Solstice Light Activations

Effortlessly Replenish & Nurture Your Body, Mind & Spirit With The Divine Blessings Of The June 21, 2022 Solstice!

This time period around the June 21st, 2022 Solstice offers an incredible opening to the higher realms of Spirit.

An opening that can accelerate your spiritual growth, speed up your personal awakening and raise your vibration higher than ever before.

And it's just in time…

Our world and humanity at large are cut off from the healing frequencies of love and peace that are your Divine birthright.

Many are inadvertently blocking themselves off from the flow of Divine life-force energy that can heal, uplift, and magnify the attraction abilities that allow you to live a more joyful, prosperous, and love-filled life.

In short, their energy centers have closed…

You can see signs of this everywhere.

For many people, their ego minds are running wild with the fear, worry, uncertainty, and doubt that is being broadcast at every turn.

Yet the truth is…

There's more divine light here for you to access today than ever before!

Which is what you're learning here, today.

The June 21st solstice of 2022 marks a major turning point for humanity.

2022 Solstice Light Activations This is the time when a solar gateway of light brings forth a Divine opportunity for you to open your energy centers, activate your light-body and raise your vibration to resonate with the Divine Love that is your Truth.

It started with the Super Full Moon on the 14th of June …

This full moon was 16,000 miles closer to Earth and it brought a wave of increased energies that are still present here, today!

In fact…

The energies from this full moon are present through the 21st solstice making this a supercharged timeband for your spiritual growth.

And this super-full moon has a very important message for you:

“It's time to shine brighter and larger than ever amidst the darkness that's all around…”


It starts by opening your energy centers and flowing the Divine Light energy throughout your physical body, your mental body and your spiritual body.

You'll feel waves of light and healing energy pulsing through your body as your energy ascends to higher vibrational states.

Any negative patterns of fear that are blocking you from your divine potential will simply wash away.

You'll unlock the inner bliss, joy, love and peace that is currently trapped inside.

It'll re-balance you to your natural state of perfect alignment.

To help you with this process so you can simply allow the love, peace, clarity and happiness that is available in, I've recorded a new audio session that guides you through this process of opening your energy centers.

By simply listening to this guided .mp3 meditation session, you'll effortlessly replenish and nurture your soul on every level as you receive the Divine Life Force energy available at this time.

It'll open all of your energy centers leaving your heart center wide open and connected with the Divine.

After listening, you'll feel the expanded consciousness grounded into the heart of the awakened Earth as you shine brightly in alignment with Divine Truth.

You can listen to this session every day for 1 week to anchor these uplifting vibrations into your mind, body and spirit so you can overflow the healing energies to your family, friends, your home environments and even your workplace.

Then, the energies and frequencies available step up to even higher levels on the June 21st Solstice.

They peak on the 21st and remain elevated for several days after…

So… What does this mean?

You'll experience an influx of healing frequency and uplifting energies flowing stronger than ever from the Source of All That Is.

This is a key turning point and a profoundly sacred time for those of us who journey within.

These frequencies will fan the flames of love and light within your open heart from the full moon opening that happens 7 days before.

Your divine mind will be activated, your soul's purpose illuminated, and your energy will be supercharged as your vibration raises to higher and higher levels of awakening.

It's the perfect time to re-center and re-focus your energy and your life on what matters most.

This is your chance to wash away the negativity being spread through fear and doubt and replace it with your Truth of Divine Love.


To help make sure you get the most of this June Solstice Gateway I've recorded a new mp3 Ascension Activation that will uplift your energy and connect you to the spiritual frequencies available to you under this solstice gateway.

It contains a guided breathing exercise that will wash your Divine Light Body with high frequency of love & Divine Presence.

You'll relax and open as you feel the warmth of light and Divine Love flowing freely through your body.

Then, after your energy centers are wide open and pulsing with light…

You'll be guided through a diamond light activation exercise with The Council Of Light that will ground these high-vibrational spiritual energies into your life as you gain full presence in the now moment.

It'll ground you and remind you that you're safe and supported so you can break free of the lower vibrations that've been holding you back.

You'll love the feelings of floating up as your conscious rises to merge with the light of the infinite.

After finishing the 20 minute audio session you'll stand in your power feeling relaxed, cleansed and purified…

Ready to shine your light brighter than ever to fulfill your divine life purpose.

And this is the key to attracting what's in resonance with a higher vibrational life for you.

