done it again this morning, then got overwhelmed with emotions, the sort that if you have passed something or won something – tears/happiness the lot. I could well be ‘Special’ afterall, as I do call myself ‘The Special Christopher’ and calling myself that for a few years now! The angels are a part of my life now and I am truly happy for it and it’s going to continue for sure as this spirituality obviously was the part of my life that was missing before.

  4. Hi,
    I think you’re Beautiful. Beautiful as in Gorgeous. As well as beautiful in spirit! ? And like all… Love your work! Thanks for your insight.

  5. Recently I’ve been seeing this number as well, more lately ever since I’ve started seeing someone new and getting out more, I’m a bit of an extreme homebody and like to spend most of my time at home and ever since I’ve met this person I’ve been seeing 123, 1234, and 234 quite a bit. It feels more like i am looking for it but I know I’m not cause its always by chance that I glance a look at the clock or at some other things and see these numbers. Not sure what to make of it but hopefully with all the work I’ve been putting in on my studies and trying to get out more is finally starting to show some headway and that I can finally do the things i wanna do

  6. I had been seeing this number for years…i catch it everytime it that time of day or night 12:34 i would show my boyfriend, which is now my husband and he would say”you keep catching it…but today my 1 yr. Old type in 000 angel number i cannot tell u how but he did …and the lord was speakin to me so it made me look up these numbers i had been seeing and im just mind blown right now

  7. Tena koe (Greetings) Melanie

    Thank you for sharing. I have been seeing number sequences a lot & have wondered what the message could be from my Angels & the answers you have given is so wonderful & fulfilling.

    Kia Ora (Good Health)

  8. Wow thank you for bringing up the Angel number because in the last few years I have had the same number show up. First it was last three numbers of my cell phone 108, then I finally got a downstairs apartment number is t108. So I know that 108 means good things for me. But I thought I might be acting silly. Thank you for bringing up this conversation ?

  9. I, too, see 123 & 1234 all the time!! 123 was my badge number at two fire depth where I worked. I know angels are communicating with me through number sequences. Now I see lots of 3’s & 5’s.

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