Your Free Angel Message Is Here!

Your Free Angel Message Is Here!

Your Free Angel Message!

www.Ask-Angels.comBreathe, relax, and listen to replenish and rejuvenate your energy and empower positive new beginnings in your life.

You will receive a powerful angelic cleanse of your mind, body, and spirit by simply listening to this free .MP3 angel message.

Expand the level of light you're able to shine and carry in your energy field in each and every moment!

In this beautifully uplifting session with Archangel Metatron, Orion, and Michael, you will effortlessly expand your awareness to tune into the higher vibrations of experience…

Before listening, find a comfortable and relaxed position where you will be able to relax, breathe, and lift as Archangel Metatron, Orion, and Michael connect with a powerful angel message and healing frequency.

Expanding Your Light~ .MP3 Angel Message

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Expanding Your Light .MP3 Angel Message




With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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653 thoughts on “Your Free Angel Message Is Here!”

      1. Thank you for this meditation for expanding my light. I have been using your meditations every morning to get my day started it has been helping me and guiding me.

    1. Hi,
      Am so happy to have listened to free angel cool voice. please I want more, am poor If only He can tell me what to do.

  1. Aloha Melanie,
    I was trying to reach someone who had opened up a chat with me unexpectedly a week ago. I didn’t engage with her at the time but I did like her energy. She sounded like she could have been in a chat room from a psychic website. Epiphanies with God and Angels and miracles abound. It would be nice to chat with someone who understands that part of the human existence.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to listen to the audio. I feel like nothing can hurt me anymore. I feel safe and protected. Thank you so very much. Also, when do you actually start charging please? I will be very grateful if you can let me know as soon as possible. Thanks again Melanie xx love and light

      1. Ii feel safe listening to and all that u have said. I believe i am on the road for great things in my life. Thank you.

    1. Hi my name is Hariet Magalon.How are you? Do you mind if i ask you about my guardian angel’s name?

  3. I need help I lost my 8 year old bye d.c.s I need help I’m weak I want her back and I’m In love with Pedro Gonzales tell me if I’m going to make a life with him

  4. Just yesterday I had a dream that, I saw a white light and it came closer to me and I went on my knees so when I wake up, I was little bit amazed and immediately began to do research online trying to know about Angel’s that’s why I came across me knowing my guardian angel and how they operate in our lives.

  5. Melanie I just have to send you a thank you. Walking thru the golden door… I was a little scared but I did it. I saw it all play out in my vision. The past few days I have been singing my childhood favorite song “This little Light of Mine… I’m gonna let it shine”. And then today you somehow ended up in morning search of something not even related. The Universe works is such awesome ways! Thank you for a light for me✨

  6. While listening to the MP3 Angelic Message lying on the bed in the afternoon using my earphone, I slept off! Thanks Melanie

    1. Beautiful and calming like still waters… comfort and peace overcoming and bringing forth the Angel’s that are all around us.. thank you. Xxx

  7. Hi Melanie
    Thank you for d audio..
    I have an issue trying to listen n quieting my seems to block all my efforts to focus and become still..tried many avenues before..Please help

  8. I have one angel that comes to me when I call. Azrael. He has proven to be the most beneficial friend. One who comforts me. One who God helps. I am blessed.

    1. Thank you Melanie. Beautiful peaceful voice. Is Archangel Raphael close to me. I always call him.
      What is the name Of my guardian Angel?
      I am An Angel believer.

  9. I’m a new mum with post natal depression and I am finding that archangel readings and crystals are working well along with medication but i don’t know much about the topic and I’d like to get some help with readings and understanding how the types of messages I can receive. Thank you
    Kind regards
    Trudy Crook

  10. At this moment I have been having a spiritual awakening. It started with another bad relationship with a narcissistic person. When she left me I gained a new level of confidence. The next week after I had my aura read by a medium in my area. She got in her meditative state to read me and when she looked up she scooted away from the table. She was quiet for about five minutes. I asked if she was okay. She told me she was okay, just in awe. She explained to me that I had wings radiating from my aura in a yellowish orange hue. Since then I’ve done quite a lot of research. I stumbled upon your site and after reading and reading. There was way to many coincidences. I’ve felt so much love and joy. All the anxiety and depression I’ve had just went away. It was an amazing experience. Since I’ve been pursuing a deeper understanding with a passion I’ve never felt before. You opened my eyes in ways I’ve never thought possible. This is my path in life now. I know I’m here for a bigger purpose. And I embrace it with all of me. “Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars” thank you for opening a whole new understanding.

  11. I was tryna relax but I started hearing things tripping me out seeing two trees talk shaped as people then a possum came out of nowhere I did see like a blur of lights in the sky was really tryna focus could see like a vision tryna see outline of something but was to faded I got spooked twice I turned right and something ran up quick was like 2 seconds and saw a shadow passed by my feet honestly thought it was the possum I’m gonna have to hear it again but with headphones felt distracted but it was amusing but for a minute I did hear your evil now join us I’m probably mistaken but like I said I’ll hear it again thank you for your noticing there’s peace in everyone

    1. I started seeing all the things your talking about. My vision was more animated. View of outside was pitch black and the shadow people were around trippin me out i could feel there presence

  12. Thank u so much, I’m hoping & trusting that, as u say, the troubles are all going to go away & that I will, hopefully, begin to enjoy life again but u have given me hope which I have not had for quite some time, it was very much appreciated xxx 🦋🤞😍😇😇😇

  13. Thanks melanie with the relaxation i find it hard to visualize and with eyes shut but i had some slight but wonderful vision and wonderful relaxations to thankyou i wonder if my freind who passed away happy and any messages or concerns wanted to pass on .. i get her voice in my head saying to me before she died she was talking about her feelings she didnt say why i wouldnt understand i just wonder if she knew she was dying and didnt want worry me as to why i couldnt understand her problem and if she talking to you just mention it to her she never needed feel ashame bad of anything to me it makes sence to me of why i didnt hear back from my freind and her dear dad explained this of her mental illness and she never had to be ashamed of that with me or ashamed of departing the world she would miss miss me it was verry unfortunate what had happen to my sweety i am sorry for feeling frustrated when didnt hear back i like to say her words meant so much to me in my birthday card i got i never change the way i am my love is allways with her and her great memorys and love are with me and allways cherrished forever her chats and fun was apreaciated i was so priveledge and speasial to known my sweet darls xox😀

  14. Hello melanie…im having trouble with men..they always leave my life..pls help.will i eva find marriage and love..will i eva b happy?

