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Anchoring Ascension Energy in Bali

Anchoring the 9th Dimension

Earth AscensionAnchoring Ascension Energy

As you probably already know, my main work is channeling the angels and bringing through their messages and perhaps even more importantly, a transmission of their love and vibrational frequency.

In addition, I do a great deal of global lightwork behind the scenes.

Global lightwork can of course be done remotely, but reccently I have been guided by the angels to visit certain places on the earth in person, to anchor the ascension light energy.

I'm currently in Bali Indonesia to integrate the crystalline ascension light, and Christ Consciousness Energy of the September Ascension wave.

This is powerful work for ascension and raising consciousness, and helping us all to joyfully flow through the ascension energies.In this video I invite you to learn a little bit about my process, and to join me in integrating ascension light into the physical from wherever on the planet you are.

Ascension is happening, consciousness raising is happening, and staying in our open hearts and connected to love we can joyfully flow through it.

And so at this time I invite you to join me in anchoring light and integrating the ascension energy now.

With love, light, and gratitude,

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PS. I apologize for the bit of wind noise… I will hopefully have this resolved for the next earth ascension integration video!

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