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Your Healing Orb of Light Angel Message

Your Healing Orb of Light

healing orb of lightAngelic Activation with Archangel Uriel

Take a deep breath and get ready to experience the wonder of the angelic realm and the Divine energy of All That Is…

Your guides and angels are here with you right now, ready and waiting, to assist you in opening fully to your empowered authentic self. You are an active participant in this process, and with the eloquent guidance of Archangel Uriel in this new Angelic Activation .MP3, the process is simply divine.

The energy of this beautiful angel message which was recorded on the Full Moon with Uriel, will shine light into the dark, and will illuminate that which needs to be changed or released so that you can open to more joy, love, and a higher personal vibration.

In this message with Archangel Uriel you will be guided to relax and open your subtle senses and chakras. This will allow you to directly experience and witness, divine healing energy, and your personal divine healing orb of light.

I feel this is one of the clearest messages from the Angels yet and I am excited to share it with you. This angel message will guide you to connect with the energy of your guides and angels as well as your own healing orb of light… Divinely designed to help you right now.

This message is set to the beautiful music of Thaddeus… Simply relax, breathe and listen as you are lifted into the realm of the Creative Source of all that is. Connect with your angels and your divine healing orb… Designed specifically to help you in the now moment.

This powerful .MP3 guided angel meditation is available as a part of the Angel Healing Meditations CD which you can access by clicking here.

Or Check Out The Video Preview of this new angel message below;

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