  15. Please can you tell me why when I had major surgery the faces i used to see all my live disappeared ? I miss seeing them. Thank you

  16. Thanks so much for this lovely meditation. Do you know how I can get guidance form my angel guardian in regards to a man I am deeply in love with. Thanks

    1. I noticed your comment and felt compelled to reply. My wife and I are involved in and have begun sharpening are knowing, awareness and intuition. Your seeing consecutive numbers, simply means, being connected to your source and alignment with your true self. Once you’re aware of this, it happens more often for your higher good. Enjoy the light and stay connected to your source often. Blessings

  17. My oldest daughter dad died 5 years ago and 4 mons after that my son sided at brith I’m more the sure he took him to watch over him thanks

  18. Is there any meaning to being born with a five pointed star on the right palm of my hand, the lines connect and form a five pointed star.

    1. Hi beautiful being rom,
      very often a star or stars on the palm indicates success and good fortune in the area/mount/line they appear. But, a star appearing on the lifelinecan represent a huge turmoil. If a star is found at the end of a line, it can indicate fame and great accomplishments. It also indicates success in relationships.
      In trust this helps.
      Much love

      1. 👋Melanie Nalini Nivani Sadhai here, South Node, but I had a disconnection for a long while, ❤️ the site. It really helps thanks 🙏.

  19. I’m grateful for this amazing experience and thankful for all codes and source of the universe working together for my soul purpose please keep bringing me love and light and guidance through this existence godbless all may love and light from our angels guide each and everyone of us.🙏🏼

  20. Thank you Melanie for the Angel message. My heart and light are expanded. The experience was beautiful. I give thanks to the Supreme Creator for the love, guidance and light I have received.

  21. I lost a 3yr old little girl to a drowning in a pool on July 2 2019. Her name was Kynsley. She loved life and nature and animals. That is what made her happy. She was very special. She was eithbher mom at a friends house. Mom, Brooke found her in the pool, did CPR and paramedics took her to hospital and she died yhe next day. I have the fondest memory of her giggling and chasing a dragon fly. She was a happy little girl. The other night as I laid in bed, a dragon fly landed on my lamp. It Buzzed around and settled on my lamp and stayed there until I fell asleep. I said Hi Kynsley. Do you think It was Kynsley? I felt it was. I took a picture of it and itbis very clear and has almost human like features. I am so heartbroken that this light of a little girl has left us. She is an angel in heaven now.

  22. Thank you so much. That was wonderful, amazing. Very grateful to you for sharing this. With much love to all. Jennie

  23. Hope or fear!! two personality’s. I’m love someone for the first time in my live. Beginning very blind, keep her always in my mind. Truth love or full love, who can understand that reilly. Check how the people living, and what understand humans in love?? Mother nature give you the meaning!! Belief in myself, and finding faith in my hard. Peace and living in you’re harmony in the right direction with you’re balance from origin Universe, The centra of all Universe. Belief not in you’re powerpoints. More deeper in Myths and God’s, and religeon!! Carpe diem!! Ciaoo and take care.

  24. Sharon campbell

    Thank you so much for sharing, this has given me so much light into my life, I do see see and feel so much clearer, thank you with all my heart. Much love sharon xx

  25. Thank u so much for the mp3 I love it. Listing to it I started getting the filling I long for, I am at peace ,I feel like I am one with the universe. Thank u very much may the Father an the Angels be with u all. (♥♥♥♥♥♥).

  26. Thanks God for I have been connected to a wounderful channel which I have been lookng for aventhough the vedio was cutting but I will continue learning more about Angels. Amen in Jesus mighty name.

  27. wow, am free right now ,
    i was born with alot of gift but i don’t know how to use or unlock it,
    i really need a help form my angle an you.. thank you

  28. I stepped through the door to a golden light an felt so relaxed I could feel my heart sending love to those who have been awful to me I sent them a blessing with love an I let go of all the time I have spend thinking of how cruel they have been I could also visualize angels through the light an it was so peaceful thank you for helping me to get to this point an look forward to more all my love an blessings x

  29. Hi Melanie,
    I want to say thanks , not only for this Free Angel Massage, but for who you are. When I see you, you are an Angel who is helping us here on earth. And the greatest part of it that we can hear, see , feel and be what you are saying. So Great. Thanks 1000 times. God Bless you Melanie. Every time I listening to your video is it absolutely Powerful.

  30. Thank you Melanie for this powerful message. It is absolutely beautiful and out of this world. I am so grateful to have you as a friend in part of my awakening journey.

    Love Light, and Blessings!

  31. Melanie,

    I’m grateful for your service for the highest good and the connection with you.

    Love, light and gratitude! 🌈


  32. Ur voice is all good healing and good and wonderfull energy what i need alot…thankk u..for ur mediation..bless it be

  33. Hmmm, after walking through the door I found myself in the “universe” looking at the night sky filled with millions of shining stars.

  34. Thank you, Melanie!
    I appreciate it, this is very helpful.
    I love Angels, positive energy/vibes..

    Much love and blessings to you🙏💖💞

  35. Thank you very much for these kind of help ,i wants happiness without having a reason or with reason. I’m feeling depressed and sadness from too long time, please help me. Thank you again.

  36. Thank you for the channeling. I was a bit low but after your message I have felt highest vibrations in this day which is a special one for the plan of my soul.

