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Manifesting with Divine Presence

Discover How to Rekindle Your Connection with Divine Presence… To Manifest The Highest Divine Possibilities In Your Life, Now!

The “Manifesting with Divine Presence” Meditations
Align You With The Highest Divine Blessings Meant For You!

There’s a profound energy of new beginnings in the air.

This is an opportunity to align with your true manifestation potential where you effortlessly and naturally attract incredible blessings to you.

By now you likely already know, or at least have a feeling deep down, that there is a divine plan for your life that is beautiful, abundant and full of love & joy…

But how do you align with your personal divine plan?

And how can you use this powerful new beginnings energy to manifest the highest Divine possibilities for your life?

It’s all possible, through directly reconnecting with Divine Presence within.

When you’re connected to Divine Presence and shining in sync with Divine Truth within, incredible blessings automatically begin to align in your life.

And yet, while this inner connection with Divine Truth and Presence is always available…

Just about everything in our modern lives, and media pulls us the other way.

Most people unknowingly give away their ability to manifest positive change.

They inadvertently align with the negative emotions of doubt, fear and frustration…

Which automatically manifest the same draining and low vibe situations over and over again.

All the while, there is another pathway available…

There is another way through that is truly beautiful and full of joy.

It’s the pathway of Divine possibility for your life that is already available, and just waiting for you to align.

You can do this, by reconnecting with the Truth of Divine Presence and light at your very Core.

To sync with the Divine Truth of who you REALLY are.

With the part of you that knows how to successfully navigate the accelerated changes unfolding on the planet with grace and ease!

But with the busyness and stresses of every-day life, staying in Divine Alignment can feel more challenging than it needs to be.

Which is exactly why I am so excited to share a 3 part meditation series I channeled with the angels that will make it easier for you to sync with your personal Divine Truth than ever before!

So you stay in Divine Alignment.

And in a high vibrational state of joy, love and effortlessly focused intention…

Which allows you to manifest the highest Divine Possibilities that are already waiting for you!

Manifest With Divine Presence Meditations

This Incredible 3 part Manifest with Divine Presence series starts off with a profound 32-minute” Manifest With Divine Presence” Meditation that's one you're going to LOVE returning to time and time again.

Get ready to let go and deeply relax as you automatically reset into perfect sync with your inner Divine Truth, Presence and Light.

Simply press play and listen to this .MP3 Angel Meditation as Archangel Michael, Orion and Archangel Metatron step forward to directly assist you in this process.

They will guide you to attune to the infinite blessings waiting for you in the quantum field…

So you can effortlessly reconnect with the energy of Divine Presence available to you now within…

That once aligned with changes your vibrational manifestation point…

So you effortlessly and naturally begin to attract the highest Divine Path and Possibilities for your life.

You connection with Divine Presence really is the key… To manifesting so many blessings in your life.

And the beautiful thing is that once you reconnect with Divine Presence and Truth within your core, maintaining it on a day to day basis becomes so much easier.

Lift In Golden Light and Angelic Energy

Next, you'll have a short and yet power packed 11:11 Minute that guides you to quickly Raise Your Vibration with Angelic Energy and Golden Light to Support you in staying in the state of Manifesting Bright Blessings in your experience.

This is one to repeat anytime you feel your vibration drop and need a boost fast

Or its a wonderful energy to start your day off with, or listen any time you have a few minutes to consciously infuse your body, mind and spirit with light!

Love Circulation

Finally, you get another brief 8 minute meditation that guides you to Unlock the Forces of Love and Divine Presence Within in hardly any time at all!

You will experience your body shining with infinite light from above, below, and circulating within you.

This is the perfect meditation to reset and realign with the power of Love and your ability to manifest blessings in your life by returning to the powerful Love state!

You will have unlimited access to these new meditation so you can listen time again and again…

Each time you re-listen, you'll re-sync with the Divine Presence you’ve always carried within …

But that you’re now ready for embody more fully than ever before…

And through this, magnetize the incredible Divine Blessings that are Divinely Designed, and meant for you!

You're going to LOVE returning to the blissful energy transmitted within every minute of these incredible audio experiences.

Click on the yellow button below right now to get instant access to my “Manifesting with Divine Presence Meditation…  

 Manifesting With Divine Presence: Available for $27

As always your purchase is backed by our 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

Curious What Others Are Saying About These Meditations?

“Wow absolutely exhilarating,,, I felt pulsating as the meditation brought me through each part of my body. Especially my left arm and the solar plexus and sacral. A tingling connection from head to toe. Thank you! 💙🙏” – Donna

“Awesome 😊❤️ I felt more connected than ever. Very aware of the incoming light and energy center’s. Thank you. Melanie may we all be blessed.” -Arlene

“My heartfelt thanks to you for channeling this incredible meditation. for us all Melanie. It just felt so very perfect in every way. One to return to again and again. With so much gratitude and love to you and all. 🙏” -Jennie

“This was so beautiful! Thank you.” – Crystal

“Thank you!! I really needed this today!!!” – Cindy

“Thank you melanie that was strong.” -Jacqueline

“WOW – WOW – WOW I feel more connected to my angel spiritual team than ever.” – Christopher

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