Because you came here to be more and to do more.

It's time to unleash your spiritual powers.

Energetically speaking, this is the most powerful time-band of cosmic energies we've seen all year and everything is accelerating.

So, be sure you take time to tune in, raise your vibration and open your energy centers under the Full Moon and the June Solstice this year!

If you'd like help, click here and get access to both mp3 sessions for just $27.

By completing your purchase, you'll get instant access to the “Opening Your Energy Centers” session, now.

Then, the all-new “Solstice Light Activation” session will be released for you on the 20th so you can effortlessly level up your vibration again by simply pressing play and relaxing to this guided mp3 spiritual experience.


To make sure you have zero risks…

I'm more than happy to guarantee your purchase with my “no questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don't love these sessions for any reason…

If you don't feel the waves of love and light pulsing through your open energy centers…

If you don't have a true spiritual experience that awakens the love and light energy locked inside of your spiritual being…

Just email my support team at and we will process your refund ASAP with no questions asked.

But, you need to act now in order to get both sessions for just $27

Because the price will go up to $47 on the Solstice.

So click here and claim your copy now, before it's too late.


To sweeten the deal even more.

When you act now, I'll add three of my highest-rated “5-minute mp3 meditations” at no extra cost.

It's a bonus for you if you're willing to commit to your spiritual growth here, today.

Because the more people we get to focus inward, raise their vibration, and anchor Divine Light here on Earth, the faster we can heal the planet, humanity, our communities and ourselves.

And, the truth is…

You don't always have time for a 24-minute meditation session… Like you'll get with the “Opening Your Energy Centers” session here, today.

Sometimes you don't have 20 minutes for a deeply spiritual experience as you'll experience with the Solstice Light Activations.

This is exactly why you'll get 3 separate 5-minute meditations today, as a bonus.

Because sometimes you need a quick energy adjustment.

Having these powerful 5-minute sessions on your phone allows you to change your vibrational state anywhere, any time.

Let's say you're having a challenging day at work and you need a break.

Pop in your earbuds and take a walk around the building while listening to any one of these sessions and you'll feel an instant shift in your energy and your perspective.

You'll be reconnected with your truth and with the Divine Love that resides in your open heart.

Your energy centers will effortlessly open so you can flow the light energy through your mind, body and spirit.

All within 5 minutes!

Order the full Solstice Light Activation series today for $47 just $27 and here's exactly what you'll get…

  1. The 24-minute “Open Your Energy Centers” mp3 session that will magnify your light under the supermoon energies.
    • This session is unlocked immediately after purchase!  (Retail value $27)
  2. The 20-minute “Solstice Light Activation” that contains the diamond light exercise to take your spiritual energy to new levels.
    • This session is unlocked immediately after purchase! (Retail value $27)
  3. Free Bonus #1 – 5-Minute Energy Cleanse with Archangel Michael
    1. This session is unlocked immediately after purchase!  (Retail value $17)
  4. Free Bonus #2 – 5-Minute Violet Flame Meditation
    1. This session is unlocked immediately after purchase!  (Retail value $17)
  5. Free Bonus #3 – 5-Minute Return to Your Authentic Vibration session
    1. This session is unlocked immediately after purchase!  (Retail value $17)

In total, you're receiving $105 worth of high-vibrational guided .mp3 sessions that will raise your vibration, cleanse your energy, release your negativity and help you shine your divine light brighter than ever before, for just $47!

Click here and order today in order to save 42% and get all 5 sessions for just $27

Here's what customers are saying…

“Priceless! I feel I have been set back on course. Powerful! Thank you sooo much!!!” –Carolyn

“Thank you for this beautiful meditation. Whenever I listen to them they take me on the most wonderful journeys. They take me home. Together we can make this planet a better place. Love & Light.”-Sally

“Oh my how these meditation have elevated my soul’s light and love. Thank you Melanie. ” –Elizabeth

“I just want to say THANK YOU, Melanie, for what you and all the amazing, wonderful Angels have done with providing all your Guided Meditations. They have helped me with establishing a Connection, when NOTHING else I have tried before has worked. So, thank you. I am deeply, humbly thankful and grateful to you and all the beyond wonderful and amazing Angels, who have helped created and share these beautiful meditations. They have helped me beyond measure.” ~Rogue

“I am at peace after listening to my 1st meditation. Thrilled to know what greatness is ahead thank you” –Lianne