  37. Im feeling i need to feel love for life
    To be able to see theres beauty in everything
    I feel im in a negative spot
    Like i dont belong anywhere
    I feel everything so deeply its hard to enjoy being around people because i cant tell what my feelings are and if im feeling someone else’s vibes if thats what you call it. Im not exactly sure what i need but i know i need some help not seeming like such a freak when im around others.

  38. I have lost all my money in a mysterious and shameful way that I can’t even explain, now I can’t even afford to eat. Help me to connect with my angel. I want to restore all my financial balance

  39. Thank you for the message Melanie. It obviously had some kind of significance because while I was listening to it I seemed to be drifting in and out of this physical reality, almost in a sleep state.


  40. Hi Melanie
    Loved the Expanding your Light recording. You have a beautiful voice. I have to say that you sound just like Akiane Kramarik the painter and poet. Maybe you are both from the same dimension or star family. I look forward to learning more about the Angels.
    Warm regards

  41. Vocie comes inner my heart again and again why are you weeping,and people are looking my weeping face carefuly,please help me

  42. I have really felt the enlighten mentioned of this site, with it’s thoughtful and faithful prayers
    I would like to ask for a prayer for my granddaughter Brittany
    Her eye sight is in danger
    Please send us your prayers in regards of her health and healed eye sight

  43. Thank you Melanie! I felt like something beautiful was happening to me, but I think I still hold back and didn’t fully let go. It was like I was there but yet still here….does that make sense? It was relaxing though…..and I will listen again and hopefully learn to let go of whatever I’m holding onto.

  44. I REALLY ENJOYED LISTENING TO THE MESSAGE.SO VERY SOOTHING TO MY SOUL. I would Love to recieve more on a daily basis…I felt like I was taken away to a such a PEACE….

  45. Shirley Giannarini

    thank you Melanie, this has been very helpful as i have been meditating and hoping to see or hear from my guardian angels or guides. it is not always easy for me to focus as i am 91 years of age. thank you

  46. Thank you Melanie. I feel a greater sense of ease, lightness and softness in the heart. I did however find the 2 voices overlapping a bit disconcerting at first, and hard to follow. But let go in the end and stayed more with the feeling & visual rather then the words.

  47. Very sweet, but soon as you say, for the good of all, everything falls apart.Not all has a nice plan in life, because they did not come to earth to have that. May you all be safe,loved and needed.

  48. Very uplifting. The Angel message carries away the heaviness and leaves one feeling vibrant, calm and whole again. Thank you and Blessings

  49. My light started the day I was born. Something wanted to keep me out. I was born dead and spent a long time in the hospital. For a long time I felt cursed. I grew up impoverished and had very little. I didn’t realize I was meant for something greater until recently. The feeling of being cursed is fleeting and I feel alive. My calling is coming closer and I feel it.

    1. I can relate. I had a dodgy start in life and spent most my life feeling I was being prepared for something. I’m in my early 50s and have often felt I “missed” it. I expand my consciousness and am a Medium and Empath but something is still missing. I am a foster parent to a a3 year old I am expecting to adopt but find myself very anxious about whether the process will have a positive outcome. We have recently a made ourselves available to take in babies and young children with complex and fragile medical situations. We haven’t received one yet which is frustrating. And I keep waiting for what I feel I have been trained to do since before I was born.

      1. Dear Fran,
        I wanted to take a minute to let you know that you’re a true angel in my eyes. To offer your time, home and life to children in need brings tears to my eyes. However, these are tears of joy in knowing such beautiful, generous and loving souls like you are taking major strides in making this world a better place. I have complete faith in your situation having a positive outcome. Please don’t get discouraged. You’re amazing heart, I’m sure has been witnessed by the angels and they will make sure your loving mission is completed. Thank you for being such a wonderful person.
        All my love,
        Shauna Hines

  50. So Wonderful! Thank you so much Melanie! 🙏🏻
    My journey has only recently started and I look forward to tuning in to my higher-self and walking in the light with the angels and guides everyday from now on 🙏🏻💕😊

  51. Thank you so much. I think I just realized when my light started to dim. I was 21 and am now 53. I remember many times when it was very bright but also almost out. So glad now, it didn’t fully go out. Again, thank you. 🦋

  52. Thank you for the beautiful gift of communion with the Angels. I experienced a wonderful lifting of spirit at a very stressful tme in my life.
    A few hours after, a single lightning bolt lit up just outside the small opening of my curtains, followed by a thunder clap, and that was it! No more lightning or thunder the rest of the night. I truly believe it was a sign of the Angels presence. Thank you Melanie for facilitating such an awsome experience!
    God bless.
    Alana Jackson

  53. I just can’t believe how this is to be
    It’s all so true GOD is good and he’s going to work Miracles I’ve already seen my angels showing off the power
    I looked into the sun and it actually had Wings like an angel then I looked to the right and there was a rainbow and we all know that it’s not Raining so I just wanted to share this beautiful story with all love in my heart

  54. Shane Williams (shine)

    I am so glad that my angels have connected with me and God has led me to Closer to my destiny for I am I light walker and Angel on the earth I just sent out and or Of GOD from my heart of purity from there the one I am made all of you fill the empowerment that we have in May we go stronger each day and Seymour signs and be able to communicate with their angels of our father I may the Holy Spirit come and do it when it is needed I made those channels reach the ones that are needed they can communicate to different levels that we cannot And Jesus Christ you pray I pray amen love Shane

  55. I am so grateful and blessed that the universe led me to listen and watch your YouTube videos at a time when I truly needed guidance. Your messages are so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you. 🙏🌍⭐️🌙❤️

  56. daniela-magdalena


  57. I feel so much better hearing your message the pain in my stomach stopped i feel so at peace thank you so much i really believe in Angel’s x

  58. My English knowledge is
    Not good in listening. I’m suffering from depression and sometimes having suicidal thoughts. Is it ok if I can’t understand?

