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Shine Your Innermost Light

This short channeling from Orion will begin to help you in tuning into the rising tide of light within so you can awaken to the highest possibilities for your future that are now seeking to align with you and to emerge.


Orion Channeling

At this time, I call in divine light and love, and our teams of guides, angels, and ascended masters of the most benevolent light.

Connect with us now together and as one with whatever will most serve, whatever we most need to know now.

Greetings from Orion. 

Indeed, we in your spiritual team connect with you in this moment. Your personal team of guides, angels, star family, step forward to embrace you with warmth, with presence, with frequency.

We remind you that as you drop your awareness within, moving in, inside, down from the mind into the heart, into your inner core of love and presence, you are able to tune in, to receive the guidance available to you now through your intuition.

You are able to be guided by intuition, to trust the path appearing before you, rather than analyzing and judging everything from the vantage of your lower ego mind.

When you are in sync with love, your intuitive voice knows the deepest truth of you, knows the path that brings you the most radiant joy and fulfillment.

More than that, being in sync with love lets you intuitively understand the path of your growth and transformation into becoming the one who can fully embody your purpose, your mission, as you make the difference that you are here to bring about.

Understand that you are far more than just your physical body. You are far more than just your personality self and your mind.

There is a knowing and remembrance deep down of the truth of your spiritual nature, your higher diamond light spiritual being who is wise, who is connected, who is powerful and plugged into the infinite possibility of creation.

As a soul, you have lived many lives, you have experienced many things, and your higher self is able to filter through these past experiences to bring you the insight, the awareness, the frequency that can most and will most support you now as you begin to embody the wisdom of your higher self more and more.

Much of the worries and struggles and strains of living life as a physical being are able to be resolved, for there is a deepening of your knowingness of who you really are, and an understanding that the challenges and struggles of the physical are temporary.

They are temporary learning experiences, remembering opportunities, deepening moments as you come into greater alignment and deeper truth with the inner core brilliance, light, and wisdom of you.

You are here to shine with this inner light, to embody it, uniting the physical and spiritual once again through your experience, through your presence, through your becoming aware in this moment of the underlying stillness, peace, and presence within your mind, within your heart, within your abdomen, within your core.

When you drop into this place, the stillness envelops you and welcomes you to bask in the serenity of the divine, the serenity of the divine light within and all around you.

When you consciously drop into this space within, it has a way of recharging your light reserves, of bringing a new level of light and awareness and presence to the surface of your body temple, of your mind to empower you to radiantly shine, to know and remember your innermost truth, to trust your innermost guidance, to vibrantly and radiantly live the highest expression meant for you to thrive in joy, in love, in gratitude, in being of service in the world, making a difference on your own soul terms, shining the truth of your radiant light.

As your inner light begins to glow brighter and brighter, feel your inner core, your diamond light core of awakened consciousness shining outward to illuminate your body temple with warmth, with glowing energy, with diamond crystalline light recharging you at the level of your every cell.

Flowing light streams into all systems and organs of your body, the light shining within your physical vessel, activating your auric energy, activating your etheric life force body, empowering new circulations of life force through your being.

You are becoming more radiant, but know that this underlying radiance is the truth of you that has always been.

You are simply claiming it, embodying it, integrating it into physicality now to be the spiritual being of light, of love, of freedom, of wisdom, of truth.

You are allowing yourself to claim this reality inside your body, inside physical reality, opening the doors and the pathways and the subtle sense organs for you to sync with the highest light of Spirit, the love of Source, the downloads of the Divine, of God, of the infinite, of pure potentiality available to you to co-create with and through you, to birth into existence incredible blessings, the likeness of which you’ve never quite seen.

Your magic, your light, your expression is beautifully unique and you carry the key codes, the soul wisdom, even the present life experiences required for you to birth this magic, to weave new creations, to live your highest divine embodied truth.

And through this embodiment, through your presence, your every word emits a voice, a vibration of love that triggers a harmonization and recalibration for those who hear, so that your every step blesses the earth with the light you carry.

Your every breath returns to unity with the forces of air, as the water within you responds to your newfound awareness to support you in thriving upon the earth; the alchemization of the elements you are made of, a new connection with the awakened earth you come from, living in alignment with the truth and remembrance and knowingness of the brilliance, radiance, pure potentiality that you truly are.

When you drop into your inner being consciously in this way, you empower this truth to rise to the surface more and more, to shine in each and every moment, to thrive.

Through your being, through harmonic resonance, you call forth warmth, spirit, blessings, the highest possibilities of love and peace and truth and light for your life, for those who you encounter, for the collective, for humanity, for all.

Live in resonance with your innermost truth and know that external reality will rewrite, will rearrange in order to match this brilliance.

This is the process unfolding.

This is why you are here, why you are becoming more in line with the innermost truth of you, the brilliance, presence, divine light being you are at the deepest level, at the highest height.

In this process, you are bringing all this into your physical vessel, your physical temple; anchoring through your mind, your heart, your hands; through your thoughts, your feelings, your actions; through your beingness.

You are returning to a new state of divine intelligence, divine knowingness, blossoming as the divine light being you are, and shining, shining so bright.

We love you. We bless you. We encourage you.

Yes, you can.

You are well-equipped.

You’re ready.

We love you. And so, it is…

about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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