“Listening is like our spirit is being sent to heaven and it feels like angels are near us and that the pressence of god is near us.” – Rachelle

“Thanks for this meditation. Helps me to tune in to the divine Light, joy and healing. Namasté.” –Marc

“Melanie is an amazing channel. From the minute you start these meditations, you are surrounded and enfolded with love. The presence of Angels and Archangels is very powerful and I have received wonderful clarity and guidance around life’s issues and challenges. I feel blessed to be receiving these messages which are so pertinent to these changing times and wish that everyone could experience these gifts. Thank you Melanie!” –Linda

It was Beautiful! I feel Great, exceptionally happy, and as if I have been super energised from within! 🙂 ~Deborah

“Such wonderful meditations that take you to higher places and transform your consciousness into an expanded awareness!!” –Sheila

“Wow – this is powerful stuff, Melanie. Thank you so much indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be healing for weeks and months to come.🙂 You're a wonderful channel, soul, counselor. I am so glad for you. Bless you! Om namaha shivay” ~E.C.

“Thank you, Melanie. The channeled messages are amazing and have been of great help to me!  Much love,” -Quana

“I cannot tell you how much benefit I get from your channelings, they are honestly wonderful beyond description! XOX” – Gary

“Thank you Melanie, love all the benefits that these meditations are giving me, My life is so stressful at the moment and these really do help me let go, and find peace And much more able to cope the next day. Much love and light.” ~Anne

“Dear Melanie, Thank you for your beautiful messages,and channeling, they have brought such wonderful comfort and hope.” ~Tania

“Thank you so much Melanie. I love these messages, they are so helpful. Peace, love and light.” ~Colleen

“Thank you, you are helping me so much in a hard time that I'm having lately.. The change is amazing! I really didn't think anything could help me get over the deep sadness… And you with these amazing magical messages.. Made it happen. Thank you! ( you helped me understand so much ).” ~Limor

“Melanie. Thank you so much for the beautiful meditation… what an amazing Blessing! I just played it while sitting in a healing circle created with all my crystals & stones. WOW!!! That was so powerful!!!” ~Teri

“Gratitude 🙏🙏🙏 amazing. So incredible beyond word. 🙏🙏🙏. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️” ~Annette

“Wow! Thank you! So amazing…I just wanted to sit in the light and love vibration forever… …so I just sat and enjoyed the energy for a while after the meditation.. …so beautiful and powerful!!” ~Elaine

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There are no words…💖” ~Alice

“Just wondeful. Thank you, Melanie!” –Gracja


Ready to get instant access and save 40%?

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Remember! This is a key turning point and a profoundly sacred time for those who journey within.

You can access gifts of expanded awareness, higher levels of Divine Source consciousness and crystalline ascension light.

At this exact moment, waves of Divine Frequency and Crystalline Diamond light are streaming in!

Are you tuned in?

This is the leap forward on your personal ascension path and path of soul development and purpose.

But it's up to you to tune into the energy and claim the expanded levels of awareness.

To support you in claiming these higher levels of light and crystalline consciousness …

You can now access all 5 sessions for the June 2022 solstice here for $47 just $27

Press play and listen as you effortlessly:

✨Instantly feel an energetic shift as you're blessed with high frequency and light.
Profoundly Link With the Archangels and Ascended Masters to receive their support.
✨Cleanse and balance your chakras and subtle bodies.
✨Release tension from your energetic field.
✨Magnify Love in your experience.
✨Reset into the Newness of You.
✨Replenish your Core of Light.
✨Know Your Next Steps and Highest Divine Path
✨Uncover the Truth of Your Soul Purpose and Claim Your Power!
✨Receive the Unique Light Codes and Wisdom From Your Soul
Bask In Healing Energy and Divine Blessings

2022 Solstice Activations

You'll LOVE returning to the Solstice Activations time and time again even once the Solstice has passed …

Because it beautifully reunites you with the Full Truth of Your Soul Brilliance so you can claim the power of the Newness of you!

As you listen you will receive and integrate Ascension Downloads…

Each time you listen you'll be going deeper, expanding further and more fully syncing with the Divine Truth of your Soul.

The Solstice Activations are Available for a Limited Time for Only $27

As always, we guarantee you're going to LOVE the Solstice Activations… And if for some strange reason you decide it's not for you… Just let us know and we'll give you back 100% of your purchase price…


We're happy to offer this Guarantee so there is Zero-Risk for you.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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