      1. Just learning and listening. Abuse from childhood has still left me traumatized, angry, and messed up my life. Help

  59. If you believe Jesus is the Son of
    (God) then you will also believe in
    Angels. Even you might not think so
    But angels are around 7/24 don*t forget
    About the gaudian angels?

  60. Connecting with ANGELS is very comforting and relaxing. At night when my daughter has trouble falling asleep I just play the ANGELS recording to her it really works amazingly. In no time she will be sleeping like and ANGEL.It also helps me to stay calm when faced with difficult and challenging situations in my life.

  61. Robbin Borrell-Gray

    Thank you for the beautiful light energy force. I am @ peace. Good night. May the Angels look over & protect us all. With Love & Light. Robbin

  62. It was the first time I’d tried this, I was feeling pretty low at the time, have always had some sort of connection with the universe, I had the cold shivers which was a sign to connect with angels, I’d not attempted that before.
    Then I listened to the message and it helped take the pain the worry out of my heart and the light moved up and down my body, I felt the love, the gold heart, all the pain in my kneck and head went away. Great! I shall listen to this again!

  63. I have tried so hard to do this but all i get is black no light would love to no if any luck is coming my way need help badly thank you

  64. My niece had a dream last night (Friday night) about heaven.. she said “they all (angels) wear gold/yellow coats, are see-through and have a sun in their heart. They control the weather, and the sun.. and the boys wear tuxedos. Granny was there”. Amazing to hear that today. Synchronisity and divinity 🙏 💛 such a lovely dream to have on mom’s anniversary

  65. I feel a bit better….still needing a deeper connection with my higher self & my Guiding Angels. I need inner healing so much!

  66. This afternoon my husband came home and found 4 black with white tops sticking straight up in the ground. Perfectly aligned. I read about it and told him the angels were sending him a message. But what?

  67. Thank you so much 🙏💫💚

    Slowly recovering from heavy burn-out and vertigo. Can feel the love and light shine from within.

    Love, light, and goodnight 💫

  68. That just i really needed because i feel so all alone my oldest daughter have cancer in the fourth stage and now i k n ow that my guidance angel Michael is here by my side, it relaxed me and made me feel deep in my heart and soul very rejuvenating. That yoi i needed that message.

  69. Hi Larissa, ,I really needed this i was so uplifting my aura was very heavy like my heart now I feel uplifted and wonderful. Thankyou Wendy blessed by an Angel x

  70. to be honest i feel so weak and kinda numb. i could visualize myself spreading love to everyone in the world. it felt so good and i could feel vibrations from my feet to my heart. i could feel the air and the love and the really felt good. the air was so thick as if i could touch it and as i breathed in it was as if i was inhaling purified air. thank you for this message. the feeling was great

  71. Thank you So So very much ! This message was uplifting and relaxing . You have such a sotthing voice . Almost fell asleep . ☺️😇

  72. I needed this at a time when I was feeling low. Just as this ended, a small white feather landed on my screen. And when the angelic music stopped, the feather lifted off the screen and floated up to where I could no longer see it. I new for sure that it was one of the Angels telling me everything is going to be ok. Thank you so much.

  73. Badamasi Baba-Ahmed

    I really appriciate your effort towards assisting me to get what actually meant for me . Thank you once again .

  74. It awesome it so much love healing and so much protection love I never have before I feel so happy and much stuff off me I love this feeling thanks u Almighty God and Guidance Angles and u too

  75. Was very spiritual meditation felt very calm enjoyed it very much thank you I just don’t have a creditcard too p urchess as other than free require one

      1. A very close family member suddenly became ill…i all of a sudden kept seeing angel references Everywhere! I was sent a message that i was An Angel from a complete stranger. I was at the hospital w family member when that email was sent, realized that later..I received a telephone call from the Stmarys Church i lived across the street from for 5 years/ I looked at that beautiful church every night out my bedroom window and thought how lucky was i to have such a beautiful view.. I picked up phone and it was a recording saying “this is the Angel prayer line, do you need us to pray for you?” I hung up/ thought it had to do w being online/ but remembered my landline wasn’t on my tablet- I didn’t even go to that church- im unlisted- i dialed it back, and was the same recording “this is the Angel ministry, do u need us to pray for you” I was actually getting ready to visit that particular family member in hospital, it brought tears to my eyes and I said yes.. it said “ you have ten seconds to tell us what to pray for” .. i also saw things in magazines- newspapers—- I actually took this as a sign my very very close loved one was not going to be staying w me on earth here, as I know, and he’d be leaving with these Angels- they were letting me know they were here for him- I just knew he wasn’t going to make it this time… the Angels know he was my “everything “ closest family member- my mother and father, even though he was only one man- he literally saved me at 5 yrs old from a life of molestation and physical and mental abuse! As an adult i had thanked him many times- and told him he was my hero!!!! He searched for three months for me, and found me over 8 states away! Best dad ever!!! And Angels were letting me know he was going to be ok—- and I always see the positive—- im not a negative “nancy” – and he passed less than a month later- from fine to dead in under two months—- my Hero is in heaven “learning to fly” still young (69) and handsome and not even totally grey yet- Do you think these are signs from Angels????

  76. What an amazing gift this was today. The timing with the Lion Gateway opening. I was flying high and shone so bright. And merged with my Higer Self for the 1st time. Thank you for facilitating that and spreading the love. Lots of love to you. Namaste.

  77. Thank you I feel amazing. I feel the energy of the all vibrating through my body like a pulse. This is definitely something I needed to accelerate in my growth to be more of the All the I Am

  78. Your voice is so soothing and beautiful. Wow that really really helped. I feel like all weight has been lifted off of me, no fears, no regrets, letting the past go. It felt like I was being pulled upwards towards the heavens.

