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Grounding Ascension Light into the Earth- Archangel Michael

Grounding Ascension Light into the Earth- Archangel Michael

Ground Ascension Light with Archangel Michael

There is more than an Ocean of Light available to us on planet Earth now. An entire series of recent messages have come through on building your light body, and connecting with these high vibrational light energies that are all around.

In this new angel message Archangel Michael teaches you that you are essentially a light translator who can energetically ground the available light into Mother Earth, for your benefit, and for the highest and greatest good of all!

This message with Archangel Michael was highly relevant and helpful for me right now, I am happy to share it with you, and hope that it is beneficial for you now as well.

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Or listen to this message from Archangel Michael on YouTube here:

With love and blessings!

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