  79. Thank you🤗so much Malanie….I have been listening to your meditations for about a month now….and Wow…It has helped me so much….Im so greatful to You…. our guardian Angels of light that help us to shine bright….love and light to you…THANK YOU🤗

  80. My messagecwas so beautiful, i have always believed in the greater divine energy, and talk to angels frequently. Usually i am sad to admit when i need their help. Feathers i find i usually say they are clise. Would love to deepen my experience and their presence, thankyou from deep within my being, humbly greatful, really need some guidance right now. Xxx

  81. Susan Bloodworth

    Thank you helped me relax instantly and clearly saw light. Not just orange but green and other colours. Felt some clearing too…

  82. Milagros Taveras

    I can’t believe how my entire body is vibrating higher than ever this was truly the best meditation I’ve ever done. Thank you thank thank you!!!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  83. Good evening madam,yesterday as i was at my working place,i came a cross a mixed birds feather in the color of blue,Golden and black.what could that means to you? thanks

  84. Shimels kibebew

    Hello everyone, I’m new.I read your tutorial.I received basic concepts that how can I meet with my angle. I hopping in each time &day
    I will develope my skills. Thanksgiving.

  85. This was absolutely amazing. I’m still in a beautiful state of being & needed this right here at this exact moment. I can’t thank you enough. Nothing but love

  86. That was beyond what I needed at this time in my life ! It’s as if it was sent to me as reassurance for some struggle and inner conflict I was going Through ! It has been lifted and I am sure it’s divine ! Your words and voice are magic to my spirit thank you ❤️

  87. I follow my numbers you can google them 1111 meaning is the universe is recieving what you are putting out or asking for, 333 you are protected or guided by our creator. 222 pay close attention to whom you are with at the time this will play a significant role in future. 444 means have Faith you or your life is on track or is headed in right direction. Hope this helps always keep the faith.

  88. praveen kumar Srivastava

    I love Angeles. How we conect with Angeles who help us.
    We daily connect with Divine Energy.

  89. Thank you so much for my Angel reading I have been a lost old soul for a very long time. I listened to the beautiful words you and the Angles provided amazing. I went in sat in a park to listen which was so serene sky was a beautiful dark blue sun was shining bright and so was I. Thank you I am grateful to have found you.

  90. I used to meditate, however I’ve been going through so much negativity these past months.
    This brought me back I cannot thank you enough.
    Refreshed and relaxed for the first time in such along time.
    I actually just before it finished nearly fell asleep, which has been elusive.
    Renewed hope 🙏

  91. Wonderful, relaxing, I felt as though I was floating on the clouds, showing off my vibrant light. My star was the brightest it has ever been.

  92. I have been seeing the angelic number 1111 almost every day of my life. I also see 222,333 and 444. I need a mentor to help me understand why I see them so often.

  93. Hi Melanie, many thanks ! For the beautiful meditation even though I got cramp in my leg, , but at the very end I saw THREE Faces so clearly ! I shall continue to listen to your meditation .

  94. I have been in contact with Angels from the 7th level for awhile now, and I have this insatiable urge to write, which I do, for creative outlet and getting my feelings and thoughts out on a piece of paper. Suddenly the Angels told me that I was going to be a vessel for God, because I have a pure heart, and I have faith in God. Also they said many blessings are on their way. I do not know anyone else with these experiences but I need guidance. I was told I am meant to write a book and God and the angels are going to dictate this. Recently I have been doing automatic writing, I am only the messenger its the Angels from the 7th level, I am just the messenger. I need help developing my abilities.

  95. My boss passed away 8 mths ago and has been sending me message from heaven.He passed away at a nursing home,and l am getting signs from the Nursing home.For example, advertisement of nursing home on tv,Co-worker talking about nursing home.l have received crossroad signs of the deceased name of his son.what does this mean.

  96. Wonderful! I was feeling very bogged down with hay-fever and a bundle of ‘negative’ seeming things to do. But now, I feel revitalized and renewed. I really felt the light lifting me with an amazing ease and felt the presence of Angels supporting me. I felt like the sun at on point. I am replenished and smiling! Thank you so much and all the angels of love!

  97. When the section was going on I felt cool and when it was over the cool feeling was gone and continued for about two minutes to lay with my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes tears came out of my eyes and ran down my face and I said Wow I would like to know what this means. Love Tammey Gaytan

  98. Enjoyed the meditation session – I normally meditate anyway – I could certainly feel the divine and healing energy channelling through my body. It was a much deeper mediation but I could bring myself around as I have a few chiming vintage/collectable mantle clocks in my room and I could still hear them chiming – even though it was more ‘distant’ than during normal meditation, so after finishing the mp3 when the clocks chimed next quarter I was back ‘in the room’ (a min or two after session). I believe in the angelic beings and I know my Guardian Angel is protecting me – with a few other angels.

  99. My boyfriend sister passed yesterday and she visit me in my dream she came to me like an angel I said her name and sat with her and said she was confused where she was 😇 can you please explain what this means st. Joseph day today

  100. Hi. Thank you for the meditation. It is so good. As it takes you into such a deep meditation please can you make sure that you bring people back to the room that they are in and wiggle fingers and toes and open their eyes. I’m just concerned people won’t be able to get back if they aren’t experienced. Thank you

  101. Hear the unheard see the Unseen renewal of the Mind you have to be empty of self to be full the spirit talks all the time it’s the ones who don’t hear it are the ones that are blind for the spirit of truth will guide you pray to Yeshua he will hear you but most of all believe

  102. Thank you Melanie I am so grateful someone shared this with me. Beautiful voice of an angel. I’ll be in tune with you daily. Thank you

  103. I would like to learn more about angels and sprirts I understand angels a bit and love to learn a bit more about medication love this calm voice

  104. I believe you have a gift! I was introduced to you through a dear friend. I have been searching for something that resonates with me to help me open up and find my path ir calling. I have been feeling lost for some time now. Through a series of events i believe you are a part of my healing! I am curious to see how this plays out. Xoxo

  105. I have been on a journey for some time,not knowing my purpose. Mee’ cha’ el’ (Michael) revealed himself to me. Many things have changed with my eyes and ears. I know my purpose… Its just over whelming!

  106. 😊AmaZing, WoNderFuL, GratiTude💞🌀…my experience was just beautiful!…my hands were tingling, my head was tingling, I was at peace and so open to your angelic message…..Thank YoU so much!….I will let this absorb into my being and look forward to the next message✨☀️✨💌💌💌

  107. I went to my bedroom to listen to the Angel Messsage,about 3 blow flies suddenly appeared in my room,had to vacate and go to my son’s room where I listened to the Angel message,I felt so relaxed and no pain in my hip or leg and I am so relaxed and feeling at peace the most I have in the last two months since my mother passed away.Thank you Melanie.

  108. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for that message!
    I feel white light energy around me, I see white light at the corner of my eyes often. During the message I immediately tuned in, I heard a lot of speaking all at once & then I tuned out of it. Can you explain this to me briefly?

  109. I have always beleaved, there are angels, but not in this way. There has been so much and so big battlefields in my life, that I have grounded these behind me.
    Now, I was on that point, that I do not have strenght to go on anymore – alone.
    So I sat down and tried so hard to focus on this meditation. At first, it was very hard. Something happend. Something I can not discribe.
    Angels really visited with me, now I know it. The experiance was very healing and wellcomed on this situation. Now I have something, where to lay out, when the world shows its ugly faces.
    Now I really know, I am surrounded by forcers, which aren’t from human beings.
    Thank you Melanie, I needed this more than you might know 💝

  110. Wow! That was incredible. I actually felt my finger tingle and I’ve never experienced that. Why did that happen?

  111. Hi, I am experiencing so much from last few years and lot of friends told me they saw someone near me who is watching me, but I couldn’t see no one. And everyday I am being attacked and being saved at the same time. I don’t know if they are my angels, guides or something else. It has become a part of my life now that something unusual happens every other day in my life. How do I figure out what it is??

  112. Melanie!!!! I think this meditation has affected me much more than the comments that I have read(I did not read them all) I mean life changing!!!!!!!!!I can’t even begin to thank you enough!!!

  113. So it will be. That was soooo relaxing and beautiful. First time experience and as I said “so it will be”. Millions of thanks, this is more appreciated that you will ever realise.

  114. Thanks Melanie; I still battle to focus. I get distracted by my skin; it itches and when I scratch the focus goes. I will listen again. I hope for the best

  115. Wow! What a wonderful meditation. I’ve always had trouble in quieting the ego-mind for meditation, and I did had a little trouble with it a few times while I listened; but I still felt the Light within me and I still felt the presence of angels and my star family with me. I will listen to this often, it is certainly a beneficial healing tool. Thank you for this, and thank you for your humble Service To Others. Love and Light from my heart to yours. 🙂

  116. Migraines like crazy nothing new im clairvoyant known about a year now im experience other clairs on a mystical level not sure if im conscious unconsciously thinking hearing or seeing natural healer but I can’t work alone. I need a mentor and a healing . I’m getting confused I try to ignore it thinking I’m crazy and it happens way to natural
    Does anyone have any suggestions

    1. Hey Journi’ …

      Headaches are often from having someone elses energy in your head! I would recommend taking some time to really make sure your energy is clear and vibrant to support you in enjoying your clairvoyant ability!

      1. Wen I focus I can feel tingling and all through my body & hear sirens. This has been happing to ms since I was a little girl. More so now I here them and especially wen I meditate
        What does all this means?

      2. Melanie the response you gave to Journi’ really hit home. I have suffered from Migraines most of my life. I am also an Empath. The clearing of the energy from someone else makes so much sense. Thank you for this wonderful site. PS I love the Angel cards and Daily messages. They are spot on when I use them.

  117. I cannot seem to be relaxed enough as this has always been a big problem for me, under so much stress and anxiety! But thank you !

  118. Thank you for guiding me through this meditation.It realy helped me to clear away space around me and to feel my frequency going higher.

  119. Thank you Melanie my feet and legs are still tingling and feel very light from going through the golden doors!!! Peace and Blessings to you ❤️

  120. Thank you for this message! And all you do Melanie! Your voice and being a vessel has helped me be grounded and connected through my journey of finding my truth! You are very calming and inspirational! Thank you!

  121. I’ve always felt since I was a young child that I came from the stars. I understand Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics and have never taken a class on any of those subjects. I see and understand people especially those who are suffering internally. I can sense their inner anguish even though they don’t manifest it outwardly. I learned through a DNA test that I have 76% Hebrew DNA. I can sense and hear the tones of every living thing. Even times when I meet a person for the first time, I can hear their frequency or harmonics. Many harmonics from other people mix well with my frequencies, but there are some whose harmonics are like notes that don’t complete a chord or harmony. I can sense the low frequencies and the vibrations of negative tones that have infiltrated their being and knocked their inner song out of tune and out of time. Those negative harmonics manifest in their physical bodies through heart problems, thought and emotional control, and other ailments in their bodies. Nature is drawn to me. Birds, cats, dogs, and even some wild creatures are attracted to me. I saw my Heavenly Guardian angel at age 5. I had the Asian Flu. My angel stood at the foot of my bed. His hair looked like finely spun gold. He had a pronounced jaw and a loving smile. His body build looked similar to a Gladiator. He is at least 7 feet tall. His skin is like bronze but light emitted from every pour in his being. His eyes were blue but the blue looked like a sun lit sky. He had on a Tunic top. It was bright white and so were his trousers. I felt very loved as he stood watching over me. I didn’t see any wings but he may have had them folded back behind him. There was a luminescent light with colors like Mother of Pearl that was all around him. Anyway, I’m glad I was guided to your website as it was another piece of the puzzle that Yahweh is revealing to me a little at a time.

    1. Hello My story is very similar to yours I also saw my guardian angel when I was five years old and there are several Angels and orbs in ellumenecent light all around me all the time I think it has to do with my family and our birthdays matter of fact I know it does my neices birthday November 23 My nephew’s birthday December 23 same as mine my lil sisters birthday January 23 Now that’s all 23’s, 3 months in a row and we are all Cusps 8 also have a sister born December 22 that makes 9 She is not a cusp My parents where Angels and there love and guidense is very powerful and strong Anyhow thank you for your Time and consideration Was wondering what my chime sounds like to you? Always working on my good karma ALWAYS Sarandipity is my influence and I am surrounded by birds and feathers my Grampa nicknamed me his little feather it’s a happy thought

  122. I was unable to listen to message. I don’t have a computer or the right kind of phone. But I would like to respond to Kristie’s comment . I find that listening to ocean sounds or whale singing helps to open my heart and mind and hear my angels very clearly. My granddaughter likes to hear the sound of rain. You’ll find what you need. Your angels will help with that. Don’t give up. It brings much joy and happiness. If you backslide just call on your angels…it’s so very uplifting and those around you will feel it too.

  123. Thank you. So calming and relaxing,
    However, I am having difficulty to be in the divine realms, I feel relaxed yet I know I am not there. I feel that my brain is more in control that I don’t know exactly how to open my heart to hear & feel my Guardian Angels’ message.

    Thank you. I really love all these.

  124. hi i was hoping to connect with you to talk about my heaps of experiences i have had since my spiritual awakening 6 years ago not had anyone but god and percylocon my guardian angel to talk to about it. andrew

  125. Thank you so much for this very uplifting, inspirational angel message. It has really transported me to my Higher state of Self

  126. Thank you. It gave calmness and when I open my eyes, it was very cold feeling I got I no myself eyes and peacefulness of mind. Thank you and bless you.

  127. Mangalam Pillay

    I want to knw why i cannot have a lifetime partner.there was a man who i really like six years ago he disapear n last year he came to seychelles n stayed at my place he came to look for a job .but he did not get n went back to india since feb 2017 i don’t have his contact n no news from him ,seems he block me not to cal him. He told me he is no longer with his wife n he is alone.i want to knw why im always in that kind of situation.pls help me i really miss him a lot

  128. Thanks my dear for quick respond….strange things had been happened to me…..recently,I never lack,what I think is what happen,…..a lot of signs have been showing to me that someone is around doing all this good things for me and am grateful for it and thanks all my angels everyday.Though my father passed away two years ago and I could feel his presence too but am gonna find out who is doing all this wonderful things for me since my dear Melanie…I have downloaded the mp3 and soon am gonna listen to it my dear…..big up yourself,more grace to your bones…..light and love!!

  129. A couple of seconds into the message, I felt a breeze touch my body. I felt an immediate release of heaviness lifted off me. I cried, and, my hands began to tingle. I opened my eyes, and things were brighter than usual. Once the message ended, I walked out of my room feeling happy and at peace. Thank you for your kindness and help. God bless you always!

    1. Thank You & many ‘Blessings’ sent your way for this beautiful healing. I saw within beautiful colors of healing light & the word ‘Michael’ written in a bright white light with a third eye outlined in white. Not sure the meaning behind this yet. I have blockages forming within two vessels & two arteries in my heart & am asking for healing as I’m afraid of the surgery I will need. I’m afraid of what lays ahead. My beautiful Angels to whom I ask to heal others & the world I’m hoping they will heal me. I have been awakened since I was a child.May Angels always watch over you <3

      1. Heart surgery is definitely scary, but I bet that you’re strong and can face that fear if you have to. You’re in my prayers, sweetie!

  130. Thank you so much Melanie. There are no accidents in the universe. The Angels guided me to your meditations and it made a huge difference in reconnecting me to Love and my purpose. Thank you for the Work you do and supporting others on our Joutney with Angels. I feel renewed with Hope. ?

  131. Be blessed Melanie!!, thank you for the wonder full gift that you have for helping us connect with the divine supreme..I have been seeing same number s frequently and till I found out their meanings..and now how how wonderful it is through your guidance to connect with our guardian I listen to mp3 angel message and strengthen your connection withith your angles..ihad peaceful chills all over my entire body..uncontrollable tears of joy ,peace running down my chin…iknow …am protected and within divine help and guidance from wonderful person like you.continues the the good cause to enlighten many inhabitants of the universe as we are one..
    Thank you .peace and love

  132. I have always known that I was different from what I was taught to be and I learned to stay quiet so as not to be labeled and to be excepted. In doing this I became an empty shell without a voice or purpose. My awakening began when I was a child but fear taught me to lock it away. When I got older it got to where it would no longer stay hidden and I faced my fears. My journey since I have embraced it has been the most healing, freedom I have ever known!! Where I once hid away from others and life, I am now thirsty for knowledge and look forward to life. This has been one of the hardest journeys I’ve had but it has been the most profound…… I know I have been blessed!!!

  133. Hi Melanie..

    I love ur readings.. but for ur pod casts and mp3 displays.. is not good for me.. i am completely Deaf. so no can hear.. do u have written words for them as well. smiles thanks.. look forward hearing from you. good day
    love n light

  134. To Melanie,
    Thank you for your Angel messages, blessings and Love
    I appreciate all the videos and clear guidance.Much love Rose

  135. I just lost my husband Michael on February 17th, 2017. I miss him tremendously. He was too young to die at 54 from pancreatic cancer. My sadness is profound. I feel lost and afraid. He loved angels and I have always loved them. I hope angels are around both of us.

    1. Dear Christina, I am so very sorry to hear about your husband! I do believe that he is in good company now, and that you can connect with him with the help of our spirit/angel friends. I send you love and light, and dearly hope you heal your heart with memories of your sweet hubby. We love you! <3

  136. I hear the most beautiful music in the world. I am losing my hearing also and gives me this peace I’ve never knew existed.. I can’t hear the videos without closed caption ?

  137. Thank you Melanie for your love & support Melanie my son 25yrs departed from this world iam very sad cannot stay without him I don’t know is he happy peace I want Angels to surround him with love & peace thank you so much Melanie for love & light in this difficult time

  138. God bless you, Melanie for sending angels messages, especially this one. It makes me feel renewed.
    I always like to receive your emails with your special messages. Thanks so much for your support, so much needed during these difficult times.

  139. Being spiritual and helping people it’s a difficult job please help me to know and how to sence my angel when she’s around

  140. Alvina rose keenatch

    You saved my life gave me something posative to believe in also saved me from my crazy life from streets. I want to say thank you

  141. Melanie , thank you from the depths of my heart , you are such a generous person : this was exactly what I needed right now, such a wounderful gift!
    Lots of love and light from Gard

  142. Thank you so much .Melanie! I look forward to your emails because they are so informative & enlightening. This one is in the Top 10. Thank you again for all your wonderful advice.
    With Gratitude., Love & Light,

  143. That was amazing, I felt an energy around me like never before and I could feel a shiver in my body, and the releasing.
    Thank you so much for that.

  144. I loved the way you sent the Angels and taught me how to cut the cords but I will have to do it for some time thanks once again

  145. wanderful Melanie thanks for your angels massage and to the Archangels.soon I WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH U THANK U AGAIN

  146. Arlette AUSSIRE (born AMIEL)

    Thank you for your high and spiritual organization Melanie. My best thoughts to you and Angels. Arlette

      1. Dear melanie, i just want to say thank you so much for this video. Through out the entire time i felt so relaxed and i had shivers and i just want to say thank you because i really needed this??

  147. Arlette AUSSIRE (born AMIEL)

    I need help from Angels in my home, so as to be able to stay in my house (my ex-hunsband wants to sell this house!). Sorry for my bad english. I am french. Thank you. It would be so sad to leave my house, my children growed up here and they come often here. It is their home also. Many thanks to explain me how to invite Angels here. Arlette

  148. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Thank you, Melanie and Archangel Uriel for your message. I feel relaxed and freed some tension. with continued practice again thank you.
    sincerely, Elizabeth

    1. Keep filling yourself up with light, releasing stagnant energies, emotional pain and lower vibrational frequencies… You may want to look into Dr John Sarno… He’s documented how healing emotional pain can heal physical pain.

  149. Thank you Melanie and Arch Angel Uriel, I am grateful to you for your services. With lots of Gratitude and love. Please Help me make me feel more connected to oneness!

  150. I just listened to my free ANGEL message and I must say it was an amazing experience. I feel so calm and peaceful. I am so glad that I was lead to you. Bless you and thank you.

  151. Hi Melanie,
    I have just listened to your beautiful Angel message, it is so powerful I saw and felt such strong vibrations. I will be reliving this experience many times.
    Thank you Melanie, love and blessings to you.
    With love Rhona.

  152. It was great. Thanks a million!!! for your assistance in connecting with Arch Angel Uriel. He is great and the session was lovely.

  153. thank you uriel for my message and for surrounding me and cleansing my chakras.and for lifting me up in white light.i love you and all my angels.

  154. Thankyou for the calming beautiful words i recently lost my beautiful Angel April my baby daughter who was only 22 in tragic circumstances so looking for ways to come to terms with my loss xx

  155. A million thanks, much gratitude, and love, for this healing and inspiring message and all the meditations you are sharing!
    These meditations are life changing and I am so grateful.

  156. I felt great in releasing stress into the Light with Archange Uriel !! I felt stucked with anxiety and skin desease – psoriasis since I’m 17yrs-old. This made me feel so good, thanks a lot, I appreciate from bottom heart – I was wondering if I can have more infos on Archange Vehuel & Evoë ? My name is Danielle and I really like to get intouch with my personal guiding angel…

  157. My son just passed away in October. I found one white feather on Thanksgiving day about 7 inches in length and another white feather 5 inches in length on the passenger seat of my car the next morning. What does this mean?

  158. I got your angel mesage but wasent able to save it to my new phone when your soposed to hold down and it used to save on my other phone but iam still learning this new fhone but thank you

  159. Thank you Melanie and Archangel Uriel, for sharing with me your healing touch. My husband’s Memorial Service was yesterday and I just found out I may have ocular melanoma behind my left eye. I will be going to Duke University on Dec. 6 to see an oncologist. I have been healed of cancer two other times in my life, and I also claim another healing for this. Thank you so much for this wonderful message of healing.

  160. Thank you Melanie and thank you Archangels for for your divine messages and blessings you have given me much light.and love and I am grateful. Thank you???

  161. Hi,
    That was lovely. I am buzzing with energy. I used my Neuro Light today and my Ajna Light yesterday but this meditation is a very nice compliment to them. And thank you for speaking today at the Nomad meeting.

  162. Thank you Melanie and Arch Angel Uriel. I just recently lost my Father. I am Considering a career change to the Ministry. ( I am a Roman Catholic), There are Two Orders that I have been Considering. Third Order Carmelite, Or The Order of St. John Hospitalers. Still torn Between the Two.

  163. Thank You, Melanie and all my angels and guide for this wonderfull and powerfull meditation who makes me crying when I reliesed all my worryes, strugge, emozional paio and farsi. It is great to know that I can always repeat it, this powerfool journey to divine Love and Light.
    Thank You and God bless You all. Doris ,Bolzano, Italy

  164. thank you so much Melanie for your beautiful calming nature it was My first time and I really appreciate you I’ve never felt so relaxed and gave myself me time for once xz

  165. Hi Milanie,this is a heavenly connexion between me and u.I’ve been lookin’ for someone like u to help me out in this.Yesterday’s Angels message ws very great and I’m healed spiritully because I got to help me.Love & Light.I love u Melanie…!!!!!

  166. Thank You Ariel … definitely what I needed …. I slept through the latter part but I am sure it did its work relaxing and distressing me…..

  167. Thank you Melanie for the angel meditation, I feel so much better now. All the love, light and blessings in the world are sent to you ???????????????????????xxx

  168. I’m so grateful to understand, I’ve been waiting for so much of my life to hear these messages. With very much appreciation, I can finally comprehend I’m not the only one that can see spirit.